SXA for Entrepreneurs
The SXA system measures 26 attributes of Entrepreneurial success The SXA Entrepreneurship Test (SET) score gives a measure of entrepreneurial behavior. The gaps are reduced by the 3 Step Systematic SXA Training for entrepreneurs.

2 out of 3 people Worldwide think Entrepreneurship is a good career choice!
Majority of the Billionaires today are Entrepreneurs

 Are you one of these? Then you might have an Entrepreneur in you?

  • You are highly creative
  • You feel stuck in the 9 to 5 job
  • You are passionate about learning & exploration
  • You come up with unconventional ideas, which people laugh at
  • You want to change the World

We are at the cusp of Entrepreneurship today. With the help of digital platforms and knowledge Economy, it is easy to be an Entrepreneur today. But, jumping into it blindly might turn into a disaster!

  • More than 90% startups fail
  • There is a complex dynamics at play between the Market and your product
  • You need a right balance of talents in your team who can think like an Entrepreneur
  • Extreme level of disruption and things changing on a daily basis calls for a complex mix of resources at play

So, isn’t it good if you understand & measure these dynamics beforehand so that you can carefully plan your Entrepreneurship Career? Take your SET to discover your Entrepreneurship Abilities & Skills.

Presenting the SXA Entrepreneurship Test. The most Comprehensive Testing & Training Program for Entrepreneurs. Measuring you against 26 Entrepreneurship Success/Failure attributes. Built by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.

26 Factors of Success in Entrepreneurship

How do you ensure you are hitting the right lanes in your Entrepreneurship Career?

Do you know the important attributes to Succeed as an Entrepreneur?


Entrepreneurship has grown in leaps and bounds all over the World in the last 5-6 years. Students are having dreams of starting their Careers as an Entrepreneur! Such is the level of excitement to be on our own terms!
But, despite having all the resources, Mentors, Advisors, still more than 90% Startups fail. Why is this happening, despite having so many resources at our disposal?
There are two aspects to an Entrepreneurship Career. The Internal Factor that is YOU and the External Factor that is the MARKET. The trick is in having a perfect synergy of INTERNAL & EXTERNAL factors.
Download the FREE SXA Entrepreneur Guide. In this guide we, at the SXA team, help you clearly understand both the Internal & External factors at play, how to create the synergy and plan for a successful Entrepreneurial Career.
So, get SET to discover what it takes to SUCCEED as an Entrepreneur.

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