The Xact Truth never FAILS, always WORKS

I was born ordinary like most people, pursued my education with all the diligence I could muster, started my career as an employee and worked hard to achieve success. All this came to a standstill when I almost died in a near fatal accident on 3rd February 2000 when a car smashed into my vehicle and me. My lower right leg broke into two and suffered compound fractures in four places.
 I have experienced suffering & pain as well as stupendous success more than many people. From the crucible of my deep experiences, I forged a system of success unlike any other to share with all my brothers and sisters in the world.

One thought stuck with me constantly as I lay in the hospital undergoing multiple surgeries the first month post my accident and that was if I had died,
my tombstone would perhaps read like this..

That was the sum total of my life. Till this moment I was under the illusion that I was doing great in life.

The ancient sages of the east have said:
‘’A drowning person can be taught the truth,
in fact, may be very receptive to it.
A man bitten by a deadly snake and frothing at
the mouth can also be imparted lessons in truth.
But a person who has attached him/her SELF to their
false self of ego and material possessions
may be impossible to communicate in the language of truth.”

Lying in bed, an invalid patient with all the time in the world, I reflected on Truth & Lies, Good & Evil.
















Hi! I am Swarup Roy,

Founder and CEO of the revolutionary and game-changing system of successSELF X ANALYSIS TTP

Global Speaker, Thought Leader & Entrepreneur in Human Development, Technology & Media

We are in Unprecedented times, facing Unprecedented Challenges
All bets are off. Whatever you learnt in your college, jobs, life
are not going to be enough to deal with the
New Normal

Covid IS Xploding ALL Assumptions

COVID19 pandemic is TEACHING us a lot, thru painloneliness
 despair and forcing us to consider what is important in our lives and what is NOT!

#covid19 pandemic global infection, latest numbers as of 10 Sept 2020.
27 million infected. Claimed over 904,000 lives.
That's the half way mark compared to the 
spanishflu pandemic of 1918 which infected 50 million and killed many millions  during its run of 3 to 5 years globally.

Suddenly CONNECTING with SELF has become very important NOW!

This is based on a recent study called ‘The New era of connections – 5 cultural shifts for the new decade’

It is now more than ever we must find our own Xact truth.
Our path ahead goes thru it.


What is truly important in our lives - life itself -
the greatest gift we ever received.


Which of these
5 Causes
are you
from ?

1.Not Knowing the
True Nature of REALity.

2.Identification with a False 
Sense of SELF (EGO)

3.Attachment to Objects of Desire

4. Aversion or Avoidance of Things
You Don’t Like/Want


If your answer to the 5 questions above is YES, then it is high time that you shift your gaze within. No amount of hardwork, sincerity, commitment, will power can help you if you do not know the cause behind the effects - The Xact Truth.
In the tagline of our SXA Xact Truth newsletter, I said – ‘Learn the secrets. What they don’t teach you in Harvard or OX-Bridge or anywhere in the world’.

The covid pandemic is unmasking governments, societies, economies, organisations, all the experts and university professors and exposing the false REALity, an illusory civilisation where we live more psychologically than REALly !

have become most important
all of a sudden
Nothing is certain, no one seems to know for sure what to do, every strategy to contain the epidemic has backfired while millions get infected, lose their jobs and savings.
Everyone has to depend on themselves to find out the truth –
what works and what does not.

Why was I staring at a dark abyss after my near fatal accident?

Because what I thought was my life was a script handed to me early in life and ensured by the system that it was thoroughly drilled into me like programming a computer or a robot. I never ever got to find my original script let alone find my life’s purpose and path. I had tried to copy some so-called successful guy in my narrow circle of family and friends and become a clone. That was the goal of my life till I faced death at age 30.

Starting a business or venture out on my own or even doing something on the side while holding a full-time job was unthinkable. Business was the domain of the business class and the rich. I was from a respectable middle-class family and our highest ambition was to get a good (???) job in government (not an option as I could not imagine me as a govt clerk or even an officer) or in an MNC. I chose the latter and graduated from B School with a gold medal and landed my first job in a huge MNC as new products executive. I still remember the date I started my career – 23 Aug 1993. And I got sucked into the race for the next 7 years till 3 Feb 2000 when life came crashing to a standstill.

Every time I got a pay cheque, back of my mind I felt I was selling myself short?
The money I was making thru my salary did not reflect my commitment and sincerity?
The simple pleasures of life  always seemed out of reach?

The Xact Truth Always Works, never fails

The REAL, the existential REALity is where life is happening every nano second. It is eternal, timeless (time has no place in it) and the laws that turn its wheels are sacred, solid and the source behind everything we see and experience as effects.
The truth, the cause behind everything resides in these eternal Natural laws.
To give a simple example, whether you are aware or not, whether you like them or not, if you step off the ledge of a building, you are going to fall to your death. Period. Gravity will work every time, that’s how solid and true these natural laws are.
I have summarised 7 key attributes of Natural laws of success which is the third dimension in the
Self X Analysis, Test & Training Programme 
No other test & training system in the world has it, no one even comes close to it.
You will learn thru these series of the SXA Xact Truth newsletters what you will find nowhere
(52 editions over one year, one a week)

Why is knowing (REALising) the truth important?

To discover the Cause behind Effects.
One who does not know the link between Choices and Consequences is doomed to struggle, stress and misery all their life.
Truth is nothing but the invisible, intangible cause behind every effect - The REALity. One who is firmly established in REALity & Truth finds happiness, success easily with least effort in any walk of life - in money, career, business, relationships.
And that is the Xact Truth behind the creation of the SXA Xact Truth Forum, the series of VDO’s, newsletters, social media group, posts and various other tools and resources that I decided to bring to our followers, customers, subscribers and people world over.
I’m joined in this endeavour by John Lenhart, the world’s topmost modeler and my former students and now colleagues, Dorina Catrina from Calgary, Canada and Xavier Delage from Thailand/France.

A 20 years search for ONE Man who lives the Truth.

On 20 Mar 2020, an unknown connection jumped into one of my posts on LinkedIn and challenged me to define the topic of my post - ‘Do no evil’.

This is the comment he wrote.
“The first step would be to define "evil"...but I'm not expecting anyone on this thread to be able to do that, because only 6% of people can give a definition for a key word they use”.
This was a challenge I could not ignore, that too on my own post.

This was my response.
“Let me try. Here it is: Evil (the same letters as the word Live) is anything that goes against creation and creative laws and sustenance of the greater good, the purpose of life which is to REALise we are Spiritual beings having a temporary human experience”

After I wrote that, I forgot all about it, till I received a notification. His response ....
I would add a couple of modifiers (which I think you implied): "anything that goes against LONG TERM creation and creative laws..."
I add the modifier because I usually ask people:
Is it "evil" to destroy a shack so you can build a house?

Since you shared AND your definition was EXCELLENT, I would like to share my definition of "Life": the ability to Repair.

Restoration is fixing something back to its original condition.

Repair is fixing something to a condition better than original. Our bodies do this automatically...break a bone and it is made stronger...tear down your muscles lifting weights and they are built up stronger. Life doesn't mean something can't be means it can repair itself!”

Pleasantly surprised, I quickly wrote my response.
“Thank you. Very nicely articulated. Staring at DEATH at age 30 by overcoming a near fatal accident to riding the crest of success internationally, fulfilling my dreams & goals, evolving and championing the power of SELF by developing the SXA System of Success  My True Story” :

His response
Swarup Roy, You are only the fourth person in the last year who has been ABLE to give a definition for a word they use! Even more impressive, you gave a non-contradictory definition! Thank you for sharing your story with me! I'm a fan!”

I thanked him right away.
“My dear Sir. You heap me with such generosity that I'm most humbled by your kindness. I try my best to be a student of life and get to the roots of what it means to be a human and diligently and studiously study, practice and evolve to the best of my ability with the help of the grace of god, guru and likeminded friends such as your kind self.”
His response
“It is an honor to interact with people like you!”

One of my colleagues who knows me for 15 years, Karin Lohitnavy added her bit.
you can always count on Swarup Roy to have the right answers and to be very precise in his definitions!”

My final response
“The honor is all mine. In the meanwhile do try the following: ARE YOU ON YOUR XACT ROUTE TO SUCCESS? Take the 3 min SXA Test demo to find out at These 3 minutes may end up saving 3 or even 30 years of your life. Once you take the wrong turn on the road of life, it may take decades to come back on the right track. Take the test on laptop or desktop for best Xperience”
This unknown connection was John Lenhart, based in Wisconsin, USA and the world’s top most modeler. He can convert any process into a model that others can then easily use to understand behaviours.

From that day John and I have become partners in #truth.

To cut short the extensive exchange and interactions we have had this past six months, let me share the link to the recommendation he wrote on my profile in LinkedIn.

John Lenhart's recommendation for me 
Swarup is my partner in Truth because he is the only other person, I know who is completely committed to Truth regardless of the consequences.
I have spent over twenty years looking for ONE person in our distracted tangible world who is Enlightened and that ONE PERSON is Swarup Roy. 

Read the full recommendation below and at this link.

John has written 51 articles on LinkedIn over 1 year, that's 1000 pages of a book he
gave away for free. Between 2006 and 2013 he wrote 1500 blog posts!!!

"The ONLY BALANCED program in the world is SXA TTP.
The focus of SXA is to immediately improve your Standard of Living so you can spend the rest of your time pursuing your Quality of Life by determining and refining your intangible Purpose and Uniqueness” –
John Lenhart, the world’s top most modeler.

You Know Why the vast  majority of people fail in life?

Everyone does everything in order to get their brain to release pleasure chemicals now or set up their brain to release pleasure chemicals in the future. The difference is the methods people use to achieve this. There are only four:
  • Destructive: Wanting another person or organization to suffer harm.
  • Distraction: Remove all tension and conflict...retirement!
  • Determination: Accomplishment: an award, promotion, pain, no gain.
  • Enlightenment: Respond to everything by bringing out more of your Uniqueness..No Pain, Only Gain.
You can look forward to knowing more in detail as we have devoted an entire newsletter on this topic alone.

In the latest Xact Truth video : No Pain, Only Gain, you find answers to
-The #Xact #Truth & cause behind every pain
-How to overcome the #hurdle that keeps us in #pain
-The practice of the ancient secret daily routine of Y+4 = 5 Steps to perfect health.
-The phenomenal #health benefits Xperienced by #SXA students which have also translated into their #success in #career & #business

Does truth have categories?
Where is truth not applicable?

Have you read :'power vs force' by Dr David Hawkins?
One of the greatest psychologists and researcher of the 20th century?

He begins by saying - if only we could have a simple way to know a truth from a lie, humanity would be so evolved. And then he goes on to describe the method he had found - kinesiology. And for over 20 years he applied the technique to all areas of human life to test the method to establish truth from lies... Including politics, sports, business, medicine and many more. You can read it all in his fascinating book.

I was recommended this book by @Quinn Ferrall PE, MBA who has taken the #SXA test - because he felt there were similarities between Dr Hawkins and me and my method and system of #SXA. I read the book and further recommended to @John Lenhart who read and summarised the whole book into 50 pages pdf.

John has firmly established thru his writings.. In the #SXA newsletters and articles that the SXA system is further ahead and far more evolved than Dr Hawkins - whom we both adore and respect.

It is never about politics, or the subject that is visible (tangibles) be it business, jobs, money, social media, content etc. It is always about the invisible cause, the intangible truth whose principles remain the same irrespective of the subject.

That is why Truth is ONE, Lies are infinite.

'the #Xact #truth is never in the world of visible effects, it is always in the invisible world of cause'. - Dr David Hawkins

Nobody has the whole #truth.. We all have pieces of truth. Hence the only smart way to complete the jigsaw puzzle of truth is to collect all the pieces - from people across the globe, across time and space. That is what I have been doing all my 51 years of life.

So now you know the #Xact #truth behind forming this forum. So share your views - that's the sure shot way of progress and evolution. No one knows whose insights from life may contain nuggets of golden truth. Don't think your views are. not important.

Every life made by creator is important.

John Lenhart 
, 5 Oct 2020 wrote
The body responds to everything other than Truth with weakness.
The body responds to lies and deception with illness.
The body responds to Truth with health.
I will let everyone make their own bridge from this to SUFFERING and PAIN...

Swarup Roy  
, 5 Oct 2020 wrote
@John Lenhart thank u.

What John wrote above is what Dr Hawkins established in 50 years of his work and you can find that in his book -power vs force

So -if you are sick - you are living a life which is not established in Truth is clearly documented with evidence by Dr Hawkins.

Well BEING means you are established in Truth.

Dr. David Hawkins: MD., Phd.
a widely known authority within the fields of consciousness research and spirituality,
has written and taught from the unique perspective of an experienced
clinician, scientist, and mystic -    
says the following

"Handling Major Crises"

“Who cares about Facts! Facts are just facts. It’s how we feel about those facts is what matters to us. In the face of crisis which unleashes an overwhelming torrent of negative energies in which we find ourselves drowning, our conditioned mind tries to reason its way out of the challenge. It will not succeed; it will fail simply because of the strong negative energies unleashed”

The only successful way to deal is to manage the energy of our emotions, how we feel and therefore respond to the crisis. In #SXA we call them ‘Managing the 3 E: Energy, EGO, Emotions’.

“Not even the emotions, just the energy, The Emotional Energy. And EGO comes into play because it comprises your attitudes, beliefs, values, your understanding of life, world view and your vision of your place in it” ….Dr David Hawkins

The closer to REALity, the Xact Truth you are, the better you will be able to deal with the challenges, the better chances of success.

The fastest way to reach that truth is a time tested XPRESSWAY To Success – That’s what Self X Analysis is – a robust highway that takes you accurately, safely, securely to the Truth, your Xact own truth, your UNIQUE SELF, the master key to unlock all the mysteries that has kept you from REALising REALity. The XPRESSWAY To Clarity and Understanding – the power of SELF Awareness is the ultimate power to success in life with least efforts.

“The real problem is not the crisis event itself, but the negative emotional energies that act as hurdles for you to deal with them successfully. Once you learn to manage your emotional energies thru clarity and understanding, handling the actual events – such as loss of income, jobs, managing responsibilities of family, business etc. is quite easy. Life will go on and life will present solutions to deal with life’s problems. The lifetime of suppressed emotions gets compressed into a gas like cannister waiting to explode (seeking release) and the trigger is provided by the crisis.” ..Dr David Hawkins

How to handle this explosion safely without damaging yourself and others in your circle is the moot question?

“We have believed in the wrongs things ALL OUR LIVES. #SXA took off my dark glasses” - Dorina Catrina, SXA Xcel Certified Coach & Trainer, Calgary, Canada

#Truth requires you to adjust, but when you do, everyone and everything will adjust to you” - John Lenhart, the world's topmost modeler & SXA partner

“Life in balance is a ballet with the forces of nature in harmony with yourself”
Swarup Roy, Founder of SXA TTP

I came close to death, not once but twice

First at the age of 9 months in a near fatal accident that cracked my soft baby head – I survived after a surgery without anaesthesia. The second in 2000 was at age 30 in a motor accident. It took 5 surgeries over 4 years for me to walk without a limp again.


But I thrived not just survived in spite of these challenges, rather because I faced them head on.


When I was 5 years old, had read the Bible (abridged version), I was studying in a convent which had a cemetery which was out of bounds for students and a church as well. I was so curious that I scaled the walls all alone to see what was out of bounds. As an innocent child roaming the graveyard, I discovered very early on how it all ends for us human beings – from dust to dust.


Death gives meaning to life. It is also the MASTER FEAR that gives birth to all fears.


Three books I read early on…….between the ages of 5 and 6 years. The Bible, Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf and Gandhi's My Experiments with Truth. 

The Bible taught me about Right and wrong, divinity and humanity.
Hitler's autobiography showed me how far evil men can go for the sake of power and ego.
Gandhi's autobiography taught me the meaning of compassion, sacrifices for the greater good, nonviolence and Good (power) always triumphs over evil (force).

Leader Vs Boss!
Why has leaderships failed so miserably in this latest crisis, covid_19

Leaders lead...that’s Why people follow them.
True leaders have transcended their own human sufferings.
How to overcome pain and suffering is what everyone is seeking.
Why do you think Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ are worshipped by humanity even after 5250 years, 2500 years and 2000 years?

Even Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Mandela are universally revered?
They are all GREAT leaders.
A leader is one who helps people to transcend suffering.

"It would have been bad even with the best of governments. It has been an absolute chaotic disaster when that mindset -- of 'what's in it for me' and 'to heck with everybody else' -- when that mindset is operationalized in our government, It's part of the reason why the response to this global crisis has been so anaemic and spotty,"
                                               ..Barak Obama, former US president.

Leaders do the Causes (Intangible Definition) regardless of the
Effects (Tangible Benefits)
John Lenhart
Cause & Effect
Pretenders know only to play with effects (outcomes) and try to SOLVE problems (and create more problems as side effects).

True leaders concentrate on causes- and thereby dis
SOLVE problems. They work with Choices knowing the links and consequences - making the ONE Right choice every time and are highly effective people - leaders.

My experience of suffering the accident and the pain (physical, mental, emotional) I went thru helped me to relate to the suffering of others in multi-dimensional ways and the process of direct selling to one person at a time over the phone honed the skills and attributes of success such as
(X10) ,  giving & receiving (X14),  mutually minded (X9), choices and consequences (X15)
and many more in more ways than one. All attributes of SXA TTP.

Attributes that were functioning fully within me during this period. Helped me to achieve and fulfill my motivations (needs & goals)
                   34 +2 = The 36 SXA Attributes of Success

People who read my ad ‘lose weight and make money’ and were calling in by the dozens were telling me about their struggles and misery. They found in me a willing listener and a kindred soul with full intention and desire (X17), to be of service as I too was seeking what they were, or as I came to realise later on, all human beings are seeking – RELIEF FROM PAIN & SUFFERING.

Third Surgery on my leg
My Life Before & After 2000 

I went for my third surgery in Jan 2001 almost a year after the accident. I was tired and fed up of hospitals, surgeries and the associated pain of recovery. I took some solace in the fact that I was improving my condition inch by inch. The doctors told me that it was going to be at least a few years and more surgeries before I could walk normally without a crutch again.


My Life Lifts-Off like a Rocket: 2002 to 2018 
My Life in Thailand and across the world

Loving Life's Lessons

During the first year of my accident I had learnt through experience the value of ‘Acceptance and Least effort’ (X16), which means the more we fight reality, the harder we make it for ourselves. To be in denial of truth causes more suffering, not less. So, I had accepted the situation, in fact right from the beginning and patiently (that’s what being a patient teaches you- patience) decided to take things one day at a time.

This approach had helped me cross the first and most difficult year with three surgeries completed and a means of livelihood and engagement added to my life which I was loving, learning & lapping it up by the bucketful.

My upline had returned to Bangkok, Thailand a couple of months ago and used to regularly call me almost every night to discuss the progress of my business as well as narrate stories of distributors in Thailand and elsewhere. He wanted me to come to Thailand as he believed that my talents and skills would give greater results in the international market. I used to thank him and say that I was unfit both physically and mentally to think of anything beyond my present circumstances. And I had years to go before I could literally walk on both my feet.

3 weeks after my 3rd surgery, in Feb 2001, a global MNC in India decided to call me for a final interview having short listed only my CV from among a dozen physically fit candidates for the position of Zonal Manager -Eastern India in charge of 11 Indian states.

They sent return flight tickets for me to travel from Kolkata to Mumbai (east coast to west coast of India).

I was terrified. Not because of facing the MD and their board, but of flying! I was not looking forward to the sheer pain my legs and body would have to endure on the to and fro journey, two and half hours each on the flight plus checking in and out of both airports and local travel in both cities. A chill ran up my spine thinking about how my legs would swell up like elephant legs and the terrible pain I would have to suffer.

I mustered up the courage and bit the bullet and made the trip. The outcome was- because of the uncertainty of my medical condition and recovery they could not hire me even though the company was very keen as my profile was a perfect fit for the job but I made it clear to them the limitations I would carry into the job because of the condition of my health. 

How I made my first $million

The incredible story of how I became an international entrepreneur

My upline in Bangkok was ecstatic on hearing this news that I had made the journey to Bombay as Bangkok and Bombay had the same travel time by air. He was convinced that I could easily make the trip as soon as I wanted to.

I flew to Bangkok, the city of Angels on 8th July 2001. I informed my parents about my trip just a day before as I knew they would be horrified to learn that I was leaving India on a crutch with no job in hand except an invitation from a Malaysian entrepreneur in Thailand.

Bangkok is one of the world’s big cosmopolitan cities. It has been called the Venice and Vienna of the east. My upline and friend had come to this city from Malacca in Malaysia and had made his fortune here in the last 25 years.

Aug 2001 at a Thai- Chinese emple, a month after I came to Thailand :On a crutch & a prayer

Dec 2003 in hospital after my 4th surgery in Bangkok. One more to go in Dec 2004, the 5th surgery.

For the first few months I got busy building my international downlines, signing up distributors from many countries. People from all over the world lived and worked in Thailand so it was easy.

Next, I started a full-time job working as a management consultant with a company in the business of building theme parks and continue to earn money from my side business of multi-level marketing.

After about six months, my friend took me to a meeting with the Chairman of the daily English business newspaper of Bangkok. And before I knew it, I had been offered the job of Vice President of marketing at this international media and newspaper by the owner himself. 

At first, I was not so sure whether I was fit for the job. I was still walking with a crutch, though it was a single hand crutch now, not the cumbersome double crutches I was using last year. I also felt that I was new to the country and did not know the local language and understand the culture.

My friend convinced me to take up the job saying ‘embrace your destiny, Roy’.
So, I took up the job keeping the promise to the universe I had made last year after my accident-

“I will Go with the flow and will find my Passion, Purpose and Path”.

                                                                                       -Zen saying.

In my media office

In my office in
2002, Bangkok

I signed up a major deal with a global bank, 
3rd day into my job.

In the first meeting with my team on the second day of my job, I discovered where they were having difficulties and that was mostly in consummating sales (X33) and achieving their sales targets. One of my team members was a Thai girl with about six years of sales experience and she was unable to get an appointment with the decision makers at this Bank to present our products.

I had a marketing and sales team made up of various nationalities, experiences and age groups.

I asked her for the telephone number of the VP of the prospect company and I made that call. Expecting her secretary to answer, I was surprised when the VP herself took my call. I explained briefly the purpose of my call and asked her for an appointment by presenting three choices (this is a crucial technique in seeking appointments which I will explain later in the 7 steps of successful selling, the 5th dimension in SXA TTP). It worked like magic- she accepted and chose the next day to meet me at 10am.

I drove to the meeting with my Thai sales executive where she presented the products of our newspaper which could help the Bank in their credit card and corporate banking businesses. This was my third day in the job and I did not even have full knowledge about our products. 

All I did was support my team member in opening, qualifying and presenting (X28, X29, X30 and X31) by using the powerful sales techniques of the 7 Steps of Successful Selling. I consummated (X33 :Successful Sale & Beginning of Relationship) the deal with the bank right then and there with Acceptance & Least Effort (X16)

The 7 Steps of Successful Selling -
5th dimension of SXA TTP

The 34 attributes and 5 dimensions in SXA TTP are direct outcomes of my lifetime of study, research, practice, experiments and my experiences applied across organisations, various products, countries & nationalities. The concentrate was coded into a formula, an algorithm which is the basis of the SXA TEST. Backed by the proprietary & powerful SXA software and applications, almost 2500 calculations are run once you complete answering the over 100 plus questions of the SXA Test to generate a 20 page comprehensive Complete Reflection Report (CRR) within seconds. 

A 6th dimension of SXA is introduced thru a separate test and training only in the advanced programmes. This dimension is based on a 5000 year ancient system which when learnt enables the individual to access & Xperience phenomenal levels of energy, clarity and balance leading to stress free success with least efforts.

Knowing the types of buyers is a must when one has to make a sale. It makes the effort less and the outcome positive.Taught in the SXA Test & Training Programmes (TTP).

 I become President & CEO of the international media company at age 33 still limping on a crutch

Upon hearing about the deal, my chairman came to my room a few days later to congratulate me on the successful endeavor. From then on within the next six months I helped to bring in 50 new corporate customers worth millions in sales resulting in the revenues of my company jumping manifold. I conceptualized new products and launched them quickly and efficiently adding to our reach and marketing efforts.

By now my chairman was regularly asking me to lunch meetings with various big shots of the country and abroad. One day over lunch he sprung a surprise on me, ‘I have ventured into oil and gas as a new business as you know. It will take up most of my time in the next year. I need someone to head the newspaper for me.” I asked him if he had anyone in mind.

He looked straight at me and said “I’m looking at him”.

I was so taken aback by his answer that I looked around to see if there was anyone else apart from him and me at the table. There was no one else. I looked back at him quizzically with a question mark on my face “Me?”

He said, ‘Yes, you. You are the best thing that has happened in this newspaper for a long time.”
I felt embarrassed and fumbled a reply “I think I’m not qualified for this honor, Sir. I’m new in this country and in your company plus I have not yet fully recovered physically, I have a few more surgeries to go”.
Finally, after some more discussions, he asked me to think it over and come back to him within a week. After much thinking and agonizing, I decided to accept his offer of becoming President and CEO of the company in 2002.

      A 2004 clipping from my newspaper reporting on the
CEO's meeting I had hosted

Less than 10 years ago in 1993, when I was beginning my career, I filled out a career plan form for my first company. It was a formality. In that I had written I planned to become a CEO within the next 10 years. And when the accident happened, I had thought all my plans and goals had come to a naught and washed down the drain of my fate and life.
So, sitting in Bangkok and getting this offer seemed absolutely surreal to me. The universe had thrown me a curved ball just two years ago and darkness had enveloped me then. I could not imagine this day would come so soon which had the power to fulfill a goal I had casually filled out in a company form almost a decade ago.


       ....Xavier Delage, SXA TTP Certified  International Coach

CLARITY is The shield against any Crisis
CLARITY is LIGHT & TRUTH -The only way to enhance our Life.
#Certainty is not CLARITY; it is the dumbest way to EXIST
#Covid is teaching us lessons on that.
#Confidence is definitely not Clarity. Confidence comes from something you have acquired – positions, fame, money, etc.
#Courage is not clarity either, it is an efficient way of getting blind (false bravado). It may produce some results, people may appreciate it, but it is not clarity.
Clarity comes
when YOU step aside and become an OBSERVER.
#It cannot happen by comparing with others and feeling hubris when you think you are doing better
Enhancement (quality) of life cannot happen by accumulating more, more, more.
The more becomes your prison, forced labour, enslavement.
The #covid pandemic has temporarily freed people from enslavement in 2020 and people sitting at home in the #lockdowns are #suffering, feeling #depressed to such an extent that there is a fear of a second pandemic, that of #mentalhealth breakdowns and illness.
The post #covid world (if at all there is such a thing), when accumulated assets, money, jobs, positions are gone will be shocking to people that many may take the drastic step to end their suffering from that situation.

These events cannot be attributed to the virus.
For virus jumping animals to humans have been happening thru out time
and has contributed to the evolution of who we are as a species.

Feb 2000- June 2001 : My personal lockdown
I was a bed ridden invalid patient for nearly 18 months - post my accident. I used this time to delve deep into my undamaged TRUE SELF, My SPIRITual SELF. I became a true, detached observer of my own life. This is HOW CLARITY COMES !!!

This tremendous clarity, wisdom and understanding of life - both personal & universal empowered me by revealing the Xact Truths of Life, Death, Suffering, Success and everything in between. It helped me to understand Object Referral (external) and Self referral (internal). It gave me so much power, I grew wings and took flight to embrace Life so fully, I had never done before.

ALL FEARS, including master fear of death had vanished.
I had liberated mySELF from the prison of all pyschological conditioning and became fully in touch with the Existential REALity - the PRESENT MOMENT, The NOW where life is happening, not in the PAST, nor in the Future, but NOW in this very moment in which I breathe which keeps me ALIVE. That is ALL that mattered and will ever matter. LIVING 100% in the NOW.
When the fragile structures we call civilization crumbles, which were thought to be permanent, 
many people are terribly lost because of the attachment to this false REALity. 

And life becomes unbearable that some may proceed to end it before time.

It is because of the #pain & #suffering inflicted upon themselves that is the root cause of all the misery.
When you fail to live an Xpansive life,
live like a MISER,
MISERY is bound to follow.

What is an Xpansive Life ?

Are you living the life of an
Who achieves 10 X, even 100 X success in money, career, business & life.

Did you know, You were born this way!
Are you using fully all the 3 i's (Instincts + Intelligence + Intuition) ?

INSTINCT– The animal in us
for survival. The basic instincts- food, sex, security, love, etc is also present in animals.

INTELLIGENCE - Use of the power of Intelligence and Imagination helps us
To understand our world better and gives us meaning in life to a great extent. This is what makes us superior To animals and has enabled to become the dominant Species in this planet.

INTUITION- the use of the 6th sense
Intuition means – The Inner Tutor (Tuition)
Which means to Know Without Knowing.
Dictionary Meaning: the ability to understand something instinctively (naturally, this is A natural gift we are all endowed with) without the need for conscious reasoning.

Watch this VDO:
SXA Training of Donovan Gilbert from Cape Town, S Africa, 11 Feb 2020 on THE NATURAL LAWS OF SUCCESS (SXA 3rd dimension).

Light of Life's Lessons

What are the Learnings
from my life's story?

I completed 50 years in december 2018. I had been searching for the way to sure shot success like all people but I actually lived it and synthesised it into a system of success.

I went from many dys-functional attributes of success to highly functional in my life's journey
as a Student trying to figure out my Career Action Plan, As an Employee wanting to land The Dream Job. As a wanna-be entrepreneur fantasising about making a $million dollar till I actually became an Entrepreneur and ended up making tons of money as well as pursuing my passions & path.

As a CEO and Chairman wanting to build a team of the best & brightest and able to do so with the SXA System for Corporate Talent Management.

As an individual wanting the best of health, wealth and happiness to my 100% satisfacton and fulfillment and actually receiving it in full measure enabling me to seve society thru my innovations, technology and foundations fills me with gratitude and compassion.

I have practiced and continue everyday to live all the attributes of SXA. There are the master attributes- the master Keys which once you know, learn and practice will rocket you to success so fast you will be amazed.

SXA is a way of LIFE for me which has given me Fulfillment & Sucess at all levels- In Money, Career, Business & Life.

My SXA entrepreneur profile is that of a Dealer and Inventor. I have stuck to these primary and supporting natural talent profiles of mine. That is the path of least effort to success. 

Each of us has a path of least resistance and effort that is based on our natural habits and talents– the ones we were born with. If we are not on our path, life can be a struggle. When we follow our path – and begin to play the game that we most naturally play, we begin to Xcel. We also find we are doing what we love.

I Know my SELF in multi-dimensional ways- The SXA 34 Attributes & 5 Dimensions of success including my Enterprising Profile and Talent and I have enjoyed enormous success with least effort by following my natural path. I have GONE WITH THE FLOW nature designed for me. Inspite of the great challenges & obstacles including facing death at age 30, undergoing 5 major surgeries, leaving my country and going to a foreign land with nothing.

I was still successful because I followed the eternal principles of success which works every time, everywhere for everyone if you know what they are and follow them in your life.

It has been almost 16 years since I began my entrepreneurial journey and it has been the most enjoyable, challenging, even painful at times- tremendously fulfilling and enabled me to achieve all my dreams, desires and developments of my life.

I would not trade the life I have lived so far for anything else. In spite of two near fatal accidents and the pains, struggles that followed, I can say with full gratitude to the universe for having blessed me with such a wonderful life.

How T.I.M.E. Flies - Travelling around the world : 2002 to 2018

 My LIFE at a glance, in one slide

TIME - The Final Frontier

The near DEATH Xperience had opened my eyes to how short our lives are and how little time we have.

Hence I began to value LIFE & TIME like there was no tomorrow. The PRE-SENT is all there is.

The present is called so because it is a gift. The greatest gift of LIFE & TIME.

All Successful people Know this and make every effort to ensure they don't waste an iota of these precious gifts by taking action 
TODAY on whatever their goals and dreams are.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. Stay hungry, stay foolish"
           -  Founder of Apple, died age 56

In CHAlleNGE is the word, ‘CHANGE’
Every so often nature provides us with an opportunity for change in the form of a challenge, a crisis. Unfortunately, because of the false view of REALity, most people focus on the disruptive effects of the challenge and entirely miss the opportunity hidden inside it.
Life gives us some time and energy to live. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Time is rolling away for everyone every second. It is only the energy we can manage.

By learning the principles and the natural laws of success you can utilise your energies & limited time, super effectively.

When we are young, we fail to grasp that the highest peak of energy is just for a few years during our youthful days. And losing that intense energy is a terrible loss of opportunities and waste of life. You can look at older people and realise that stage is also coming for you.

If you could have some clarity and balance in your life, that energy could become a phenomenal power for your personal success as well as for society.

Everyone has an innate genius within them. They just need the right ambience within them SELVES and outside to bring those talents to fruition. Unfortunately, many lose that exuberant energy in focusing only on trying to make a living or breaking their hearts in love or getting trapped in a variety of addictions.
A terrible tragedy of lost
potential, promise and progress
of Life.
It is said that only 1% of people achieve their full potential. We cannot create great nations or countries; we can only create great human beings and nations will be a consequence of that.
Suppose we went from 1% to 10%, then we would have created a phenomenal world.
Human genius must unfold, it is innate. Flowers will blossom.
All it needs is to provide it that ambience. It’s not outside, it is inside human beings.
If you are willing it is possible.

Morality and moral values like Equality Fraternity, Justice are great thoughts which have had disastrous consequences.

Marx, Engels spoke about it, so did Joseph Stalin who killed much more of his own people than Hitler.
People subvert their moral values and moral structure when under pressure. 
So, it is better to fall back on one’s innate humanity.

The little bit of information we accumulate feeds your intellect, which is discriminatory will always work by separation.

You have to go beyond your intellect to your intelligence.

Only depending upon the intellect will create a limited identity and knowledge of life.
There are 16 parts to this intelligence, the last part is called ‘Chitta’, Pure Consciousness with no memory.
You are who you are
of your memory.
Memory of the DNA, body, karmic memories, etc…Memory is not what you remember.
The very way you sit and stand or the shape of your nose & eyebrows are all a result of the 8 types of memory that makes a human being.
Memory creates limitations of who you like or dislike, who you remember and don’t…it creates a boundary.
That part of intelligence, Chitta with no memory does not discriminate and hence all inclusive.

When you manifest that, then there is no need for moral values as you are identified with all, then you don’t need any moral lectures.

This is manifestation of the spirituality in a human being
Spiritual process of BEing is not a beLIEf unlike your thought and values.
When you are sitting under a tree and experience that what you exhale, the trees inhale and vice versa, do we need to tell you Don’t cut the tree’ ?

Hence when you come to conclusions based on intellect and the little recycled limited data you have gathered even if you are a PhD, you will invariably be wrong.

Through the spiritual process you experience things in totality and as they are, hence you will always see and make that ONE RIGHT CHOICE in any given situation - in The XACT TRUTH.
You can cannot change consequences,
you can only make the right or wrong choices.
Spiritual process means you dip into dimensions beyond any limitations or identity. It is not a man made belief system or ideology or philosophy.
what is KARMA?
SXA Attribute No. 15 of 34 : Choices & Consequences is Karma.
You can measure yourself on your Karmic score by taking the SXA Test
THE TRUE Nature of LIFE itself.
Being an individual, the basis of memory & physicality is a privilege, it is not real, it is an assumed thing.
Like an air bubble.
We should be grateful to nature for this privilege however short it may be, two seconds compared to the 6 billion years of the planet’s existence.
That’s why there are many dimensions to Being, from Memory to No memory (chitta) which we can access at will if we know how.

If we don’t get that, we will when they bury us that we are part of the whole.

Our existence is just a pop up window for a few seconds compared to the whole existence.

When we are here, we think we are this and that and our ego takes over.
Managing the 3E :
EGO, Emotions, Energy
the key to PROGRESS.
When we dip into higher dimensions, it’s still you but beyond the psychological and intellectual structure.

If you think you will achieve your dreams with everybody’s approval, it will not happen.

You have to walk your talk alone first.
Others will clap when you succeed.
The SXA Technology of testing & training enables you to achieve 10X, 20X even 100X fulfilment and happiness fast with least efforts.

A Simple and powerful system to optimize, stabilize and utilise your physical, intelligent and spiritual energies enabling your unique natural talents to find fruition and success.
Here is what happens to people who enroll and complete the UNIQUE world class SXA Test & Training .
More important than knowing what to do is to
know what not to do.

How to conserve and protect our energies from getting wasted on things that don’t matter and to concentrate on the key attributes for progress & success.

‘Everything is Energy and Frequency. That’s all there is to it.
This is not Philosophy, It is Physics’
..Albert Einstein

Here is a Creation on COVID letters
by Xavier Delage, SXA International Coach & Trainer.
It's ON US to make
lemonade out of the lemons life has thrown at us.

Energy and Frequency.
There are at least 6 levels.. Like the notes of music.

We can raise our vibrations thru 6 energy frequencies intentionally and consciously thru systematic techniques and methods.

I have been practising for 10 years and have arrived at a level of controlling my life force ENERGIES and breath.

The goal is to reach a state of zero and one - that is to switch off and switch on the life force in me at will.

That is the capacity all of us are endowed with.
To unleash that potential is possible.

See the graphic - Here are the Energy Frequencies- THE 6 junction points (Chakras) located along the human spine - the spinal XPRESSWAY To GOD CONSCIOUSNESS. With the frequency states mentioned for each. The highest is the 7th Chakra point outside the body, over the crown of the head - is PURE STILLNESS.

I remember attending a lecture, where the speaker tried to impress upon the audience his idea of ‘discovering our vocation by chance’. As he continued to speak about the importance of trying different things in order to succeed in the HOPE that we chance about something that we are passionate about and are good at, my mind buzzed with a thousand questions.

But before I share those questions with you, let me illustrate my point with the help of two examples. Let’s take the example of gold mining. Even as a layman, how do you think it works? Do you think the company / miners go digging every patch of land in the HOPE that they may discover what they are looking for? Imagine the scenario if that was the case. 

Apart from the fact that there would hardly be any land to walk on, think of the wastage of resources and time if gold mining was left to chance rather than on scientific research, precision and calculations.

Now think of another scenario. Imagine going to a doctor with a leg fracture. What will you say and do if the doctor instead of taking an X-Ray and fixing the bone, decided to experiment with different medication in the hope that something would work? My guess is, that you will never be found anywhere near his / her clinic again.

The above mentioned scenarios are perfect examples of shooting in the darkLeaving things to chance, not having full knowledge and awareness, trying random things are all equivalent to shooting in the dark. The chance of a bull’s eye is almost negligible.

The pertinent question I would like to raise to all those people who put their faith in ‘luck’, ‘chance’ and ‘hope’ as opposed to self-awareness and concrete knowledge is Are they here forever?or have you made some pact with God, that you know that you will have enough time to achieve success even after wasting a good amount of your lifetime.

One crucial lesson that my experience has taught me is that “Respect and value the
borrowed time you have been given in this precious life by doing everything you can to fulfill your dreams, passions, goals and offer yourself with all these experiences and expertise combined for the greater good of humanity. It would be life lived well and worthy of living.” 

All my degrees and education had not prepared me for what I faced after my accident. It is in this period that I left my country, India, and went to Thailand on a crutch and with nothing else.
It is at this stage of my life that I actually discovered myself and the energy and force that resides in each one of us, but which unfortunately lies dormant as we have never been taught how to harness it. It is only through turning an inward eye and finally knowing myself that I was able to take this challenge head-on and emerge victorious. Within 6 months I ended up running an international newspaper as President & CEO, underwent 2 more surgeries, began playing golf, started my own media & technology company and travelled around the world: all within 3 years.

SXA is the result of my life experiences combined with the correct principles of success backed by cutting edge technology and systems to serve anyone on this planet who is seeking an Xpressway to Success. My realization by shedding my blood, sweat and tears is how essential it is to know the SELF and how our education system does not equip us with the tools and skills required. These were some crucial conclusions that I reached:
*All the answers lie within the SELF.
*Empowering the SELF is the only key to success, be it in career, education, personal development or life.
*Success is only that which can be achieved with LEAST EFFORT.
*Simply trying harder does not work as you may be working against your pure potential and against the natural laws.
*If success could be achieved by mere hard work and will power, the really successful people would not be just 1%.
*There was no study and no system that studied human being as a whole and provided a result that could be scientifically and mathematically measured and analysed.

True success lies in a win-win situation for all. And this led me to envision and develop the Self X Analysis System of Testing & Training for sharing the secrets of success with all fellow human beings. This led to the birth of the SXA Test & Report.
But before I tell you more about this life-altering product, let me burst 2 myths which most of us have accepted unquestioningly as the Gospel truth and do not realise that they are permanent blocks to our success



I remember having this conversation with a friend on the way to the Examination Centre. We had 30 minutes to reach the centre for our exam. I asked him why he was taking this particular route. I showed him a by-lane and said why not try this, it may lead to the centre too, otherwise we could always come back on this route.
He stared at me as if I had suddenly grown two heads and all he could muster was, “Are you crazy! Why would you take a risk of missing the examination and wasting a year by taking an unknown route which may or may not take you to your destination?”
But in life, every day we take these chances and give that the name of bravery. We waste valuable time and do not realise that it is our sheer stupidity to think that time is at our disposal. Time is not a commodity that you can waste and then buy again. So, stop second guessing and stop your hit and trial method.

You don’t have to spend all your life searching for your XACT ROUTE TO SUCCESS and most people never ever find it.  Find your PURE POTENTIAL, your NATURAL TALENT, how to be Effective in everything you do and you don’t have to be scared or diffident of Selling & Communicating Your Self - your ideas, your goals and your dreams.



There is a lot to be learnt from old legends and stories. You must have heard or read about the Myth of Sisyphus. Sisyphus had the task of rolling a huge boulder up a steep hill. He worked hard, tirelessly, day in and day out to achieve this goal. Did he succeed? Of course not!

Sisyphus was cursed by God and therefore was stuck doing a job where he could never succeed. But, it is worth asking who has cursed our 95% population, that they continue working hard, with full sincerity, but never ever ride the crest of success. The answer is simple – it is a curse that we have brought upon ourselves. If hardwork and motivation were the only keys to succeeding, then SUCCESS would not be so elusive!


So, then what is the key? What is that SECRET which only a handful have been able to crack?




Isn’t it worth asking why does XTRA-ordinary, phenomenal success bless only a few?

Why do most of us never get to attain that dizzying success and have to remain content by watching others gain success after success till their life becomes what dreams are made of?

Aren’t we also not working day in and day out?
Didn’t we also start out with a plan and a dream?
We make all kinds of decisions, but are never able to fulfil them.
Mere motivation is not helping as in the midst of failures it dies down.

Then what do we do? We start making excuses. We are consumed with self-doubt. We convince ourselves we were not made for bigger things, that we have some inherent weakness. And then we commit the biggest sin of all – WE GIVE UP!

On my journey of discovering what success is and why it smiles at only a few people, I unearthed the most dangerous word, WEAKNESS, which not only gives us a false picture of ourselves but also makes us comfortable in admitting defeat, before even actually trying.
Let me share a little anecdote to illustrate the futility of this word and also provide you with 2 alternative words.
The sheer futility of the word- WEAKNESS - was confirmed to me when a client announced to me with full conviction and in a very matter of fact way that she could never achieve a certain position and in fact didn’t even try for it as a certain ‘weakness’ in her nature would never let her get there, so as she put it, “Why bother, and why waste time trying for it”.
As I stared at her in amazement, I realised that she was just voicing out the fallacy which at least 95% of the population accepts as the truth. We have internalized this word ‘weakness’ so much that it does not dawn on us that not only are we accepting defeat, before actually even starting, but (and this is the more amazing part) we are extremely comfortable in living with what we have termed as our ‘weakness’

My simple answer to her and to all those people (which is a large majority) who have unquestioningly diagnosed themselves with ‘weakness’ and are content living with it and are allowing it to stop them from living the life of their dreams is this:

Let’s take the example of an air-conditioner. An air-conditioner is functioning well when it is blowing comfortable air in our rooms. When it malfunctions, it is not doing what it should and needs fixing. A part needs to be repaired or upgraded and the AC becomes functional again. With regular servicing it can function at peak performance for a long time. We understand that and we fix the air-conditioner when it is required instead of dumping it and saying that it has a ‘WEAKNESS’.


I am sure we all agree that the human being is the most complex and sophisticated system and to view it in terms of weakness is to degrade the intelligence that runs in each one of us.

SXA recognizes this and developed the SXA Test which uses 5 dimensions and 34 attributes to analyse a person.

Not only that, the sophisticated SXA Test measures each and every attribute and gives you a comprehensive report with scores and analysis of each attribute showing you which are functional and dysfunctional for you.

And through the Systematic SXA Training System, hand-hold & guide you towards fulfillment and success backed by measurements of progress at each stage.

 The SELF X ANALYSIS : 34 Attributes of Success in 5 Dimensions

So, let us bid the long overdue farewell to ‘WEAKNESS’ and make

‘FUNCTIONAL’ & ‘DYSFUNCTIONAL’ a part of our dictionary.

My own life story and careful analysis of the lives of the top performers made one thing very clear to me. The one common thread that binds all these success stories is A HEIGHTENED AWARENESS OF THE SELF.

The Unique SXA REPORT gives you – a 360 degree perspective on yourself providing you the XPRESSWAY TO SUCCESS in whatever your desire, be it: 

XPERIENCE increased income and earn more money

your skills before you start your Career

XPAND  your XPERTISE and land the DREAM job

XCERCISE your Entrepreneurship & Pursue Your Passions

XCELERATE your business - build the Winning Workplace

XCEL Certified Coach - use your experience and skills
to train others.

SXA enables you to find out and practice what top performers know and do that makes them 10x, 20x, even 100x more successful than others.




In one of the training sessions that I conducted, I placed a few full length mirrors in the conference hall and requested a few people to come to see themselves in the mirror. The only instruction given was, ‘LOOK AT YOURSELF’.
As expected, all the people came and positioned themselves in the middle so that they could glance at themselves from head to toe. I waited for them to finish checking and admiring themselves, and then asked a simple question.
‘Why did they all choose to see their complete reflection when they had the choice of seeing just their hands or feet or nose or lips?”
Pat came the reply, “How will looking at just one aspect of ourselves show us the complete picture?”
I smiled and exclaimed, “BINGO!” And herein lies the uniqueness of the SXA TEST & REPORT.
 As I did my research and went through various psychometric tests, training catalogues and innumerable educational curriculums, one thing became crystal clear to me – THERE IS NO SYSTEM THAT MEASURES, ANALYSES & DIAGNOSES (M.A.D.) A HUMAN BEING AS ONE COMPLETE WHOLE in material + intellectual + spiritual dimensions.
How is it possible for a human being to function at his / her full potential if all aspects are not considered together?

No matter how excellent the engine of a car is, or how powerful the accelerator or clutch are, but say if the brakes are not functioning to their full capacity, will we ever have a successful ride?
For us to reach our full potential, to experience the immense possibilities that human life has to offer, to stand tall in front of all adversities, it is imperative that every aspect of our personality is FUNCTIONAL.

SXA is the ONLY SYSTEM that helps you at all levels (physical, intellectual, material, psychological & spiritual). This is because SXA sees a person as ONE whole being of body, mind, intelligence & spirit, in constant dynamic interaction with the universe, society and nature.
The SXA report puts you on the XPRESSWAY TO SUCCESS by acquainting you with your inner self power and by shifting your focus and concentration on areas that work best for you and therefore if worked on can result in sure shot success with least effort. It therefore provides a clear pathway for individuals to identify and improve those vital areas of personal development required to achieve both professional and personal success.
How many times in our lives have we felt that we are facing a roadblock, that there is something holding us back, there is some fear lurking inside that is not allowing us to even try. Let’s look at a few scenarios:
  1. We have the opportunity to go for an interview for our dream job, but the fear that we may not get the job does not allow us to even try.
  2. We wish to interact with our seniors or people at a party, but feel tongue tied.
  3. We have an idea, which we feel can make us successful but the fear of failure stops us from sharing it with everyone.
So what is this SOMETHING that is holding us back? How do we come face to face with it? How do we identify it and then conquer it?

This is an email from a student - she had taken the SXA test and received her
SXA Report. This is what she had to say:

Eve after receiving her report understood that ‘something’ that was holding her back from performing to her full potential was just a dysfunctionality that had to be addressed. After getting a comprehensive knowledge of herself she was able to address it and in her own words, “SXA saved 10 years of my life.” She is just one of thousands of people who have benefitted from taking the SXA TEST & TRAINING and found theri XPRESSWAY TO SUCCESS.

Here is a very experienced gentleman with over 40 years in the business of training people and executives world over in leadership, management, communication and various other skills. He has taken the SXA Test and Training and this is what he has to say-

Here is another customer from New York who wrote to me

Xavier Delage from France and working in Asia for the last few years enrolled into the full
SXA Test & Training, got certified. Now SXA International Coach & Trainer
says this ....

And Piyali Dey, a highly accomplished IT professional with loads of experience
found her life's answers in SXA

Mint, PhD from MIT & Stanford, Professor in Robotics Technology
says this from her heart about SXA

More feedback on social media from SXA users worldwide



After carefully studying and analyzing the lives of the top performers, here is what I discovered. Let me share the gist with you:

  • They always focus on the INTERNAL and not the EXTERNAL.
  • Instead of blaming the outside factors, they choose to look within and FIX what is not working.
  • They have a heightened awareness of the SELF.
  • Doubt never plagues them as they know they have the potential to achieve whatever they want.
  • They know that the marker of their life is in their hand and they have the confidence to script their life on their terms.
  •  They do not lean back on any mental crutches.
  • They understand that DETACHMENT is a great liberator and are not prisoners of their own achievements. They are not owned by anything or anyone. 


The SXA REPORT by giving you a 360 degree perspective of yourself will illuminate for you your PASSION, PURPOSE AND PATH. By ensuring that every attribute of success becomes FUNCTIONAL for you, it will enable you to harness and unleash your full energy and potential and put you on your XPRESSWAY TO SUCCESS.
So how does SXA do this and what makes it so unique:
The SXA Test Report is so powerful that it triggers a change in the entire way you approach challenges…for LIFE. It has been created by researchers, scientists, physicists and mathematicians to make you meet YOU. The SXA Founder and team have experience of decades and have researched into subjects, ancient scriptures, modern day subjects and people to develop the SXA Test, algorithm, reports, analytic frameworks and cutting-edge software and systems to serve you.

This program measures, analyses diagnoses (M.A.D) an individual on 5 dimensions across 34 attributes of success.
The 5 dimensions are: Motivating Factors (MF), his/her Behaviour of Effectiveness (BE), the person’s degree of alignment with the Natural laws (NL), Enterprising Profile (EP): whether he/she is in a job that is utilising their natural talent and the ability to Sell and Communicate effectively (SCS).
They are like prisms through which the individual is viewed 5 times to see the person as he or she really is, enabling SXA to arrive at a composite holistic vision of the person and to hold a mirror to the individual by presenting a complete picture through scores, charts, summary, analysis with the CRR (Complete Reflection Report).
The test will reveal your NATURAL TALENT, your PURE POTENTIAL, your INTRINSIC SKILLS, which when taken into account can only mean SUCCESS & FULFILLMENT for you. It is only by gaining knowledge of your true self that you can achieve success with least effort. Through SXA you will understand how YOU are the MASTER OF YOUR DESTINY and things don’t happen arbitrarily, they are the consequences of our choices and actions. It will EMPOWER YOU, help you to shed your fears, equip you with SKILLS that will give you a tremendous edge over the crowd.

Here is a snapshot from the SXA Report. See how detailed a map of a human being is presented through scores on all 34 attributes, analysed multi-dimensionally and presented in actionable format for you to understand precisely what you need to do to zoom onto your Xpressway to Success.

If you feel you are doing well for yourself, imagine what you can actually do when each and every aspect of you becomes functional. Imagine the success that will be yours, the peaks that you will scale, the records that you can make in all fields be it career, education, student life and goals, entrepreneurship, online business, personal finance, making money, recruitment etc, once you have this knowledge and the skills.
True success is one which is achieved with LEAST EFFORT. Once your PATH, PURPOSE & PASSION is clear to you and every attribute of your self is working your way, YOU WILL BE A FORCE TO RECKON WITH.
Do not let others script your life journey, know who you are and take the marker of your slate in your hand. Be in the driving seat.
Ignorance or not being aware of all the factors of success is equal to failure.  On the other hand, being aware and consciously mastering and practicing them leads to success.

What you can Xpect over the weeks, months and year ahead.

-Our intention and plan is to deliver to you content through the newsletter, VDO series,
posts, blogs and articles that is going to guide you on the path of TRUTH.

-The focus is how to intentionally get the physical and our "ego" (thought processes, desires) out of the way so we can have power flowing through us and managing our emotional energies emanating from the body, mind and spirit.

-We will be sharing topics covering parts of the brain and flowing and grace and all the dimensions and attributes that will benefit you in multiple ways – from enhancing your income opportunities (jobs, careers, entrepreneurship, coaching) to health and happiness.


  • You are open to admitting that you need to change certain things in order to make things go your way.
  • You have understood the futility of and are tired of the ‘hit and miss’ method.
  • You have had enough of merely admiring the TOP PERFORMERS and now want to be part of that exclusive club.
  • You have the courage and stamina to find out who you really are and are OPEN MINDED about exploring and knowing the REAL YOU.
  • The conventional advice and methods have not worked for you, and you are looking for a precise, scientific method based on accurate measurement and analysis.
  • You realise that blaming EXTERNAL FACTORS will get you nowhere and you are ready to be responsible for your CHOICES & CONSEQUENCES.
  • You have DECIDED that it is high time that your life HAPPENS YOUR WAY.

  • You are happy and content in remaining in the place you are and watching others race towards their Xpressway To Success.
  • You do not have the stamina to digest the wealth of information that will come your way which will tell you who you really are and will illuminate your real talent and potential.
  • You are not open-minded.
  • You believe in procrastinating and refuse to grasp this life altering opportunity that is just a click away.
  • You are happy in giving the control of your life to others and are not courageous enough to find out what you really want.

Not knowing oneself is a COSMIC CRIME. Having the opportunity, but CHOOSING not to unleash your TRUE POTENTIAL is wastage of the life bestowed on you. NEED I SAY MORE!
People are always waiting with eagerness for the fruits to appear on the branches of the trees. First thing first means you have to plant the seeds of Intention with Foresight, Efforts and Choice & Consequences into the ground of Pure Potential and nurture with Empathy, Giving, Planning, Synergy to reap the fruits.

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  4. Planning & Foreseeing
  5. Identify dysfunctionalities and make every aspect of you 100% functional
  6. The Formula: Passion, Purpose & Path = Profit


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The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life and the procedure. The process is its own reward. - Amelia Earhart

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