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The Importance of The SXA Method

Helping Human Evolution

Welcome to Self X Analysis Testing & Training Programme

Congratulations to all of you who have taken the SXA test, your first step to Knowing YOUR SELF in 34 attributes across 5 dimensions.

As civilisations evolved we began to categorize and compartmentalize our interactions with nature and people for our better understanding. We collected our knowledge into disciplines such as biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, orthopedics, gastrointestinal, personal, professional, body, mind, spirit, talent, aptitude, etc. As a result of specialization and differentiation, somewhere along the line the integrity and the wholeness of the human being was lost and forgotten that the individual works as a whole and not in parts.

We have numerous methods and techniques to identify, understand, score, and treat the parts, but few integrated methods to view the person as ONE whole being of body, mind, intelligence & spirit, in constant dynamic interaction with the universe, society and nature.

 The SXA Testing & Training (T&T) method is an integrated holistic system which views each of us as a unique wholesome individual. It is an Unique Simple Empowering (USE) method of Testing and Training to fulfil and evolve. Most beneficial to people who have taken a decision to realise their purpose in life and achieve their true potential.

SXA (Self X Analysis) testing and training program measures, analyses diagnoses (M.A.D) an individual on 5 dimensions across 34 attributes: The 5 dimensions are: Motivating Factors (MF), his/her Behaviour of Effectiveness (BE), the person’s degree of alignment with the Natural laws (NL), Enterprising Profile (EP): whether he/she is in a job that is utilising their natural talent and the ability to Sell and Communicate effectively (SCS). They are like prisms through which the individual is viewed 5 times to see as he or she really is!, enabling SXA to arrive at a composite holistic vision of the person and to hold a mirror to the individual by presenting a complete picture through scores, charts, summary, analysis in the Complete Reflection Report.

It is our right and duty to Know, Fulfill & Evolve; to be happy in the truest meaning of the word when we Know Our Purpose in Life and to know that WE NEED TO KNOW WHO WE ARE. When one does not know their SELF how can they be of service to society, family or their organisations. How can One who is not fulfilled be of much help to others. Our duty towards others begins by taking care of our own selves first.

Countless individuals and organisations are benefitting from the SXA System’s revolutionary method & technology and evolving towards happiness and success. I hope you are one among them.

Wishing you happy evolution.

Yours sincerely

Swarup Roy

Founder & CEO


Bangkok, 23 Sep 2017     


    Interviewing Thai Prime Minister                Presenting SXA in Malaysia to people from 30 countries           Global Achiever Award, Bangkok

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