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Identify    Engage      Retain……….. PERFORMERS
Know How!  

        Traditional HR Methods  

               SXA SOLUTION

  • Competitive evaluation instead of continuous coaching & development

  • Alienating high performers and costing managers valuable time

  • Employees being viewed strictly as “workers” whose performance could be accurately measured by output.

  • Measuring the wrong metrics across service or knowledge-related jobs

  • High level of frustration, Less willingness to take risks, Working against each other’s.

  • Highly specialised online Assessment instrument and system.

  • Evaluates the complete employee portfolio individually

  • Generates a report across 34 parameters (Covers all the fields required to assess resource’s personality, fitments and needs)

  • Un paralleled allocation tool for the HUMAN CAPITAL department

  • Single window solution to your talent assessment needs

  • SXA is a unique approach as it offers a complete package of predesigned interventions mapped to the emergent training needs as part of the solution.


SXA :The Revolutionary 360º Talent Management Method





(SXA is A 360 degree qualitative and quantitative diagnostic tool for Efficient & Effective HR Deployment

Effective Evaluation

(Diagnosing, measuring, evaluating on 34 SXA attributes of the individual on a continual basis)

Competitive Advantage

(SXA is a Strategic Tool  to manage as well attract talent from competitors)

Choosing Right Person for the Right job

Recognising and Redistributing talent across organisation

Quick Deploying of Critical Talent
(The SXA system enables enterprises to deploy talent effectively at critical moments in the life of the enterprise & talent)

Retaining & Developing Talent

(SXA, a Superb & efficient 360 degree Talent Management System)

Integration of Multicultural Talent

(The Objective method of SXA enables in reducing cultural complexities thereby eliminating any subjective bias in assessments.)

Show Me!  

Enhancing Effectiveness
in Individuals & Organisations


SXA TEST & TRAINING : Identify, Engage, Retain

The SXA Testing & Training (T&T) method is an integrated holistic system which views each of us as a unique wholesome individual. It is a Unique Simple Empowering (USE) method of Testing and Training to fulfil and evolve. Most beneficial to people who have taken a decision to realise their purpose in life and achieve their true potential.


Ron Cartey

Subhasish Das

Alan Miu

Santanu Bhattacharya

"The SELF X ANALYSIS System provides a clear pathway for personal & business success"

We Want to know the Human Being behind the resume and STI (SXA Talent Identifier( helps us do that. And with the world class SXA System of Training, it is helping us to improve the effectiveness of our employees and teams.

SXA TTP is a tremendous tool and system for achieving buiness goals. Much more than just talent management

I find SXA a breath of fresh air, a very much needed applicaion for talent management in the world today. I wish it was available 20 years ago when I could use it for managing my employees better.

Trainer with 40 years experience in
VP, HR-Corporate Affairs
Ex Country Head, Thailand
Former Executive Director
Leadership, Corporate Management,Communications
Berger Paints India Ltd.
TNT Logistics CESC Limited- Kolkata & Howrah

Md Shaffiudeen

Brian Morgan

Over the years I have taken several tests. SXA has been an eye opener. it pointed out my lack of preparedness, which I had realised post events and most importantly an area that I need to work on was least effort.

It is a good report. It is similar to the DISC report many companies use, but a better value.  I think it is an excellent service

The SXA Test is comprehensive. I'm particularly impressed with the Natural Laws attributes, which I have not seen on any similar tests. It is very useful to see where one can develop.

Techton India Ltd, Chennai
Think Deeply Write Clearly, New York

Less Judgement, More Potential. 
Watch VDO of Real Interviews & how hiring managers make recruitment decisions
behind closed doors.

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