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Liberate Your SELF from beLIEfs

The Purpose of The Xact Truth Forum is

To discover the Cause behind Effects.
One who does not know the link between
Choices and Consequences
is doomed to struggle, stress and misery all their life.

Truth is nothing but the invisible,
intangible cause behind every effect

The REALity.

One who is firmly established in REALity & Truth finds happiness, success easily with least effort in any walk of life - in money, career, business, relationships and life

WELCOME to this group hosted by 

Swarup Roy, Founder of Self X Analysis, Test & Training Program and John Lenhart, The world's top most modeler. Moderated by Dorina Catrina, SXA TTP XCEL Certified International Coach and Trainer.

Watch the Awesome VDO's of The #Xact #Truth Forum

Three great men who sacrificed their lives for #truth.

What is #truth & #lies ?

What is #good & #evil ?

5 Steps to Overcoming Pain. 
#Covid19 crisis causing enormous 
#pain#physical & #psychological.
What is the Xact Truth
behind every pain?

How Dorina Catrina overcomes a sudden pain attack on 5 July'20.
She narrates to her mentor, 
Swarup Roy.

The #Anatomy of Pain.
Behind the scenes with my
partners in 

The #Xact #Truth 
behind every pain can mean the difference between 
#life and #death

I found a way to defeat #PAIN.
Watch to Know How?
#HEALING 54 years of #Pain 
within 54 days!

Xavier Delage lost his parents in tragic circumstances in 1993.

Xavier lived with this Xcruciating pain for the next 25 years till he met Swarup Roy, at his SXA workshop in Bangkok, Thailand on 30 March 2018.

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