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SXA test is a one step closer to reality of oneself, thereafter follows the SXA training to help remove the illusion of misconceptions, misguidance accumulated over the years. The foundation training is starting of knowing oneself or rather “EVOLUTION” of the SELF.
I got the opportunity to experience the training program and let me tell you honestly, this is life changing. What we are told our whole life, things are actually opposite of that in reality. We blame the outside factors for every problem we see, but in actual the solution lies within oneself which we never consider or bother to think about. I had been doing things all wrong and blamed the external factors for that whether it be society, people, government, anything. 

In short, I would like to share my experience of what I was doing earlier and after training what actually has been the evolution. One simple example, My EGO (biggest enemy of oneself) was playing with me so cleverly that it gave me a feeling that I have zero EGO or no EGO at all. I was so misleaded by my EGO. I help a lot of people, do charity and other welfare works, it was my illusion that I have empathy for others, but it was actually sympathy. My EGO was falsely satisfying me that I was empathisizing with people. EGO is the root cause of any negative thing happening to you. E-GO means ENERGY GO.

Back to the training, it will give you a complete insight of yourself and help in identifying what are the key areas which needs improvement. Every person is unique having a unique talent. With the training, I am getting to know the natural talent I possess and have started working in that direction. Efforts get multiplied in our natural talent area. 

There are some key pointers which needs to be addressed first and rest will follow-
i) Having a desire to fulfill one’s true potential
ii) Discovering your true potential
iii) Planning and foreseeing are very important
iv) Mutually Minded (a win-win situation for everyone)
v) Acceptance and least effort
vi) SELF RENEWAL- last but not the least. Self renewal is the most important step towards success.
Ajay Singh Yadav, Gurugram, Haryana India
He started Y+4 in November 2016 and he narrates his experience below..

Name         :  Ajay Singh Yadav     

Place          :  New Delhi                

Height        : 165 cms

Weight       :  70 kg

DATE         : 03/09/2017

First of all I want to thanks Mr Swarup Roy to whom I call Dada (Elder Brother). He is my mentor and my true guiding force, my true friend who introduced me to SXA and Dinacharya. He asked me read “Perfect Health” by Dr Deepak Chopra along with Dinacharya to do it right.

I am delighted to share my experience after approximately 10 months when I started the Dinacharya; we proudly call it Y+4.  Since starting, the very first day, I was very excited & curious and want to see the changes in myself. First I determined my body type and found it as “Pitta”. According to book the Pitta dosha controls digestion, metabolism, and energy production. The primary function of Pitta is transformation. Those with a predominance of the Pitta principle have a fiery nature that manifests in both body and mind.

About a week when I started, it was very difficult to put myself in the discipline of Y+4 though I started to feel relaxed after 3 days. That relaxation I got in 3 days encourages me very much. I was at 80 Kgs approx; I was having a problem of indigestion due to imbalance in my food habits and my sleeping timings. I was having strong acidity problem. I started taking pills “Zantac/Rentac” about 8 years ago, in starting I was taking 150 mg single/day, it grows twice daily and until 10 months before when I started Y+4,it was 300 mg thrice daily. As the time passed my hairs also started falling and I was almost bald in central part of my head. I was very impatient, I got angry easily.

After 10 months I can say that now I did not have acidity problem, I reduced my weight up to 10 kgs and my hairs stopped falling and one more achievement, the hairs started growing again ( I will try to find out old pics of my bald area, will provide if got them)

I am getting good sleep than earlier, am more calm, have control on my anger. More energized all day long than earlier. There are lots of benefits and if anybody wants to speak I am available at +91-9899996443. I strongly recommend starting Dinacharya immediately who wants to live a life of Healthy Body, Mind and soul- “A healthy Mind in a healthy body”

Thank you

Ajay Singh Yadav

Contact Ajay : ajay@ganwal.in

P. John Jacob, Kozhikode,India & Singapore
He started Y+4 in 2014 and he narrates his experience below..

Following is my experience on taking up the (Dhinacharya) The daily routine for the past 2 years of my life.
I must tell you that I learned basic yoga at the age of 24 and continued to do it a few years after which I had let it slide as part of my daily exercise. The act of yoga itself was energising but never really understood the deeper significance of the practice.
Since last 3 years I was introduced to Dhinachary[JJ1]  by Mr. Roy a dear friend who has given it the real meaning it deserves drawing on the thousands of years of wisdom of Ayurveda.
He goaded me to read the book Perfect Health By Dr. Deepak Chopar M.D and since then  the dinacharya I do now is significantly more wholesome  compared to the practice I  did 2 decades earlier.
After determining your body type ,Dinacharya is done with the abhyanga (oil bath) , basic yoga exercise , pranayama and meditation with a close eye on what you eat based on one’s body type .
My body type is Kapha. It means the characterists of Kapha is predominant in Mind and Body and Dnacharya keeps it in balance .
This has been my regular practice since 3 years now and the effect was I reduced my weight, my cholesterol levels which was 204 came down to 188. My BP which was slightly high has come down to normal levels. I do not get tired easily, the lethargy has reduced, cravings are significantly reduced, the ability to focus is better.
The regular colds and cough had completely vanished .
After Dinacharya early in the morning, you are more action oriented than reactive, throughout the day. It kind of sets the tone for the day.
For those of you who understand the characteristics of Kapha it is a boon indeed for Kapha body types to be able to practice dinacharya.

I would recommend Dinacharya to any one who seeks to be “live “ life.Thank you

Manashi Bhattacharya, Gurugram, India
She started Y+4 in 2012 and narrates her experience below..

I started Dinacharya on 12th Oct 2012 after reading the book by Dr.Deepak Chopra.After determining my body type as Vata which is the dominating dosha of mine that brings altogether our body.mind & soul in balance once we start doing Dinacharya within few months.You can start doing Dinacharya only once you do Abhayanga(oil massage) & bathing which helps you instantly in performing the asanas very smoothly, comfortably & in a very relaxed manner.I can share as because in the winters when I do the Abhayanga later on after doing the asanas I feel very uncomfortable, I mean I can’t stretch it or perform smoothly as my body becomes stiff,specially while doing the head to knee & plough position,that’s why Abhayanga plays a very pivotal role in Dinacharya.It was my brother who guided & showed me how to do Dinacharya on skype first after he had already practiced himself for several months.Initially I just followed as he said & later on my husband & my son they too started doing Dinacharya.Well we all start with doing the yogas then pranayam & lastly followed by meditation,but as I was unable to focus & concentrate on meditation my brother suggested me to play devotional songs while meditating.It definitely made some impact on me as I too started singing with the devotional songs instead of thinking all materialistic things present in the world while meditating.After few months my brother suggested me to start with pranayam followed by meditation first just exactly after I offer my prayers to God & then followed by the rest of the asanas.This change really gave me an immence pleasure, peace,joy,happiness etc.I felt like I was just longing for this special & precious moment to arrive in my life.Now everyday I just eagerly wait for morning & evening time,the time meant for my meditation & the days when I miss doing meditation I feel a little uncomfortable I mean I feel like something is missing in my life.But again my Gurudev my dear brother came up with an idea that we can meditate any time through out the day,that’s the power & magic of meditation Initially while meditating I could hardly sit only for 5 mnts but now I can sit & meditate for almost from 20 to 25 mnts.

I would also like to share one more personal experience of mine with all the brothers & sisters is that the day I do resetting,on the very next day I feel absolutely pure,divine,clean,lighter,healthy,diseaseless as I leave behind all my aamas out of my body,this is also another special moment which I really cherish.Now I feel much more relaxed,calm,fit & healthy after leading a wonderful dinacharya life.I have passed on the same to my sister in law & her family members as well.They visit India every once in 2 yrs.Her daughter Aditi too had started doing Dinacharya at the age of 6 and a half yrs as she is the most youngest among all our family members who chose doing Dinacharya at such an early stage of her life.Recently her mother said she had even started reading the book “The Perfect Health” & she is even making her day care aunty learn about Dinacharya.This act of Aditi also motivated my son Kushal to start reading another book written by Dr.deepak Chopra “Ageless Body Timeless Mind”.I feel very touched that Iam able to pass on this wonderful experience of mine to our next generation.

My son started doing Dinacharya at the age of 7 and a half yrs.So I make him do it every morning before he leaves for school.Since his birth he did had a problem of cough & cold but gradually due to dinacharya he had overcome the problem within one yrs time.Secondly he used to wear specs at the age of 5 yrs and after he started doing Dinacharya within 1 and a half yrs of time he didn’t require to put on specs anymore.So I really thank my brother who really motivated & instigated me to start Dinacharya in my life which made me & my family to keep ourselves fit,healthy & also keep going.Iam a proud sister of my brother Roy who is not only motivating me but also he is spreading this wonderful way of lifestyle Dinacharya through out the globe.I thank god,my parents,my husband,my son & also everyone whoever is associated with me for being a wonderful support & pillar in my life.I wish each & everyone to lead a Dinacharya blessed life.God bless,hari om,Subhan Allah.


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