Poverty vs Abundance mindset: No money & time to whatever I want

One of my latest post and two of the many comments it attracted are below

And my response to Don as follows: Donovan Gilbert thanks buddy for nailing it. Very few understand Time is Money. So guess what happens to them- A lifelong struggle and poverty of both- their usual standard refrain - ' I don't have time and I can't afford it' -The language of poverty, struggle, misery.

The language and approach of the abundant mind - 'My currency is time which I know how to convert into money and create wealth. By the way, my wealth is - What I'm left with when all my cash is gone- meaning my wealth is the outcome of applying the 6 attributes (which everyone has) which I have developed to high functionality thru the proper education and training (which is imparted in Self X Analysis Test & Training Technology programs). What are those 6 attributes ? Find out in my article ; The 10 forces of wealth creation :


Uber IPO: Trio Of Winners Sell Shares Worth Hundreds Of Millions Right) Travis Kalanick: $5.4 billion estimated net worth.(middle) Garrett Camp: $4.1 billion estimated net worth.(left) Ryan Graves: $1.5 billion estimated net worth.

Donovan Gilbert enrolled into the Self X Analysis Test & Training Technology Entrepreneurship programme in Dec 2019 and it has completely transformed him- what he learned in #SXA training has enabled him to do the right thing for money, life, entrepreneurship and success.

What is Wealth?

Do you know the stories of the many Lottery Jackpot winners? Here is one. This guy won US$ 10 million in a lottery one fine day. He was living in a homeless people's shelter. So he could scarcely believe his luck when goddess fortune blessed him with so much.

Within six months, the guy lost all his money!!

Why? The more money you have the more potential to lose it. What happened is of course he went on a crazy shopping spree after he won. And being financially illiterate he made seriously bad investments and lost most of the money. On top of that, one of his cousins tried to murder him to inherit his new found fortune. And the end of it, penniless, he returned to the shelter for homeless once again . This is what he said about his experience :

The good fortune brought hell into my life !

So, if it is not how much money you have, then what is wealth?

Have you ever considered the above statement? Ever thought about it?

What does doing business, doing your job (career), living your life mean to you? Earning lots of money? Fulfilling all your desires?

Here is advice from the chairman of a USD 150 Billion group.

ARE YOU DOING THE RIGHT THING? Are you on your Xact Route to Success?

"Leave the advice aside and do what is the right thing, even if it isn't the easiest thing to do," he said. "When you look back at your life, that's what's going to matter the most. Doing the right thing." - Ratan Tata, Former Chairman of the USD 150 Billion Tata Group.

What does 'Doing the Right Thing' mean for you?

Tata is so wedded to doing the greater good that he decided to forgo marriage.
Doing the right thing requires a great deal of SELF Awareness, Analysis and Courage to Walk the Talk. Self X Analysis Test & Training Technology

Here is another comment and my response to it.

See the contrast between the homeless jackpot lottery winner and Ratan Tata who took his company up to USD 150 B from $50 B. He understands wealth and how it is made. He knows money- the cash is just an output of wealth, it is not the input.

Watch this VDO. Learning how to increase your income. Most people are financially illiterate Only the rich teach their kids about wealth and how to make wealth. That is the why the vast majority of people are forever struggling.

Know your income potential 

Take the #SXA Test, the free 3 min demo to find out. click on the image below.

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