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How a $Billion Co is using HR Tech to increase accuracy and decrease cost inrecruitment & training. Here is how a 95-year-old FMCG $Billion company with over3000 employees and 20 manufacturing plants across Asia and Europe adopted SXA Systemof Talent Management in their recruitmentand training processes.

“The whole process of selecting “the right candidate for right job” is tough as primarily human mind is difficult to be read accurately. We have all experienced how a candidate evaluated as excellent in the interview performed unsatisfactorily in the job “, the Vice President of HR & Corporate Affairs of the company said to me one fine evening in March 2017 over dinner at their company club.

“What we need to know is the human being, the real character of the candidate behind the resume. Personality can be faked, character cannot be. As you know I and my team members have taken the SXA Test and the results have been absolutely revealing and insightful. I have known my colleagues for over 15 years but what I saw in their SXA report, I wish I knew before- it would have been so beneficial for him and our company”. He continued.

“We recruit from only the ivy league B-Schools and Engineering institutes through a rigorous process of selection. We use a battery of tests- our own as well as from a testing company. These are aptitude and psychometric tests given online. We use the reports to support the interview process”. 

We have decided to replace the psychometric assessments of this tech company with your SXA Talent Identifier test which you have also customized for us”. He announced with a smile.

Pleasantly surprised, I asked him why.

Because we found the width and depth of SXA so impressive, it brings out the true character of the person in multi-dimensional ways which I have never seen in any other tests in my life. It is going to be very useful for us. Plus, I intend to also bring the SXA Training system to our employees across our manufacturing and sales functions in the coming year”. 

With that, we raised a toast, shook hands and signed the agreement the next day.

SXA TTP has been adopted by many companies with our customized tools based on company specific goals to find the “Right Person for right Job”. 

Key benefits to the organisation:

  • It establishes an organization-wide, systematic recruitment & engagement process that supports the vision & mission, values and strategic direction of the Enterprise.

  • As competencies are measurable, Leads a fair & objective hiring decision based on  specific, on-ground performance data

  • Views are honest and natural—rather than pre-planned—enabling the interviewer to determine more accurately the right competencies for success

Benefits to the candidates:

  • Close relevance between the scores of the SXA attributes and the attributes required for the position.

  • For  positions that requires  adaptability, initiative and communication, opportunity to demonstrate with limited real life experiences in cases of less work experience.

  • Empowering Employers & Employees alike. A True merit-based system.

Selection Process backed by SXA Talent Identifier (STI)

  • HR along with hiring department identifies the appropriate competencies for the position, level, and organization

  • Develops brief definitions of each competency taking into account  company’s culture

  • Tools like STI is helpful to analyse & identify candidate’s attribute’s which can correlate to competency needed.

  • SXA attribute scores are used to cross verify previously identified competencies & functional/ Dysfunctional attributes identified from the STI report

Visit our Enterprise Solutions page and take the Free Demo test to experience the power and impact of the SXA TTP technology for Identifying, Engaging and Retaining talents for your organisation. Click on the link below and try the SXA Test DEMO Free to experience first hand the impact of the tool. It just takes 3 minutes and receive your own custom report.

Self X Analysis (SXA) Testing & Training Technology is a recognized Human Capital Management (HCM) tool and system powered by the proprietary software of TIME International, Bangkok, Thailand.
The SXA System enables organisations to  identify, engage and retain talent by mapping the employee and teams on 34 individual attributes of success across 5 dimensions.  The SXA diagnosis defines training needs, which then serve self-fulfillment goals by measured progress indicators. 
The SXA System has been experienced and used successfully across 20 countries by individuals, $ Billion companies, educational institutions and SME’s. 
The Yunus Centre at the premier Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok has partnered SXA Academy of Talent Management (SXA ATM).

What other advice would you add to my article? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

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Swarup Roy is a well known and sought after innovator, thinker, leader, writer, speaker, consultant in business, media, management and international relations globally. His latest innovation Self X Analysis Testing & Training Technology is helping organisations Identify, Engage and Retain talents effectively and improve their business performance.

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