SXA (Self X Analysis) T1 Questionnaire

SXA (Self X Analysis) Testing and Training Program is a revolutionary talent management system. The SXA Test Measures, Analyses and Diagnoses (M.A.D) an individual on 5 dimensions across 34 attributes of success on material, intellectual and spiritual levels. The SXA test results are presented in the Complete Reflection Report (CRR) report of 10+ pages with scores, analysis, charts and interpretation.
The SXA Training methodology is designed for the person to understand the SXA test results and to Train,Fulfill and Evolve (TFE) by improving on their dysfunctional attributes and leveraging their functional attributes of success.
The SXA questionnaire of 120 questions with multiple choice answers takes about 30 minutes to complete. Based on the answers, the SXA Test report (CRR) is generated and emailed to the person.
The ideal Test taking conditions are as follows:
1. Concentrate fully without any distractions or disturbance while marking responses to each question.
2. The test should not be taken if you are in a disturbed state of mind.
3. It is preferable and helpful to meditate with your eyes closed for a few minutes just prior to taking the test to focus your mind and keep you in a calm and relaxed state.
4. This is an online test. Make sure you are able to see and read clearly on the device you are using to take the test.
5. Ensure you have a stable internet connection during the time you are taking the test.
6. The test should be taken in a calm and serene place and not in a noisy or crowded atmosphere.
We wish you the very best and enjoy taking the STI Test.

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