How will you remember 2020? 
As you WORST or BEST year ?

Elon Musk Adds $100 Billion To Wealth, Topples Bill Gates As 2nd Richest 

 The 49-year-old entrepreneurs net worth soared $7.2 billion to $127.9 billion,
driven by yet another surge in Teslas share price.

34 ways to Xcel in your

I was born ordinary like most people, pursued my education with all the diligence I could muster, started my career as an employee and worked hard to achieve success. All this came to a standstill when I almost died in a near fatal accident on 3rd February 2000 when a car smashed into my vehicle and me. My lower right leg broke into two and suffered compound fractures in four places.
 I have experienced suffering & pain as well as stupendous success more than many people. From the crucible of my deep experiences, I forged a system of success unlike any other to share with all my brothers and sisters in the world.

One thought stuck with me constantly as I lay in the hospital undergoing multiple surgeries the first month post my accident and that was if I had died,
my tombstone would perhaps read like this..

That was the sum total of my life. Till this moment I was under the illusion that I was doing great in life.

My story; Near DEATH at age 30 to success fulfilling my dreams & goals, championing the power of SELF by developing the SXA System of Success .

Belief in your self
is secondary to

KNOWing Yourself. 

Only when we don't know, we cover it up with belief. Successful people know themselves. Get to Know yourself intimately in body, mind and spirit. The true ingredient for success is Self Knowledge. Then- no one can take away this power from you -the ultimate power - Self Power.

'philosophically, intellectually— in every way—human society is unprepared for the rise of artificial intelligence.' 
HENRY A. KISSINGER in the Atalantic, June 2018 issue

Markets are ruthless places for products and humans alike. So is nature where survival of the fittest rules the roost. In the world of jobs employers are looking for Xpertise in areas never heard of before like data science, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. The machine age is breathing down our necks and the future looks scary for gainful human employment.

Covid IS Xploding ALL Assumptions

COVID19 pandemic is TEACHING us a lot, thru painloneliness
 despair and forcing us to consider what is important in our lives and what is NOT!

#covid19 pandemic global infection, latest numbers as of 10 Sept 2020.
27 million infected. Claimed over 904,000 lives.
That's the half way mark compared to the 
spanishflu pandemic of 1918 which infected 50 million and killed many millions  during its run of 3 to 5 years globally.

Suddenly CONNECTING with SELF has become very important NOW!

This is based on a recent study called ‘The New era of connections – 5 cultural shifts for the new decade’

It is now more than ever we must find our own Xact truth.
Our path ahead goes thru it.


What is truly important in our lives - life itself -
the greatest gift we ever received.


These scares have arisen every time civilisation made strides towards progress which was not grasped by the population at large. The fact remains that human beings are what they are today because of millions of years of natural evolution. In all of our history people who made the greatest contributions were those who knew them selves very well and hence were supreme specimens of evolution. They tapped deep and brought out the best in themselves and people around them.

We can look at any number of such outstanding individuals in any field. Be it
Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Roger Federer, Edison, Meg Whitman, Opray Winfrey their contributions will far endure their lifetimes.

What makes them special?
What makes their lives so fulfilling and fruitful?
These are questions which have been around for a long time
and umpteen theories to explain them.

One common trait that runs among them all is definitely their heightened self awareness. For it is when one knows himself or herself well can they concentrate their energy and channel it towards maximum productivity. This also enables them to pursue their natural talents as fully as they can and acts as catalyst towards their fulfilling their purpose in life.

So when you know who you are in multiple dimensions, then you can deal even with the most sophisticated machines, because it is we who built them in the first place. But that is in the future. To succeed in the ruthless competitive market place for the cream jobs those candidates who know their attributes well stand a much better chance.

So where does one start? What does it mean to Know oneself in multi dimensions. We studied thousands of successful people across the ages and arrived at a list of 34 attributes across 5 dimensions relevant according to the times as well as timeless qualities which will always be crucial as they make us what we are- Human Beings.

The 5 dimensions and 34 attributes
are shown in the graphic below

Now why are these 5 Dimensions and 34 attributes important? Because these are fundamental to our success, fulfillment and for every employer these are irreplaceable skills.

in Money, Career, Business & Life.

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This is how your SXA Test demo report will come out -

Take the multi-dimensional SXA test to get your own Xact report on 34 attributes & 5 dimensions of success. Discover your Xpressway To  Success in money, career, business & life. Start Xperiencing the results--within thirty minutes

Measuring, Analysing and Diagnosing these attributes of success will enable both employer and employees to have a win win situation. Huge amount of time and resources are wasted in the traditional methods of finding out the right person for the right job. The questions of the interviewer and the answers of the candidate are all happening at a subjective level with great room for misinterpretation and bias.

An objective, quantifiable approach to measuring and anlaysing these attributes will be a great leap in application of science and technology towards human development and evolution. It is amazing that such a tremendous amount of tech has gone towards making machines and so little towards human development.

If we are to survive the machine age, we must figure out ways to outsmart them, otherwise the day Skytrack went live in the movie Terminator may not be fiction anymore.

Join the smart people across 20 + countries who have found their Xpressway To Success in
money, career, business & life.

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