#liberated by #jobloss #covid_19 

One of our hashtagcustomer lost her job yesterday, 22 Apr 2020.

She had given #13 years of the best of her  #life #energy #passion, yet she felt a sense of liberation when her bosses handed her the pink slip.

Millions like her are entering unemployment state. Yet few would be reacting like her! Most would be feeling  #dejected and  #Rejected.

So why did she feel #freedom? 

Because with Self X Analysis Test & Training Technology, #SXA Xcel #Coach Certification, which she had enrolled into in Dec 2019, 4 months ago, she had at last found her #purpose #passionforlife #path to true #success #happiness.

So when she actually lost her #employment she was ready to launch into #entrepeneurship without any #fearoffailure or #panic 

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What other advice would you add to this list? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below.
Thank you for reading my post. 

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About Swarup Roy
Swarup Roy is a well known and sought after innovator, thinker, leader, writer, speaker, consultant in business, media, management and international relations globally. His latest innovation Self X Analysis Testing & Training Technology is helping organisations Identify, Engage and Retain talents effectively and improve their business performance.
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