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The Harvard School of Business says that success lies in mastering Yourself, Others and the Business you either run or belong to. Real life often presents us with challenges & Self doubt - “Can I do this?” or we simply throw up our hands in the air and give up. That’s why more than mastering others or the business, the most important factor is mastering yourself. When we allow self-pity and frustration to control us, we give up our control over everything else. But when we see ourselves as the Master of our Fate, we don’t see obstacles --- we see choices. Expand the consciousness to master the SELF. Entrepreneurship has become a buzzword today-very few entrepreneurs are teaching entrepreneurship. - We need real entrepreneurs to teach business - this is a practical subject, it cannot be successfully imparted like any other theoretical class. That is what Self X Analysis Test & Training Technologyis set up to offer - create real entrepreneurs, real time, by REAL(isation) methods backed by science and technology.

SXA 3 Step Entrepreneur Program
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