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Welcome to 52 editions of pure Gold
The Greatest Xact Truth Program in the world

Welcome Edition : The Xact Truth never FAILS, always WORKS

Truth Liberates, Truth Heals, Truth is always victorious.
What are the true meanings of these Truth aphorisms we have heard all our lives?
… Do you know how far your explanations are from Truth? Even better, do you want to know how far from the #XactTruth are the people you engage with?

If YES, You have come to the RIGHT & JUST place, to the greatest #XactTruth program in the world.

The #XactTruth which even Harvard or Ox-Bridge does not teach.
Take the 1st step on the journey of a 1000: Read on...The Welcome Edition - a pure treat for you.

The reasons behind Why truth always works. How the #XactTruth forum and its resources of vdo's, posts, 52 newsletter editions were created. The search of 20 years for a truth savant by John Lenhart for One man he could call his 'partner in truth' ended when he found Swarup Roy in Mar 2020 in LinkedIn.

combined years of scientific, academic, corporate & life experiences from east and west comes together to offer a never before seen solution to navigating the treacherous paths of life - by empowering the individual to distinguish deceptions from truth. 

Supported with tools, methods, systems, resources and cutting edge software not available even at the top universities of the world such as Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge.

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