By Dorina Catrina, SXA XCEL COACH, Calgary, Canada

Lost and Found!

How I Found My Purpose

What makes us do the things that we do?
Why are we acting the way we do?
What is our True Potential?

Quintessential questions, that we are constantly asking ourselves, and were asked from the beginning of time...

We are all creatures of habit, driven by psychological rules first, and then by logic. For the sake of simplicity, All we know is that We came into this world to eXperience and be tested. We count too much on our ability to understand the body (the object of Creation) and mind (Creation in motion), but what do we really know about the spirit (Divinity – the source of all Creation), and how can we be in sync with all three? 

Nothing that happens to us in this life is random, just like anything else in the universe. The Sun and the Moon are rising and going down every day and every night, the seasons are changing periodically, and nature dies every winter and is reborn every spring, because they follow the Natural Laws, just like us. 

We All want to be Happy all the time, and Nobody wants to be sad, overwhelmed, frustrated, hurt, or depressed, but it happens. Why?

We all want to be Successful on all levels, and we think that the way to get there is to work harder and harder, but it does not happen when we want, or it does not happen at all. Why?

One reason is that We don't yet comprehend the deep meanings of Who We Really are, what is our True Potential and what Purpose do we NEED to serve, in other words, what are we doing here. Certainly we were not born to struggle.

We define Success in so many ways, we try to follow the steps of the most successful people, we consider them our role model, but does it really work? Not quite.


  • Because We are all unique. We may have a lot of similarities, however, there are no two people alike in this world.
  • Because we may have common goals to achieve, but each and every one of us has a different purpose and infinite ways to achieve and serve that purpose, and reach our True Potential.
  • It's all a matter of the choices we make every moment of every day, and the consequences we suffer afterwards.
  • The result is our inability to understand why is this happening, due to our limitations, and our shields we use as self defense. We have unlimited choices and an infinity of paths to follow, but there always is just One Right Choice and One Right Path, every time, all the time.

Some of us may be extremely successful at the personal level, others at the professional level, some at both, and some at none. Some of us define success by confusing the term Success with material Wealth. WHY? 

NOW is the time to wake up and acknowledge that in reality, We are Divinity in disguise, and true success is actually the eXperience of the miraculous, eXpecting to be fully materialized and manifested. When beginning to eXperience our life as the miraculous eXpression of Divinity, then we will know the true meaning of success.

Not knowing, is one of the reasons why it's easier for us to complain when things don't go OUR way, judge and blame ourselves and others, and most importantly play the victim role, at which we are getting very good at. 

I too lived through all the above stages. I too was a good actor playing the victim role. I thought that when things didn't work out the way I envisioned, either I was to blame, or I blamed others. However, I broke my shields of false reality, and I am on a journey to learn NOW how to make the Right Choice and follow the Right Path every time. 

Why do we like so much to play the victim role, and become addicted to it?

Because it's easy. Everyone can do it, we don't need any training. It's flattering when people use their emotions to help us feel better when things go wrong, and it is OK in certain circumstances, but many times we do it without realizing that we create more damage than good.

There is also the opposite, where if people do not react positively, we don't take it nicely, we feel offended and we consider them coldhearted, judgmental, critical, or unable to show compassion, and empathy. Either way, all we do is feeding the weakness and helplessness within us.

Because the attention to EGO consumes the greatest amount of our energy! When all of our actions are motivated by LOVE for ourselves and others, the energy multiplies and accumulates and this is the energy we need to achieve our goals and dreams. Therefore, we must unlearn everything and start to learn how to be EGOless.

Below are some of the great comments on this article

Ali Naeghi say's:

Home is always right where one stands and you're my happy home, Lady
Dorina Catrina, with this mother-earth carrying insightful article. Indeed. Mastery over one's self and surroundings is the key to success because everything that happens to us isn't something that we "find". It's something we "create"... Loved it. Thank YOU <3 

A.B Barnett Sya's

You seem to be one of those Loving Souls that are necessary for the World to be in Healthy Homeostasis. You sow Good Thoughts, follow through with Good actions, in order to reap Good Deeds. However, I cannot subscribe to the "Something happening the way it should" line, because the image of a woman being savagely raped, among other heinous tragedies , cannot be part of any Design. Keep Spreading what you do Best, Dorina, Genuine Care!

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About Dorina Catrina : 
From Calgary, Canada. Dorina has spent close to a decade and half in education, management, training.
Originally from Romania, she emigrated to Canada 23 years ago. She has worked in government and private sectors.
She found her true purpose in life when she entered the #SXA XCEL COACH Test & Training Programme in Dec 2019. She went thru the whole training programme with the utmost dedication, devotion, diligence and discipline which earned her the nickname of 'Divine Dorina' from Swarup Roy, the founder of SXA TTP.
She is now a fully certified SXA XCEL Coach & International trainer.
You can reach her at dorina@sxattp.com 

 Here is a comment from Dorina among the many posts she has commented on profusely.
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