Are you also facing the same problem - 50% of our Recruitment efforts used to be a waste!

"Is your company easily Identifying the right talents?  With HR Technology- data backed objective methods of recruiting yields fast and highly accurate results at lower cost and efforts. We used to face the same problem before but no more now. We have adopted the HR tech method of recruiting, engaging and retaining our people. A great relief, saved us much costs and efforts". 

Many HR heads tell me how tough it is finding the Right person for the Right job. They say 50% of recruiting effort goes waste. Half the number of candidates selected turn out to be the wrong fit in their jobs. That has been my experience too over the last 25 years of my corporate and entrepreneurial experience both locally and internationally.

This is a lose - lose situation for both employers & employees alike.
The whole process of selecting “the right candidate for right job” is tough as primarily human mind is difficult to be read accurately. We have all experienced how a candidate evaluated as excellent in the interview performed unsatisfactorily in the job.
Many positions remain unfilled for fear of selecting a misfit. But businesses cannot go on by avoidance or fear of making mistakes.
The Selection process is one of the most important tasks any hiring manager will undertake. A bad decision will not only affect him/her directly, but may also have repercussions throughout the organization

Possible impacts are:

  • Impacting the departments. daily operations

  • Critically undermining team’s ability to achieve annual goals and objectives

  • Creating havoc with Company’s tactical and strategic directives

  • Leads to irritated coworkers, low morale, and additional training time

This famous statement by Super CEO Jack Welch on People vs Strategy nails the argument on which has greater significance. He says a great strategy will be reduced to mediocre if implemented by average people whereas an average strategy will become great when handled by a great team of people – Right people in the Right jobs. Do you agree?

Why do so many companies find it difficult to Identify the right talents? 
With the advent of HR Technology it is becoming increasingly clear that data backed objective methods of recruiting yields fast and highly accurate results at lower cost and efforts.
How does HR tech methods work?
The Traditional method: Advertise a job, collect the resumes, carry out the interviews, short list the candidates, have a final interview and recruit. Hope for the best. The process is highly subjective, expensive and inefficient.
The HR Tech wayRecruiting is an art and science. Identify and recruit the right employees using powerful tools. Save valuable efforts and costs with high accuracy.
After you receive the resumes, send the candidates a link to take the Test online.
The Test takes less than 30 minutes to complete. The report is generated instantly and accessible to the designated authority in the company.
The Test measures, analyses and diagnoses the candidate across 34 attributes and 5 dimensions of performance. It reveals the true character behind the resume enabling recruiters to know in depth about the person’s character even before an interview.
Here is a just a gist of what the test report reveals about the candidate
·  What is the candidate’s real motive for the job? Is it money or position or??
·  Is s/he as effective as they say they are?
·  What is their natural talent profile and match with the job?
·  How do they treat others?
·  How do they face challenges & opportunities?
·  How do they think?
·  What’s their ability to learn?
·  How good are they in selling their ideas?
·  How do they communicate with others? …and much more !
The scores on the 34 attributes and analysis will help you compare and rank the candidates. Combined with the job requirements you can easily decide who to call for the interviews.
Double the effectiveness of your interviews with least effort and stress
Armed with the detailed Report of the candidate along with the guide to Interview Questions helps you to assess the candidate’s fitment to the job’s requirements with a very high degree of accuracy, ease and stress free.
The analytics will help you to decide your next steps in the hiring process.
Visit our Enterprise Solutions page and take the Free Demo test to experience the power and impact of the SXA TTP technology for Identifying, Engaging and Retaining talents for your organisation. 
It takes just 3 minutes Click on the button.

Start the SXA Demo Test

What other advice would you add to my article? I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

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