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Below, you’ll find the XACT systems you can use in order to achieve your three biggest goals when it comes to earning more money, career growth, starting a business.

  1. Finding your 3P: Passion, Purpose, Path to success
  2. Increasing your salary
  3. Creating new income streams

WARNING: There are NO shortcuts. You need to put in the work if you want to live a Fulfilling Life — but when you do, you’ll reap disproportionate benefits.

Find your 3P

There’s a limit when it comes to mow much you can work hard to achieve your dream jobs, income and life, but you have the potential to achieve success in smart ways with least effort if you utilize the systems below.

The Ultimate Guide to Success

Our team of experts have spent years in developing the SXA System of Success, and we have distilled our knowledge & expertise into this Ultimate Guide. In it, you’ll find info on secrets to success, learn the 36 attributes & 5 Dimensions that can be your Xpressway to Success, and how you can unlock the your full potential by knowing Xactly your passion, purpose and path.


Xperience Increased Income

Negotiating a higher salary, finding the dream job are a function of your expertise not only in your domain but in attributes that you were born with, in fact all of us. Successful people have discovered those attributes after years of trial and error but you can discover , expand and utilise  your natural attributes for success faster & smarter.

The Ultimate Guide to Xpanding your Xpertise

In this guide, you’ll find out how to effectively use your hidden attributes of success to Xpand your Xpertise for salary negotiation to building your self confidence to earning more money in the smartest ways possible.


Start your business- part/full time

There’s a limit to how much you can save — but there’s NO limit to how much you can earn. Using the tools below, you’ll be able to start earning thousands a month in side income and put yourself on the path to a Rich Life. Discover your Xact entrepreneurial talent profile and the factors of success/failure of doing business.


Having a side hustle as a freelancer is a great way to earn extra money, but many of us think we don’t have any skills that provide a freelance side income. This is the guide  to show you the skills that people will pay you for.

Guide to Starting a Career

Starting a career is an exciting time till reality hits home. That what you learnt at school is way not enough or adequate in the real world of jobs. Learn how you can avoid the mistakes that so many employees did and open your eyes to the real attributes of success.


The SXA Talent Identifier for Companies

50% of recruitment efforts go to waste becasue after a few months of the honeymoon the employee and company discover their incompatibility.  The resume, the interviews did not match the expectations of the employer and the empoyee finds out that the new job has expectations he/she will find difficult to fulfill. This is  lose-lose for both. Would it not be better if both had discovered this mis-match prior to signing on the dotted line?
The SXA Talent Identifier is the solution to this pain for both. Find out how our holistic system of measurement, analysis and diagnosis (M.A.D.) can be such a boon for you.

Customised Tool for Effective Recruitment
How to use the SXA Test results to use during interview and confirm each others guess about each other plus much more. Download to find out.

Take the multi dimensional SXA test and get your own Xact report based on your natural eXpertise. Discover your smart route to success in money, career, business & life.

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