An epic New Year 2021 gift for you
once in a lifetime

The #Xact #Truth

#Covid19 crisis causing enormous #pain#physical & #psychological.

What is the Xact Truth behind every pain?

1st Jan 2021: 

My dear friend

This is your chance to be part of an epic global project for humanity.

We sit around and complain about our imperfect world, about our leaders and governments, our corporations and society.

Even if 10% of that energy was put to work in actionable steps to improve our world – we would see quantum leaps in improved outcome.

The most effective way to bring this change has always been ONE     Raising the consciousness of humanity.

There is enormous power in good people coming together even if they are just a handful.
Look at the 12 disciples of all masters. They changed the course of the world forever.

We are fortunate to live in the age of the most advanced tools & technology ever. The internet.

Let’s do our bit by drawing attention of our connections to the #Xact #Truths which are true remedies for alleviating suffering and ensuring healing of hearts, minds and souls ravaged by the #covid challenge of 2020.

The 52 editions of the #SXA #Xact #Truth newsletters have been designed painstakingly to bring about such a healing and uplifting of consciousness of people.

You can reap enormous good #karma by being a part of such a monumental project, never ever done before.

The maximum effort you have to expend is – few clicks of your mouse.

Share, Share, Share with your network as widely as possible.

This is a chance of a lifetime to give enormous value at zero cost.

Join me and my partner in #truth @John Lenhart, the world's top most modeler in the #Xact #Truth movement.

Swarup Roy

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