5 Steps to Overcoming Pain.
#Xact #Truth
Episode 1 part 1
#Covid19 crisis causing enormous #pain#physical & #psychological.
What is the Xact Truth behind every pain?

How Dorina Catrina overcomes a sudden pain attack on 5 July'20.
She narrates to her mentor, Swarup Roy.

I and Dorina - We have known intense pain in our lives
After my motor accident in 2000, I underwent 5 surgeries over 4 years before I could walk without a limp again.

And we have successfully overcome every pain

#Mind Over #Matter : 5 Steps to #BeCome to #OverCome Pain.

Dorina has lived with chronic pain for so many years & she did not know how to deal with it till she met Swarup Roy and enrolled into the #SXA Y+4 programme

since 2 weeks, 3 months after she started the daily #SXA y+4 routine, she has stopped using her glasses.
#Dorina: "I'm so proud of myself for learning the #Xact #Truth and Living in #Truth. I was suffering such terrible pain so long.It's magical now. If only I had known this 10 years ago, where would I be today."



Health is not some product to buy, YOU GENERATE IT EVERY MOMENT BY #KARMA (ACTIONS)

Enjoy the 1st great episode of #TXT

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