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How to tell truth from lies

Edition One ,14 Nov 2020

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If there is a Truth, there is a Lie. If there is a Good, there is an Evil. In the middle of these is where people get lost and confused and end up making wrong choices and experience consequences, they end up paying for later on.
The middle is a confusing place because without an objective understanding of Truth, a person is never sure whether they are progressing towards Truth or Lie. Worse, we are going to progress towards one of these because all of us know that avoiding growth and standing still is wrong.
This weekly column is going to take you on a journey of XACT Truth, but it is not for everyone. There is only one Truth and it is hard and unforgiving. Truth laughs at every force brought against it and remains unmoved. Truth cannot be disproved and brings power to those who have it. Truth requires you to adjust, but when you do, everyone and everything will adjust to you. Simply put, force repels and power attracts.
Since everyone learns through experience and understanding, this journey will study as its main resources an expert in each approach.
When it comes to experience with Truth, there is no greater example than Mahatma Gandhi. This man who weighed less than 100 pounds, single-handedly overcame an empire that ruled over two-thirds of the globe...without raising a hand in anger! He was humble enough to state he didn’t objectively understand Truth, so his autobiography has the brilliant title of “The Story of My Experiments with the Truth”!

I (Swarup Roy) read this book at the impressionable age of six which made a deep impression on me. It has helped and  aided me in many different ways in the search for truth. John Lenhart read it recently on my recommendation and he has been completely blown away by the colossal life of Gandhi and the brutal honesty with which he has narrated every detail of his life truthfully.
When it comes to understanding Truth, there has been no greater discovery than kinesiology and its refinement at the hands of Dr. David Hawkins, o
ne of the greatest psychologists and researcher of the 20th century.

Kinesiology proves our bodies were not only designed to objectively determine Truth, but we are capable of intentionally developing and refining this ability.
I recommended 'Power vs Force', Dr Hawkins book to John as well. Truth is calibrated from one to 1000 in the book where 1000 denotes the score of an individual who lives in the Xact Truth. The vast majority of humanity scores around 200 in Dr Hawkins model, which is barely above animal consciousness.

Why has no one ever looked at Truth to the depth in which we will look?

There was still one piece missing in human endeavour according to Dr. Hawkins:


“The main obstacle to man’s development, then, is the lack of knowledge about the nature of consciousness itself.”

John has developed a non-contradictory model for the nature of consciousness built on twenty-five years of research and testing.

And I have developed in SXA a system to Measure, Analyse and Diagnose the current state of consciousness of the individual which is clearly established thru the SXA test and it's detailed 20 page report with scores and analysis across 34 attributes & 5 dimensions (tangible and intangibles). The SXA worldclass training takes the person to high level of functionality (success at material, intellectual and spiritual levels).

When the information from our approach, methodology and tests are applied to Gandhi’s experience and Dr. Hawkins’ understanding, the result is people are able to intentionally remove the barriers in their consciousness so they can begin to write the story of their experience with and in the spiritual realm.

Read Dorina Catrina's : My Xtra-Ordinary SXA Story
Dorina from Calgary, Canada graduated as SXA Xcel coach & International Trainer in June 2020

Are you ready to begin this journey?

John wrote this comment in one of our chat groups .

John Lenhart , The world’s topmost Modeler, Wisconsin, USA, wrote on 27 Oct'20
@Adrian zen and the rest of this group, let me share something I learned a year ago:
@Swarup Roy knows more than he CONSCIOUSLY realizes.
The way to speed up the process of helping the world is to draw on him by answering his questions and asking great questions.
I work according to this model: Truth ->Principles (Context) -> Application (Actions) -> Result I begin with Truth and it is REALLY hard for people to get this. It is like riding a bike. You can understand some of it, but at some point you need to stop being too conscious and let your unconscious CLICK in.
 @Swarup Roy comes from the other direction of the Conjunctive. He has Applications/Actions and he can give you the perfect answer in the Context (Principles).
My definitions are non-contradictory but they have no immediate application...they always need a context. (However, these definitions allow me to fit complex models together...like masculine/feminine and good/evil)
 @Swarup Roy's definitions are immediately USEFUL. They immediately apply because he masters the Context.
I believe my approach intentionally gets the person to 700 (Enlightenment), but none of it is IMMEDIATELY useful. It is like taking a backward step in order to go forward.
 I believe @Swarup Roy's approach takes people BEYOND 700 to 1000 AND is IMMEDIATELY useful. So, if you are looking to go beyond Enlightenment OR you are looking to immediately improve your lives and the lives of others, look to @Swarup Roy.
 If you want to understand complex models and don't mind backward steps, look to me.

Here is John to help you begin your journey.

 Here is a short test to find out

  1. What do you need to do or have in order to be fulfilled? Be honest...

Everyone does everything in order to get their brain to release pleasure chemicals now or set up their brain to release pleasure chemicals in the future. The difference is the method people use to achieve this. There are only four:
-Destructive: Wanting another person or organization to suffer harm.
-Distraction: Remove all tension and conflict...retirement!
-Determination: Accomplishment: an award, promotion, degree...no pain, no gain.
-Enlightenment: Respond to everything by bringing out more of your Uniqueness
The first three focus on the external tangible world. The last one focuses within, literally seeing one’s self as containing a light that needs to be shined for others.
Dr. Hawkins said, “If we were to stop one thousand people on the street and ask them, ‘What is your greatest ambition in life?’ how many would say, ‘To become enlightened’?”

  1. Do you want to be healthier?

Health is an effect.
What are the causes of health?
Since there are four types of health, there must be at least four causes:
-Physical: Diet and exercise
-Mental: Thought processes
-Emotional: Interactions with others
-Spiritual: In touch with your Uniqueness
Dr. Hawkins said, “Subtle grades of subclinical depression kill more people than all the other illnesses of mankind combined.”
When it comes to being healthier with the physical, mental, and emotional, it isn’t possible to become “super healthy”. We become healthier by minimizing the damage we are doing to ourselves and reclaiming some of the health we lost.

When it comes to spiritual health, not only can you become “super healthy”, the spiritual can be the cause of growing in health in the other areas.


  1. Do you want the responsibility of leadership?

Leaders facilitate the purpose and progress of others.
Bosses facilitate their own purpose and progress at the expense of others.
Bosses use Force so they are always looking for opposition. They are focused on the physical and constantly require proof and support. They cause pain and don’t want to be bossed. Since there can only be one boss, it is seen as a benefit.
Leaders use Power so they stand still and never look for opposition to move against anything. They are focused on the spiritual and their faith is beyond argument. They bear pain and love to be led. Since everyone is able to be a leader, it is seen as a responsibility.

  1. Do you want to know how to identify Truth?

Insecure people don’t want to know the Truth. They don’t want to do what is right. They want to do their plan and are so insecure they avoid hearing any other perspective because they fear hearing the irrefutable Truth.
Dr. Hawkins said, “The whole field of philosophy is merely evidence that man has struggled and failed for thousands of years to arrive at the simplest recognition of what is true and what is false, or the discourse would long ago have reached some consensus.”
We agree with Einstein. The Truth is simple and beautiful. We can show you how to immediately identify the Truth and how to speak Truth...that is, if you truly want to do this.
How did you do on this short test?

If you are interested in beginning your journey of XACT Truth, then you may want to check out the SXA demo test. It will begin to give you a glimpse into your True Uniqueness.

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