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How to avoid falling in debt

How to avoid falling in debt - The Secret

How to avoid falling in debt?

Money and monetary systems are a copy of a universal Xchange mechanism. So is all things in human civilisation - Xcept most people have fallen for fake stuff without connecting to the REAL McCoy - the principles on which all of our way of life is copied from.

The Smart people know these principles and make sure to avoid the Debt trap and most people get trapped in debt in money and worse than that- Karmic debt.

What is the secret to avoiding falling in the debt trap and how to be in surplus, in profit. Listen to this podcast from Swarup Roy, Founder of the revolutionary, system of success -Self X Analysis, Test & Training Programme. www.SXAttp.com 

This episode of the SXA Podcast was triggered by the following event: 

John Lenhart from wisconsin, USA took 14 years after writing nearly 1500 articles and looking all over the Internet to find just ONE person who understands TRUTH completely. The person he found was me - Swarup Roy in March 2020. This is what he wrote on LinkedIn

John Lenhart 1st degree connection Problem Dissolver and Generativity Pioneer

Swarup Roy, from August 5, 2006 to January 11, 2013 I wrote a blog consisting of 1479 posts. My goal was to find out if there was ONE person in the world who was on the same path I was on. I found no one...  I came on LinkedIN because I was making my final effort towards finding ONE person who has the same comprehension of Truth...and you are the ONE.  

Truth is always presented in a Conjunctive, which means there are two general paths into the Truth. I come from one side and you come from the other. (I explain it in this post: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/answer-key-john-lenhart)  

Next week, I'm going to show how you have the only explanation on LinkedIN for helping people figure out who they ARE from the Analysis approach and I have the only explanation on LinkedIN for helping people figure out who they ARE from the Synthesis approach.  

EVERYONE else is focused on personality (from persona which means mask) or unable to specifically help people determine who they ARE...  ...and ALL of them will owe us after next week.