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Xavier's Xtraordinary Xperience with Self X Analysis : From France To Thailand

Your Xpressway to Success: Xperience Increased Income (Find Fulfillment & Freedom); Xplore Your Skills (Choose your Career); Xplore your Xpertise (Find your Cream Job); Xpand your Business (Build your Dream Team). In this vdo, watch Xavier's Xtra-ordinary Xperience with SXA Test & Training, Xperienced by people across 20 countries. See how 54 Years old, Xavier Delage from France underwent a terrific transformation at Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Intellectual & Spiritual levels with this powerful system. How he is so empowered by discovering his very own Xpressway To Success and for the first time in his life avoid the struggle of life and fulfill his dreams with least effort.

In the SELF X Analysis presentation at the prestigious 100 year old education institution, Sri Shikshayatan School for Girls, The CEO, Principal, COO, CFO and senior teachers attending the SXA Testing & Training Programme discuss

'The X in Self' , Discussion 1: SXA TTP at Shri Shikshayatan, Kolkata, India 1st Mar'17

Self X Analysis delves into the unknown . In this part of the video a very interesting exercise is carried out, where 30 participants are asked to define the simple word SELF. Watch the video to see how this question elicits a variety of responses from the participants.
No one gives a comprehensive definition of the word SELF.
Learn how the SXA system has arrived at a comprehensive , all-encompassing definition of the SELF and its ANALYSIS after years of research and testing with people across 20 countries.

SXA presentation on 8th Feb 2017 in Kolkata, India with our partner, The Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry with entrepreneurs, CXOs and  HR heads participating.

'The X in Self' , Discussion Part 2: SXA TTP at Shri Shikshayatan, Kolkata, 1st Mar'17

Fascinating Feedback from fellow participants
 post the SXA Foundation Training.
Highly qualified and experienced executives share the impact the SXA Test & Training has made on their beliefs and understanding of who they are. Their eyes have opened up to a wider and deeper understanding of Their Self, their colleagues in the training, of their organisation, their families. Most interesting and insightful.

Saving Our Planet (SOP) is Saving Our Souls (SOS)
The Save Our Planet series of conferences (2010 to 2012
) organised by Mr Swarup Roy, Founder of AseanAffairs Media & Self X Analysis in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur brought together 100"s of speakers and thousands of participants from across the world. Supported by the European Union and governments from EU and Asia, Fortune 500 Companies, Think Tanks, Media, the Save Our Planet series of 5 conferences was a call of action to mitigate the effects of climate change by individuals, organisations and governments working together, THIS IS OUR ONLY HOME, PLANET EARTH. See more at

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