What’s Right in our Education System?

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People active on the relevant trends in the Education System, know how changes are trying to happen in the Education System. People who have gone through the experience of the Education cycle are trying to change how education should be spread. They are inventing new ways to educate a lot of people. Most of them being digital. Some of them are doing well for sure, and we should be thankful to them for trying to improvise the existing systems.

But, they are improvising on the existing education base. What if the fundamental base of the system is not designed properly? It such happens that, there will be marginal improvements of a fundamentally ill designed system. I am not narrating a theory here, there will be a lot of examples and facts as we move on this article.
So, why are we saying the Education System fundamentals is flawed? Because, it is basically designed for a pre-motivated sets of jobs in the Market. Today’s Education System produces Engineers, MBA’s, CA’s and the likes who are suited for a ready to move in job. Of course, they have to have skills to carry out the job properly, otherwise the whole education years will go waste. Because, they are only taught how to manage the job. There are multiple factors involved, one important of which is the growth in population. There are 2–3 broad effects which can be seen.

The whole system is struggling to match quality with quantity. Look at the number of Engineers that a Country like India produces. Humongous. So, the quality of the candidates graduating drops. You would have obviously heard the Industry Voices. They say about 70% of the Engineers PRODUCED in India are unemployable.
This also creates a huge risk to the whole system, which is changing everyday. Digital and Automation technologies are shaping every Sector in new and unprecedented ways.
I would like to talk about capabilities of Human Beings now. We all have fantastic Intellectual ability which helps us learn ANYTHING. We have the natural ability to grasp, understand and excel at skills. The system is also seeing a lot of Skills Based education which is directionally right.
The problem with the system is the economic motive behind it. It’s not only with the Education System, but everything. Some very important aspects like Healthcare, have gone hazy in value delivery. Coming back to Education, the economic motive neglects the tremendous potential a Human Being carries. He has all the ability to create wonderful paradigms of value. Acquiring skills is a just a very small representation of the potential of a Human Being. Reshaping the World for better Human Value, I think, should be from where Education should start.
RE-SHAPING for better requires all of us to understand ourselves first. This beautiful creation called Human Being. And mind it, we are all unique and wonderful in our own ways! Otherwise, we would not have a Steve Jobs, an Elon Musk, a Richard Branson or a Eleanor Roosevelt.
So, how well do we understand ourselves from inside before we go and excel in the World. Guesstimate? Yes, we tend to guess. There’s no number to it.
We, at SXA team, have built a comprehensive & complete test which will measure objectively the amazing machine called Human Being. The test is built to measure and diagnose oneself against deeply researched aspects to success. So, the test aims to help you use your strengths to best use while also optimising weaknesses. Go on and find who you are — take the test --www.sxattp.com
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  1. K MOHAMED SHAFFIUDEEN on January 6, 2018 at 2:30 AM said:
    Employability and actual potential are nicely touched upon, while employability might need sustainable training effort, actual potential needs to be assessed, SXA can definitely help here.
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