At age 81 my dad has done the impossible.

On 12 May 2019..on Mother's day, my sister Mona's birthday and Release of our first book in Bengali *Arogyo Alo* (The Light of Wellness) dedicated to my Mother Alo Roy's memory, written by my dad (RK Roy) and published by our foundation Alo Ananda Ashram.

[12/05/19 13:39] David woo: Work of love indeed!!

[12/05/19 13:47] S. Roy: Yes. Otherwise it would not be possible.
My dad served in the Indian Air Force for 35 years retired 20 plus years ago. He served in Indian customs service after that and started his business in Electrical Engineering too.

Then when mother left us in July 2013...I decided to teach dad Y+4 for him to get to perfect health which he did.

Then we decided to start the foundation in Mother's name and serve people by helping them also get good health like us thru Y+4.

I called dad from Bangkok in 2014 at 2am in the morning asking him if he could write a book - he was stunned as he had never ever written anything like this.

Within a week he said let's do it.

He spent at least 10 hours a day for 5 years at his desk, spent money from his retirement savings and single handedly delivered at age 81 what even young people would find hugely daunting.

Here are some of the comments my post on LinkedIn has been attracting.

Brett Hildebrandt
1st degree connection
Sales Director | Business Development | Entrepreneur | Investor | Public Speaker

What an incredible, inspiring story which can be used for motivation to make the "impossible", "I'm possible", in our own lives. Swarup Roy your SXA and y+4 trainings are ACTUALLY changing lives for the better and Xpanding them into higher beings! Thank you for sharing YOUR gift of evolving humanity! 🙏 🚀 🙎‍♂️ 🙎‍♀️
Federico Antonio Aviles Brenes
2nd degree connection 2nd
Autor de la Metodología de lo Complejo a lo Simple

Congratulations, it's never too late to start. The start can be at any moment no matter yesterday, all that matters is today.
.¡Let's move forward to the future, he's our dream
and our goal
Zahra Kabiri

1st degree connection
Thank you for the mention Swarup Roy congratulations to your father. It is never too late to start that growth and being an achiever. Age is a number in our mind. Thank your for that thought.
John Lenhart
1st degree connection 1st
"The World’s Top Most Modeler"

Electrical Engineer? No wonder I instantly liked him!
Nonye Aghanya MSc, FNP
1st degree connection 1st
Family Nurse Practitioner at CVS Health

Age is not a barrier to bravery. Congratulations on your dad’s publication!
Pamela Leyvas
1st degree connection 1st
Operations Manager at Vanguard

Ted Moore
1st degree connection 1st

Thank you Swarup Roy for sharing such a great inspirational story! Please congratulate your father for me, absolutely incredible feat at the young age of 81!👏👍😀
Isaac Mostovicz
Think Beyond Business

Swarup Roy that's an accomplishment
Paula 🇨🇦 Goodman
1st degree connection 1st
✅Customer Service Expert‼️ Creative Writer‼️ Word Jedi Poetess‼️ I Stand for Dignity in Humanity‼️ Sharing Positives‼️ Lead by Example‼️ #SPN #ONO #PaulaG #Opism

This is amazing and wonderful Swarup Roy 🙏👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍 age is just a number!
Dedication and hard work with your encouragement is a wonderful thing! Congratulations 👏🏻👏🏻👍🙏

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