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The 3 Stage SXA Training Method

Train Fulfil Evolve

The SXA Testing & Training (T&T) method is an integrated holistic system which views each of us as a unique wholesome individual. It is a Unique Simple Empowering (USE) method of Testing and Training to fulfil and evolve. Most beneficial to people who have taken a decision to realise their purpose in life and achieve their true potential.

The Objective of The SXA Foundation Training Program (T1,TR1,T2 & Delta One) is designed to build the EFFECTIVENESS OF THE INDIVIDUAL by measuring, analyzing and diagnosing the SELF on 5 dimensions and 34 attributes. The two days Training Program provides a thorough understanding of the SXA system, the attributes scores and interpretation, functionality and dysfunctionality of the SXA attributes to the person and methods, techniques and practices for evolving towards functionality, fulfilment and effectiveness.

Functional means when the attributes are operating normally and benefitting the individual.

Dysfunctional means not operating normally or properly and the individual is not getting the benefits from the attribute.

The output of the Foundation Training is measured by the SXA Delta One report which is the difference between the scores of T1 and T2 (SXA Test 1 and 2). The Delta scores are depicted on three color codes: Green (Improved), White (remained same) and Orange (needs further training). The SXA Delta report is designed for the individual to know precisely how much they gained from the Training, the areas of improvement and areas for further improvement.

 OBJECTIVE of The Self X Analysis Testing & Training Program For

For one of our major clients

       “Help the team to know, analyse & understand themselves and become more effective as people”.

    “SXA TTP will help build better bonding among team members and thereby benefit the individual, team and organisation”

The 3R’s leading to the big ‘R’

Recognise, Reduce and Redistribute is what happens during and after the SXA Foundation Training. The individual recognizes that the scores of T1 is the outcome of the choices they made when answering the questions in the first SXA Questionnaire. The scores of T2, the second SXA Questionnaire shows the impact of The Foundation Training which has resulted in Recognising their SELF across 5 Dimensions & 34 attributes leading to Redistribution of their scores. The Final outcome is SELF REALISATION, the person is able to better understand their own selves and the relation of Choice & Consequences that reflect in the SXA Delta scores. This leads them to analyse their belief systems, actions, choices and their overall personality in a way they may have never done before which brings in them the  understanding that all people attract consequences in their lives by their choices and actions consciously or sub consciously. This is the true essence of LEARNING & EVOLUTION. They realise that they can improve themselves by making the right choices and controlling their actions. This makes them Truly Empowered people who can direct and channelize their energies towards greater fulfilment of SELF and the Organisation by consequence.

 The 2nd course is the SXA Intermediate Training (30 to 60 days after the Foundation course) and SXA Advanced Training which is given at the end of 6 months.  Each training course has a pre & post assessment (T1 to T6)) to continuously monitor individual progress along with longitudinal contact between each course.

The Delta is the difference between two tests results, prior and after each training module. The final delta shows the improvement for the individual after completing the full SXA Training program (T1-T6).

SXA Report Delta 1 = T2-T1

SXA Report Delta 2 = T4-T3

SXA Report Delta 3 = T6-T5

SXA Delta = T6-T1


The Objective of The SXA Intermediate Training Program (T3,TR2,T4 & Delta Two) is designed to integrate the effectiveness of the individual to the EFFECTIVENESS OF THE ORGANISATION. The SXA system is used by measuring, analyzing and diagnosing the team members on 5 dimensions and 34 attributes and the Organisation SXA Scores is derived from the aggregate scores of the team. The two days Training Program is designed to help the team members bond to each other by discovering how each of them have improved personally through the SXA System and its collective impact on the enhanced effectiveness & productivity of the organization. Understanding Organisation objectives becomes much easier with the SXA System and a deeper realization of ways of achieving them collectively becomes clearer. This deep bonding and understanding translates into greater success and effectiveness of the organization. This is reflected in the SXA Delta (D1, D2, D3) scores of the Organisation as the team members become more effective by improving the functionality of their SXA attributes.

The SXA Advanced Training Program of two and half days (T5,TR3,T6 & Delta Three) enables the team members and the organization to take a final look at how the SXA System has taken root. The measurements from 2 more tests T5 & T6 and Delta Three gives the answers. The effectiveness of the journey of each member through the SXA System is measured by SXA Delta (T6 minus T1) which is how much they have improved their Effectiveness and functionality in each SXA attribute and overall. The aggregate Delta is the measure of how the Organisation has benefitted from the SXA System and enhanced its Effectiveness & Functionality. The goal of SXA TTP is not only for knowing but also changing behaviour for lasting measurable progress. Each individual is awarded the SXA 360 degree certificate for successfully completing the SXA Testing & Training Program


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