The Real Vaccine & Practice eXam
The #Xact #Truth

#Covid19 crisis causing enormous #pain#physical & #psychological.

What is the Xact Truth behind our pains?

"Not Going To Achieve Herd Immunity In 2021,"
#WHO Warns #covid19 #vaccines

John Lenhart, the world's top most modeler says the #Real #vaccine is discovering the #XactTruth which no one in the world is as focused as Swarup Roy with his offering of The #XactTruth newsletter’s 52 editions.

“I have been saying that we are only HALFWAY through this, which means #mentalheath and #emotional health is going to get worse (which means physical health is going to get worse).

Swarup Roy is offering the REAL vaccine!

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Again, you don't have to take this journey, but what is your plan for this year?”

The Greatest #XactTruth program in the world which even #harvard or #cambridge or #oxford is NOT teaching.

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“RIGHT NOW, you are in the middle of a practice eXam!!!

What's being tested?

Your thought process!

Specifically, how balanced is your tangible vs. intangible perspective?

The only way to find out is for the tangible to be limited or removed...which it has been!

What grade would you give yourself?

Generative: You are GAINING energy
Sustainable: You haven't lost energy
Unsustainable: You are losing energy
Wasteful: You are hurting others

The purpose of a practice exam is to find out what
you need to work on!”

Join me and my partner in #truth @John Lenhart, the world's top most modeler in the #Xact #Truth movement.

Swarup Roy

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