Hi I'm Dorina Catrina

My Xtra-Ordinary SXA Story

I am a seeker!
It is Who I Am - the True Seeker who compelled the Universe (U Serve In) to respond to my prayer positively.

This is the enormous power of prayer and true seeking.

I am positive that we are all preparing to enter the greatest dimension, where seeing the REAlity it is not going to be a problem anymore. More and more people such as myself are more than aware of what is missing and start taking action accordingly.

My whole life was filled with ups and downs, like everyone else. So far, nothing new under the sun. At the age of 33, I left my home country, Romania, and immigrated to Canada without having any idea what to expect. I thought I have surrendered myself in the hands of destiny, with faith that by working harder, one day I will succeed. For too many years I doubted myself and blamed myself and others for the choices I made and suffered the consequences, without a clear understanding of the real meaning of it.

I did not know Who I really Am, and where was I going. I spent too much energy in the Past and Future and I did not Live in the NOW - called the Present! The consequence was my inability to understand why this is happening, due to my limitations, and the shields I used as self-defense.

I know Now that I have an infinity of choices
and an infinity of paths to follow

but there is always
ONLY just One Right Choice and One Right Path.


I Now understand that Past and Future are both illusions!

BeCause LIFE ONLY HAPPENS in the NOW, not yesterday
(it happened already) and not tomorrow (yet to happen)

I also did not know that giving and receiving must complement
each other and I cannot be a Giver without being a Receiver.

I did not understand that I cannot achieve anything,
by living in the past or future,
without accepting this moment as it is.

I have endlessly searched for my Purpose, 
but I was unable to come even
closer to an answer until recently.

I was literally drawn to my Mentor, Mr. Swarup Roy, his posts, and articles, and spent countless hours reading them. His way of expressing, his commitment to share his life experiences with the world, his true intentions, helped me understand very quickly that I finally have a chance to find my answers, because

He is the One who is walking the talk.

Some of the people we meet in life will try to dim our flame.
Others will make it their mission to break us.

But there are a

few people out there, to inspire, empower and help us
become a better version of ourselves, and one of them is
Mr. Swarup Roy!

I learned that
defining the Life Purpose is simply
finding your gift and sharing it with the world

I am so grateful that early December 2019, I had the utmost pleasure of meeting Mr. Swarup Roy.
He is one of the most generous, compassionate and genuine people I have ever met.
I am thankful for being blessed to have Him as my Mentor!

The #SXA system of success and process is the most original integrated holistic system which views each and every one of us as a unique individual, empowered to fulfill and evolve, to realize our purpose and to achieve true potential.

#SXA helped me identify who I am, before I knowing where I was going, and helped me remove all the obstacles from my past. Evolution is not hard when obstacles are removed!. We are all built and designed to remove them and detach from all fears. Once empowered, I started learning to enjoy life to the fullest.

SXA is the ONLY
Comprehensive, Systematic and Balanced Program
I found so far!!!

It has not just helped me in knowing,
but also changed my behavior.

"The focus of SXA is to immediately improve your
Standard of Living so you can spend the rest of your time pursuing
the Quality of Life you deserve, by discovering and refining your
intangible Purpose and Uniqueness"  .. 

                                                    John Lenhart, The world's topmost modeler

Entering the SXA training system developed by Mr. Swarup - upon endless years of pure personal experience, helped me tremendously. Helped me realize that without truly knowing who I am first, I will not be able to really find what I was seeking all my life: my Path, my Passion, and my Purpose.  For this, I am forever grateful!


The SXA Foundation Training

I can see the SXA mission 
(the Power of ONE we all should REALise and empower ourselves)
exploding all over the world
creating an awakening revolution!

I went through 5 Tests, 3 Trainings to complete my 360 degree qualification as an SXA XCEL International Coach and Trainer licensed to practice all over the world.

In the Foundation training conducted over 20 hours over 2 days, I received a thorough understanding of the analysis of myself across the 5 dimensions and 34 attributes presented in the SXA Report of the first Test (T1), my functionalities and dysfunctionalities, motivations and goals plus the 4 other dimensions.

Here is a page from the 20 page Complete Reflection Report.

I got such tremendous insight into everything I was doing till this point of my life that it was a mind blowing and breath taking experience. I had never ever analysed and hence not REALised what it truly means to be a human being. The multi -dimensional being we are - at physical, intellectual, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.

The latent and potential powers we have to craft our own destiny never occurred to me with such impact and depth till I entered the SXA Training. To analyse myself in such minute detail across 34 + 2 = 36 attributes and 5 dimensions was a revelation beyond words can describe.

The REALisation that hit me was
TRUTH is SELF EVIDENT, it needs no explanation.
It is our distorted perception of life that has led us astray
on the correct PATH to success, happiness and fulfillment.

I learnt the correct principles (the intangibles)- the cause behind every effect. The test scores accurately depicted my levels of awareness and practice of each principle and their attributes. A dysfunctional score told me that I was not using consciously the particular atribute for my benefit (it is lying dormant, at a state of potential only). On the other hand an attribute with a functional score depicted that I was aware (conscious) and practising it to some extent.

SXA has taught me and I have learned how to bring practice into my life, - to Take Action, to walk the Talk. by understanding that to change anything, we have to change/align ourselves with the correct principles that is behind everything.

In order to achieve our goals we must understand the 5 dimensions, but we need to go even deeper than that, at the cellular level, because if there is imbalance between Body, Mind and Spirit we are not there yet, as we need the tools to balance everything and execute these goals. 

SXA is the only program to help us all!



In the SXA Intermediate Training program, I was introduced to a higher level of understanding with the SXA 6th dimension of Y+4, the 5 steps to perfect health, the balance of body, mind and spirit.
The first thing I learnt in Y+4 was

HEALTH is the NATURAL state.
DisEASE is the Unnatural one.

For the first time, I realized,
- Whenever we are not at Ease, we are in disEase.

- The saying "if I work harder, I will be successful" is a misunderstanding, because we can do everything with Least effort (#SXA attribute), which is easy not hard.

- I learned that we do not have to struggle.

- Disease is not just the imbalance of the body, but also the mind.

- A powerful example of my own Y+4 daily routine is my understanding that we operate on an internal dialogue between our mind and our body. 

- Through meditation, I have taught my body & mind to take a break from everything.

- In meditation I have learned not to fight my mind, but rather to
let the mind and all the suppressed feelings come out, 

facing my past without being defensive or judgmental.

- I feel lighter and allow myself to be in the NOW!

- The Y+4 routine takes around one hour, but the one-hour investment in myself, tremendously improved the quality of my life! 

In this vdo, I demonstrate one step from my daily routine of Y+4, 
the 12 poses in the Sun Salute Yoga asana.

The 5 steps to perfect health in the Y+4 Daily routine are:
-Abhyanga (the oil massage)
-Yoga asanas (6 asanas)
-Pranayam (breathing exercises)
-The Y+4 diet as per your body type.

Success is the ability
to achieve
Whatever we want 
Whenever we want
Without struggle

- If we struggle, we failed already. Success is achieving the state of bliss. Our potential is to be happy and contented all the time, as fulfilled beings. That is the meaning of perfect health. If our mind is diseased, the body will suffer and neglecting it further it gets worse, and we start fixing the effect not the cause. We have been given the power of healing from withinbut we are unaware of this power.

- Aging is a mistake: the lack of intelligence. Healing is the ability of intelligence to repair itself. Aging is the opposite, as we gradually forget how to make things right after they go wrong. With Dedication, Devotion and Discipline, we find the Christ Consciousness - the 3rd Eye.

81 year old, Mr R K Roy (father of the founder of SXA TTP, Mr Swarup Roy)

- The power of Intuition, also called the 6th sense is awakened and starts functioning is us, unleashing tremendous hidden powers that makes achieving anything possible for the first time in our life effortlessly.
This is what we truly are – 
Integral Beings designed for maximum Xperiencea at S.I.M, (Spiritual, Intellectual and Material) levels of success and fulfillment.

In this VDO watch what it means to be an integral being.

#SXA Training of Donovan Gilbert 🕵️‍♂️🏞️ - The Innovation 📤 Adventurer 🌐  with Swarup Roy, 11 Feb 2020 on THE NATURAL LAWS OF SUCCESS (SXA 3rd dimension).

Did you know, You were born this way!

Are you using fully all the 3 i's (Instincts + Intelligence + Intuition) ?

#INSTINCT – The animal in us
for survival. The basic instincts- food, sex, security, love, etc is
also present in animals.

#INTELLIGENCE: Use of the power of Intelligence and Imagination helps us
To understand our world better and gives us meaning in life to a great extent. This is what makes us superior To animals and has enabled to become the dominant Species in this planet.

#INTUITION- the use of the 6th sense
Intuition means – The Inner Tutor (Tuition)
Which means to Know Without Knowing.
Dictionary Meaning: the ability to understand something instinctively (naturally, this is A natural gift we are all endowed with) without the need for conscious reasoning.

We are all energy dispensers, but how do we conserve energy?

#SXA made me understand & Realize that
Energy is the only currency in the Universe.
Y+4 helped me learn how to use my energy

- Controlling the forces within myself, helped me convert the forces into power. When we can correct ourselves fast, we can Evolve faster! These 5 steps are found in writings and practices for thousands of years. We must understand and acknowledge what is the state we are currently in, and how we get there. I understood that we are ripples in the ocean of consciousness, and just an iota of negativity can disturb the entire harmony if we are not in perfect balance.


The Advanced training unveiled 

*the Truth about Life and Death

*the illusion of Time

what is Pain, Past, Present

*the origin of Fear

what are Emotions

*attaining the Spiritual dimension

*constructing your Life Map

how to live a Principle Centered based life

Life is the only non-negotiable gift we were given.
How can we care for anything else, if we do not care for the greatest gift of all: our life?
- We need to Play the game NOW because it ends when our life ends.

- The power of NOW is the most important power in the Universe.
Determination, action, decision - very powerful concepts, and we can unleash that power
by making the right choices and stand by them, taking responsibility for each and every one of them.

- That is what is wrong with humanity: not taking responsibility,
and this must change NOW. Doors will open when we take action and make a decision reality.

Making the right choice means that 90% of the problem is already solved. 
Faith comes at that point, and brings all the tools and resources to fulfill, and provide solutions to "how do I get there?"

-Every one of us is on the journey to find our meaning, but we do not understand that
the process is more important than the result.

-Patience is the key! But we must remember that without purpose, life is wasted.
The Purpose of Life is the concept we all have one and it is based on our intuitive knowledge of it and the actions we take.

Without knowing our own self
we are unable 
to find the mission and the purpose in life.

The 1st SXA dimension, helped me to find what motivates me to fulfill my life purpose
and the other 4 dimensions gave me the skills needed to fulfill the purpose,
according to the Natural Laws of the Universe ( known as The Natural Laws of Success).
I have learned how to bring myself from the unconscious state to the conscientious state,

and I know I am NOW on the Right Path.
I learned that the 3 main components of Reality,
Mind Body and Spirit
and the
process of observing and being observed,
are the same thing.

They all come from the same place: the field of

the unmanifested Pure Potentiality  .

Because of the "cause" we experience the "effect". The source of all creation is Divinity (or the Spirit).
The process of creation is Divinity in motion (or the Mind)
and the object of 

creation is the physical Universe (which includes the physical Body).

I learned that Pure Potential is the knowing and the practice that anything is possible. The law of Pure Potential is based on the fact that we are in our essential state, pure consciousness, which is the Pure Potentiality. It is the field of all possibilities.

The source of all creation is consciousness seeking expression from the unmanifested to the manifested and I realized that my true self is one of Pure Potentiality, aligned with the power that manifests everything in the Universe!

I have learned that we are all spiritual beings
experiencing the human being.

True success is therefore the experience of the miraculous.
I understood that even experiencing all the things, I will remain unfulfilled unless
I nurture the seed of Divinity within myself.

Only then I can become an integral being: "knowing without going,
seeing without looking and accomplishing without doing".

“The eternal principle is GIVING GENERATES RECEIVING.
It would be great if we concentrate on the left side of the equation.
The right side is called Consequences of the Choices (left side of the equation).
And Unconditional giving is the best.
The Law of Karma works best only then.
Otherwise conditional giving is merely trading, transactional, not transformative”. 
--------  Swarup Roy

I have reflected upon Legacy and its meaning.
Legacy is the fundamental concept of what it is to be human.
Legacy is inheritance. Legacy is our gift to the world.
Legacy is our act of gratitude.
Our legacies can be small, they can be many, and they can happen in the here and now. 
Legacy gives Life a Meaning!

Legacy is powerful, valuable, and our best donation to the world.
What I know now, is that whatever I do in this life is to let the positive
qualities of compassion, kindness, love, generosity, and gratitude prosper,
and share them with the world, because values are more precious than valuables! 

The least and best I can do, is to spread my knowledge with the world, about how to live a life of values,
to become good human beings, and how to live a life with Purpose.

To live life with the idea of leaving a legacy behind, gives me a glimpse of my human spirit. 
Legacy helps me decide what life I want to live,
how I want to be remembered, and what am I leaving behind.

Just like a tree bears fruits not to eat itself, but to share them with the world!

The love for my children, is my biggest blessing in this life.
My legacy to them is the powerful and positive impact I have in their lives,
and the memories I leave behind.

The best thing about this is that I am not only helping them directly,
but also creating the potential for a domino effect.
 Helping my children can,
in turn, help others, ensure my knowledge is passed on even further.

My ideas and my knowledge are indeed valuable gifts I want to leave behind, but they are far from the only legacy I can leave. At the end of my life what is left of me is carried in the memories of those we came closest to.

It is Who I am:
the one who encourages, praises, influences,
guides and inspires others!

How can I do this?

By knowing and understanding myself and leading myself on to a path of
self-discovery and self-awareness. 

I want to leave behind my contribution to humanity, by serving a greater cause than my own!
I want to be remembered as the one who
lets kindness, love, joy, and peace toward myself, and others, be the guiding light.

Only when we realize and recognize that we all have the spark of love that is God within us,
we learn to honor that love, so that we can know and experience the Oneness of all that is.

To do so, an even greater cause than my own, is to share that we must start by knowing ourselves, accepting who we truly are, and forgiving ourselves for all the mistakes and failures, considering them valuable tools for growing. Only then we can evolve and expand.

Discussing about
Pain, Past and Present
and how to dissolve them the SXA way,
it was amazing!

I hope this will become part of every curriculum in every education stage in the world!
- Some people refuse to live in the Now, because it may be unpleasant or painful, and the majority are addicted to Pain, because Pain loves Misery, and Misery is their best companion. 
But Pain is just the construct of the mind!

- I understand that people who are living in the NOW, are constantly very still and very alert.
People are wasting their energy by living in the past - memories, or in the future - anticipation.
Both are illusions, because past gives us identity, and the future holds a promise of salvation or fulfillment.
That is why many people cannot handle the Truth, because of their constant attachment to their illusions.
That is why, people are unable to function properly, hence they are dysfunctional,
but they fear to acknowledge, to change and repair the damage they do to themselves.
They choose to ignore it, instead of being aware of the truth, because it may be unpleasant, hurtful or unacceptable.
Fear is their constant companion, which is another illusory identity, fictitious entity.
Unless and until people understand that the true power resides within us, and it is available Now, they will continue to feel miserable and unfulfilled.
Time is not only an illusion but also the cause of all our suffering and problems.
It is the attachment of Past and Future and the denial of Now.
Even if all our problems would miraculously be removed today,
if we do not become more present all the time, nothing will change!

Time and mind are inseparable.
The key to end the illusion of time, is to just remove it from our mind. The choice is ours and the power is within us. We cannot find love, joy or happiness, until we free ourselves from the mind dominance.
Our mind is also our worst enemy because here is where 
Ego is king! This is also why we cannot find our inner self in the mind.

To stop all this, we must open our eyes and REALize (Real Eyes) that every Choice we make has a Consequence, and that the Consequence is always the Right One. Think about the Newton's Law. We don't have to like it of dislike it.

There is only one RIGHT approach to a law: Accept the Natural Law, Embrace it and then Transcend it.


It may not be easy, but not impossible either. We must Conscientiously Acknowledge, Witness and Accept that everything that happens to us is as it should be, not how we wish or expect.

We then must take Responsibility for our actions – understanding the Cause and Effect - without blaming ourselves or others and consider any problem an opportunity in disguise. While doing so, we awaken the true Self-Awareness within us, and become fully Defenseless and Detached.

I see the world as a complex system filled with so many variables and us, as individuals having the choice to live in this world As It Is Right Now. We can focus on making improvements at the macro level, but we must be careful not to outsource our life purpose by living in a fantasy.

It is not selfish at all, but rather selfless to look at the micro level, and find our own self
and how can we make our life better, so that in return you can help others!