Navigate the
Minefield Monk(ey) Mind

Mind is a Minefield. The field of deceptions, disillusionments, devil and divine.
How will you navigate this minefield without blowing yourself into smithereens?

On Linkedin and social media, 'Change your Mindset', 'Mindset is everything' are the new fangled terms being talked about by many everyday - 'experts' - on personal development and otherwise without offering a systematic, step by step successful system on how to achieve the goal. Here below is a post as an example.

My guess, many of them don't have first hand personal experience of 'change', let alone 'mindset change'. That would take personal commitments, sacrifices, tenacity- a lifetime of shedding blood, sweat and tears to come out with a set of meaningful, time tested methods and techniques which could enable people to successfully make the change. And the ones that do have the first hand personal experience have not followed it as a passion to help humanity by investing time, money and resources for whatever reason to build a system which could help others make the transition with lesser pain, struggle and efforts.


And changing mindset is not the goal in the first place.

What we seek is within us already. The trick is to :

*clear out the accumulated distortions in our mind
*discover the power to achieve our goals. Thru a step wise test and Training.

A simple exercise which can kick start a revolutionary life change!

How to achieve control of the ‘Monkey Mind’?

Suppose someone asks you to sit still, close your eyes for a few minutes and not think about monkeys.
Guess what will most likely happen?
What do you think your mind will be thinking about?
Monkeys! For sure.
That is the nature of the monkey mind. It is drawn towards the very things we forbid it not to be attracted to.

Our lives are ruled forever by this monkey as long as it is sitting on our backs. So how do we throw this monkey off our backs forever, for good?
Here are people asking the same question in response to my comments in one of the posts of Kirsty Bonner in LinkedIn. They want to know if there is a system to achieve this goal.

In the word Monkey are the words – Monk and Key!

Interesting, huh!

How I did it? My True Story

Staring at DEATH at age 30 by overcoming a near fatal accident to riding the crest of success internationally, fulfilling my dreams & goals, evolving and championing the power of SELF by developing the SXA System of Success 

One crucial lesson that my experience has taught me is that blaming anyone, or anything never ever solved a problem. It only drains our energies and leaves us more frustrated and weaker than ever.
Till the age of 30, I thought I was doing great in my life and career and that I had it all figured out.

that is when life threw me a curve ball. I almost died in a near fatal accident in 2000 which shattered my leg and mauled it very badly. It took 4 years and 5 surgeries for me to walk without a crutch again.

you can read my full story at the links at the end of the article.

In the VDO above I share with you : Peter Charles Nuthall- former candidate for Prime Minister of Canada and my spiritual teacher for the last 10 years introducing me in my own global conference SAVE OUR PLANET in Bangkok in 2011 with participants from around the world


The systematic methodical approach to changing anything,
whether it is mindset and life is as follows:

1) Objective analysis of SELF. Firstly You need to find out what you don't know. Now who can you tell you that? Only another person who Knows you thoroughly as well as that person needs to have enough knowledge of the very things you don't know.

Do you have such a person in your life? A True Guru (sanskrit language word, it means 'one who takes you from darkness (Gu) to Light (Ru)') !

I have been blessed all thru my life in spite of two near fatal accidents to have world class guides in business, life and spirituality train me over decades. I owe what I'm today to their loving, patient and dedicated work on me to open up my multidimensional SELF.

2) Once you have Measured, Analysed & Diagnosed (M.A.D.) your self - in multiple dimensions and attributes that make us a human being at spiritual, intellectual and material levels (S.I.M.), these data and analysis will provide you with a whole new perspective about yourself - at both micro and macro levels- a Revelation. This itself is hugely empowering- the true knowledge about ONE SELF.

3) The Self analysis and awareness would have brought with it a road map on how to achieve your goals- the change towards a better you, a better life, a better anything. This roadmap chances of success is very high because it is REAL, it is based on information, measurements, analysis and reflection on the foundations of principles and natural laws of success.

4) Then comes implementation of the roadmap- the plan on making the change systematically, methodically and intelligently with high rate of success and low cost of efforts and risks.

5) Of course periodically you will check for feedback by a series of TESTs to see how the plan and its implementation is yielding the desired results.

This is the way to navigate the minefield called mind. Deceptions, disillusionments and the devil cannot stand in front of SELF REALisation which is almost a state of divinity.

This way you will successfully avoid all pitfalls and reach your goals with least efforts successfully. That's what I have done.

Our mind like our body can be trained and taught to be the perfect vehicle to carry us towards our destination and goals in life.

The scientific system and method I have described above to bring change in your life is what I have been working on for the past decade with a team of scientists, behavioural sciences and information technology experts.

Since last two years it has been used successfully by people across 20 plus countries including Companies, Multinational corporations and education institutions

I named it SELF X ANALYSIS, Test & Training Programme.

Take the Free SXA Test demo at www.SXAttp.com and in 3 min see your custom report on where you stand in - career, business and life success and what changes you need to make.

SXA is a result of my life Xperiences that I faced. It made me realise how essential it is to know the SELF and how our education system does not equip us with the tools and skills required to face daunting challenges in life. These were some crucial conclusions that I reached:

  • All the answers lie within the SELF. Empowering the self is the only key to success

  • Success is only that which can be achieved with LEAST EFFORT.

  • Simply trying harder does not work as you may be working against your pure potential and against the natural laws.

  • If success could be achieved by mere hard work and will power, the really successful people would not be just 1%.

  • There was no study and no system that studied human being as a whole and provided a result that could be scientifically and mathematically measured and analysed.

"There are three kinds of people - people who never start even to try in the fear of failure, people who run away from a problem at the sight of first hurdle and people who start then keep at it until they achieve it. The people at ISRO are the kinds who never stop trying," 
Indian Prime Minister Modi said at the Indian Space Organisation today on the attempt by India to land a spacecraft on the moon.

So which of the 3 kind are you ? Take the 3 min Free SXA Test demo to find out.

Thank you for reading my article. At LinkedIn and at my Blog I regularly write about management and human resources technology trends. To read my future posts simply join my network here or click 'Follow'. Also feel free to join me on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn Talent Mgmt Group or YouTube.

About Swarup RoyMy True Story
Swarup Roy is a well known and sought after innovator, thinker, leader, writer, speaker, consultant in business, media, management and international relations globally. His latest innovation Self X Analysis Testing & Training Technology is helping organisations Identify, Engage and Retain talents effectively and improve their business performance.

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