Y +4 = 5 Steps to Perfect Health: The 6th SXA Dimension
My Y+4 Story

Y+4 is The Sixth SXA Dimension taught in the SXA Intermediate Training Program.

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I have learnt and experienced amazing levels of awareness in mind, body and spirit since the beginning of 2012 when I was inspired to make a dramatic change to my lifestyle and health which has turned around my entire wellbeing and  I have never before felt this balanced and blissful in my life as I do now.

What in your life is the number ONE ‘Non-Negotiable’ item? At first it is difficult to grasp as to what it means. The answer is in the question itself, ‘Life’. I began to realize the profundity of this truth only after I began to truly love and take care of myself as I have never done before. ‘Charity indeed does begin at home and with us’ for if we do not value the greatest gift of all, our own life, how can we ever value or care for anything else. The fact it took me so long to grasp this profound truth shows that we take our life for granted to such an extent that we have forgotten how to value and love life.

The cosmic dance of Life & Death: The ‘disease and death’ process starts right at the moment of conception itself. Life and Death are happening in parallel at every level imaginable constantly and it is consistent with the theories of modern physics. The Law of Conservation says nothing is ever created or destroyed, it only changes forms. So for anything new to be born, something has to die and vice versa, the eternal cosmic dance of life and death, the duality we experience at every level of awareness. Life and death are only illusions, nothing ever truly dies. Our ancestors live through us. All that is past, present and ever will be is all summed up in this very moment.

To Live without any disease and infirmity: Is that possible? ‘YES’ says the ancient sages who believed ‘Nature thinks alike everywhere’. Nature uses the same materials to make a human being, a mountain, a sea, a planet or a star. At the sub atomic level, we are all made of electrons, protons, etc. Since electrons, protons do not age, why should we? Moreover, we literally remake our body from the cellular level onwards every day, every minute, every second by the food we chose to eat, the way we breathe, the way we make the mind-body connection through yoga and physical activity, the way we digest, assimilate nutrients and the way we eliminate wastes. Taking a single breath is the most creative act we can perform. Just consider this. The human body is made up of 100 trillion cells, each cell has 250 million DNA, and each DNA can pick up 8 oxygen atoms. So, multiply all those numbers and that many oxygen atoms you take in a single breath. Making our body every minute is not just a full-time task, it is a staggering endeavor. The All Mighty Creator has made us Co-Creators and given us all the faculties and abilities to make health.

So why should we be making diseases? Diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, heart attacks and the long list of diseases are purely the dubious creation of human beings. There is no fundamental reason or logic why these diseases are necessary in our lives. They are all a result of an ‘Imbalanced Lifestyle’.

So what do we do? The goal of living 100 years free from disease and old age is absolutely possible. Fortunately the staggering task of making ourselves every minute boils down to just five simple things we can do consciously  as a daily routine of Y+4 (Yoga + 4 more steps = 5 Steps to Perfect Health).

Below I give the routine that I started following since February 2012 and which has made me feel and live like never before in the 42 years of my existence. This routine is the essence of the thousands of year old Ayurvedic knowledge. 

Introduction to Y+4 = 5 Steps to Perfect Health by Swarup Roy, RK Roy, Manashi & Kushal Bhattacharya, John Jacob & Xavier Delage from Thailand, France & India.

I have been a diabetic for the last 12 years since I was 30. Apart from high blood sugar levels nothing out of normal ever showed up in routine medical tests. So I was shell shocked when on 2 Feb 2012 at the Kasemraj Hospital in Bangkok, the results of the tests showed for the first time a very high level of cholesterol, 520 against a range of 100-200. This was very very high. The sugar levels were ‘316’ (‘fasting results’, in the morning before breakfast) against a normal range of 70-105! So shocked and upset I was that after listening to the doctor who as usual prescribed medications to take for a month, I went back home in a daze and my eyes fell on my bookshelf where sitting for the last six years was ‘Perfect Health’ by Deepak Chopra, which he had himself autographed for me when I met him in 2006 at his seminar in Calcutta, India. I had never bothered to read it until now. Chopra has been called among many other things ‘the soul doctor of America’. His list of followers includes, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and the who’s who of the world plus ordinary people like us. 

Over the next one month, I cut my diet by 80%, became a vegetarian (AB blood type diet), started the daily routine that the book prescribes (as I will outline below) and over the course of 2012, the simple concept of INPUT= OUTPUT or as put by Hippocrates, the father of medicine 2500 years ago in Greece ‘Your Food is your medicine and the medicine is your Food’!, begun to register on me. Stunning and simple words, I believe every master and great men have always known, including Steve Jobs who was an obsessive vegetarian and fruitarian all his life. So much so he believed that he could cure any of his ailments himself with fruits and vegetables. On 2 March exactly a month later I went back to my doctor to test the cholesterol levels again. By the way I had stopped his medications after just one week of taking them as I had moved to the Ayurvedic daily routine. The results this time were even more shocking, ‘123’! The doctor said this was impossible, no one could lower their cholesterol in just 30 days to this level no matter what they did even with medications. The lab must have made a mistake, he concluded. I replied, “There is no mistake doctor, I know what I had to do and have taken action in the last 30 days. Thank you and I hope never to see you again.” The sugar levels currently are at the level of non-diabetics, between 93-100 (‘fasting results’, in the morning before breakfast). 

I felt so liberated! So free! So empowered! So Balanced! Thank you, Almighty & Ayurveda. 

However as I have learnt, and practicing the daily Ayurvedic routine that food is the first step and a critical element but one of the four elements of balance. The other three are equally as important. Followed in sequence all the four elements will lead to ‘Perfect Health’ which is equal to ‘Perfect Balance’. The Four elements are: * Eating correctly (as per your Ayurvedic Body Type and Blood Type) and as per schedule * Digestion & Assimilation * Elimination * Breathing correctly (yoga is a mind –body routine connecting both by the breathing). That’s it. And you could live disease and old age free 100 years. It sounds so simple it could be a joke, right. Except for the fact that at Chopra’s facility in La Jolla, California, they do this routinely and hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions have learnt this simple truth and changed their lives forever for the better and as Nature designed us to be. The latest addition to them is one more person, ‘Me’!


PS: On the right column, you can see 3 generations of my family doing the Y+4 routine, My Father, Mr RK Roy, My Nephew, Kushal and his mother and my sister Manashi Bhattacharya. We consider it our good fortune and blessings to practice and benefit from this great method to keep our body, mind and spirit in balance and bliss. We wish to share Y+4 with everyone in this world. For this we have established a Foundation in India, ALO ANANDA ASHRAM (The House of Bliss) in memory of my late Mother, Mrs Alo Roy who left this physical abode on 27 July 2013 in Kolkata, India. My father has just completed 500 pages of the book on Y+4 in Bengali titled 'AROGYO ALO' and is now translating it into English. We want to translate the book into as many languages in the world as possible to reach as far and wide we can.

The FACEBOOK page of Y+4, called PERFECT HEALTH SOCIETY is the easiest way to share and spread this divine method for the good of all beings. For us this is a LABOUR of LOVE and the sheer joy of sharing and to be in service of human kind gives us all the energy and inspiration.

We seek your support in HELPING HUMAN EVOLUTION.

Wishing you perfect health

Swarup Roy

Founder, SXA TTP & Perfect Health Society

24 June 2017, Kolkata & Bangkok

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