Why Success is not equal to Happiness?

 By Sujit Hemadri 

We Human Beings are more often confused. Confused as to what we need, what we want and what we have. The fact that we are a living being with a superior intellect, sets everyone of us to succeed in life. Mind the word “SUCCESS” here. It means and holds different meaning to each one of us.
We see so many people today who are highly “SUCCESSFUL” in one area of life tend to be “UNHAPPY” in other important areas of life? Mental Stress & Illness has taken over physical illness as a major health concern across the World!


The above statistics is from the US on Stress. Courtesy statisticbrain.com

So, what is it that piece of the puzzle we are missing? Answer is, we relate Happiness to Success. We tend to get influenced by the Society and People that only 'Success' many a times monetary, leads to Happiness. But the fact is, we get Happy with small acts of joy, help and belonging. We are Social Beings. Helping others and seeing them Happy makes us Happy. Loving our Family makes us Happy. There are many more factors which makes us Happy.
But, we need a proper mixture of both. We are built to Succeed and be Happy. How do we do that? “PRIORITIZATION”, yes that’s the Word my dear friends. Identifying what most we value in life and giving only that much importance to those activities.
By PRIORITIZING your value system, you will clearly understand and give measured amount of time to those activities. Many people start their day by thanking everyone in the Family and being grateful to them. So, it is again a subjective term. Depends on what value system you follow. Again, measurement is important and a difficult
The SXA test measures, analyses and diagnoses you on 34 attributes across 5 dimensions which are important for being Successful at the same time Happy. One of it is Prioritization, which measures our PRIORITIZATION skills and places us on a functionality map. The training sessions post test will help us make functional our dysfunctional attributes. To co-relate to factual data, giving below the SXA chart. The revelation of hundreds of people who have taken the SXA test. The chart reveals what attributes contribute towards SUCCESS for people.

This is very important people! In today’s age of extreme mental Stress it is very important to align your goals and values for Success and Happiness. Take the SXA test today to measure your PRIORITIZATION skills.
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