2 May 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Personality Can be faked, Character cannot be!

Giving Asean and Malaysia a Competitive Advantage with SXA TTP Technology!
SXA TTP Kuala Lumpur launch with Omahams Corp and Institution of Engineers, 30 April 2019

“Discover the Xact character of the candidate even before you interview them” said Mr. Swarup Roy, Founder & CEO of Self X Analysis Test & Training Technology at the exclusive SXA TTP Seminar held on Tuesday 30 April 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, hosted by the prestigious Institution of Engineers of Malaysia, Omahams Corporation Sdn Berhad and Self X Analysis Test & Training Technology.

The program was attended by representatives of the Malaysian government, Malaysian Navy, public and private sector companies. The program was opened by the executive chairman of Omahams corporation and First Admiral Dato' Ir. Hj. Ahmad Murad bin Hj. Omar (Rtd)

He explained why his company which is into various lines of business including training and skilling of employees of many Malaysian companies has decided to partner SXA TTP, “because Malaysia is passing through tough times in business and it is especially now organisations need technology and systems support to make the right people decisions in recruiting, engaging and retaining. Getting and putting Right people in the Right jobs cannot be achieved by traditional and subjective methods such as interviews only”.
“With HR Technology- data backed objective methods of recruiting yields fast and highly accurate results at lower cost and efforts. We used to face the same problem before but no more now. We have adopted the HR tech method of recruiting, engaging and retaining our people. It is a great relief, has saved us much costs and efforts", pointed out Dato' Murad.
There was plenty of interest from the participants and many of them had come to the seminar having experienced the power of the SXA Technology by taking the 3-minute demo SXA Test online at the company’s portal.
Mr. Swarup Roy in his detailed presentation walked the audience through the system and shared case studies of $ Billion companies to SME’s using the system to recruit successfully the right talents for their needs as well as train and develop their existing human resources giving them a solid competitive advantage.
He unveiled a special package offer to the participating organisations to easily adopt the system right away and many of the companies responded positive

“This shows that Malaysian companies are fast transforming into the digital age. Many companies have had to let go sizeable number of their employees during the down turn in the economy unfortunately. Without an objective metric system, such downsizing can be downright dangerous for the company and country. It is therefore imperative for companies to use a systematic, tech-based system to arrive at such critical decisions because many a times they may have separated the people who were valuable assets to the organization and who would have been crucial in helping navigate the tough times”, said Dato' Murad.


About Self X Analysis, Testing & Training Programme (SXA TTP)
Self X Analysis (SXA) Testing & Training Technology is a recognized Human Capital Management (HCM) tool and system powered by its proprietary software.
SXA System enables organisations to  identify, engage and retain talent by mapping the employee and teams on 34 individual attributes of success across 5 dimensions.  The SXA diagnosis defines training needs, which then serve self-fulfillment goals by measured progress indicators.The SXA System has been experienced and used successfully across 20 countries by individuals,$ Billion companies, educational institutions and SME’s. 
The Yunus Centre at the premier Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok has partnered SXA Academy of Talent Management (SXA ATM). SXA TTP is an intellectual property (IP) of Time International Bangkok, Thailand. It has offices in New Delhi and partners in Houston (USA), Malaysia, London.

Take the Free demo SXA Test for individuals at
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About OMAHAMS Sdn Berhad
Apart from being an established player in the ship building, repairing and marine industry, Omahams Corp’s major contributions to the masses is in the field of training. To date it has established itself as a key provider of Human Capital Development extending a range of training modules designed for the technical group and other soft-skills programs to meet the demands of companies and major universities all over the country.

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