Adding more bricks to the Wall?

By Sujit Hemadri

 “Hey, Teachers, leave us kids alone!”. I hope many of us know this line. This line created many headlines once. From the popular song “Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd. The UK Government had to ban the song ultimately. The Wall refers to the wall being built by the formal education in the UK at that time. Here’s the link to the famous song and video.

If you carefully look, every rock band tends to be rebellious in nature. Rebellious against some set systems in this World. Rebellious because the systems which rule us, snatch freedom from us and put us in a set line of rules to adhere to.

Somewhere, this wall is being built around students throughout the World. Students go through the same education cycle right from their birth. They get influenced by the society around them, which tend to influence reality as they see it.

In effect, it somehow blurs the true potential of young brains which are capable naturally to be able to learn, create and improvise! But, we need some form of rules to prevent them from going in multiple directions, you may say! To that my dear friends, the answer is mentoring. Mentoring and Restriction are way different. Mentoring carefully guides one to build on there strengths while trying to improvise on other aspects.

So, how should be begin such a practice right at the start of education for kids. Simple, allow kids to be free. Give them a whole list of activities which will engage them on physical, mental and social aspects. Their true talent starts emerging. Start building these kids with their true talent in the centre. Doesn’t it sound exciting to you? We know many people are trying to tweak how education is being imparted around the World. The only WALL standing is the WALL built by society and the rigid system. If only more people, parents, teachers and communities see the true value in such a practice, we will be really helping kids to be UNIQUE STARS.

To help the whole community, starting with students, teachers, corporate houses and Governments, we at SXA team, have developed a World Class method to measure the True Human Being inside. Not only measure, we help to diagnose and train people to leverage their strengths while simultaneously improvising on other fundamental traits of success. The test has been taken by people across 20 countries across age groups and sectors. Everyone of them were startled when they got to know in depth the TRUTH about themselves. We see it as helping the HUMAN COMNUNITY EVOLVE without categorising anyone. Because everyone of us is built to succeed! And it is by bringing our true selves to help each other that we truly shape a better World!

God Bless and Success be with you!


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