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In all of the life forms on the Earth, we Human Beings are the greatest gifted species. In terms of adaptability, in terms of using resources. We, today, literally rule the World! What is that special gift we have had which made us special? Surely something to do with intelligence. Our ability to create useful tools out of the resources available makes us superior to other species. The others who come close are orangutans and dolphins. Of course, we all know this, I just wanted to set a little background.

Today, after all the developments and revolutions, we are talking of creating robots, using AI algorithms to make our work easy. Tremendous evolution has happened! 'EVOLUTION’, that’s the word! To evolve. To improvise. In between all of this sits the HUMAN BEING. The machine, if you want to call so!

If we study ourselves on a broader level, we all have a Mind which gives us intellectual ability, a physical body which gives us the ability to manoeuvre the physical World and a soul which gives us the special interplay of emotions. Throughout our development from childhood, we tend to get influenced by people, society, and the moments & experiences we go through. And somehow, unfortunately, these things get imprinted in our memories and the mind, mysteriously plays games to believe and not believe parts of it. Our personalities get developed by these experiences and moments which we go through. Of course, this is not who you are! Every Human Being, when born is a pure representation, meaning we are all equipped to grow and evolve to our full potential.

But, how do you define potential? Is it the physical energy, the intellectual ability or some other hidden higher purpose. Seems like all of them! We do need a perfect blend of body and mind interplay to excel in our day to day goals. Once we achieve this to a fair extent, a sense of higher purpose seems to develop in us.

But, how do we measure these dimensions in us? These dimensions are very important on an economic point of view too. Companies need to know the people they are hiring, people need to know themselves first before they present themselves to others. We do know, but in bits and pieces. On the three dimensions where do we stand? I tried doing some research. Found personality tests which again tell you who you are in bits and pieces. You have to do one other test to know your body type and needs. So, a holistic measure seemed lacking. One of my business friends, recently told me about a test called SXA, Self X Analysis. I studied the fundamentals behind it. It does seem to understand the Human Being comprehensively.

The test measures an individual on 3 dimensions. The 3 dimensions fit the fundamental requirements, namely the Intellectual, Material & Spiritual. The test further on goes to measure these fundamental dimensions across more than 30 attributes relating to the motivation, personality type, communication skills, effectiveness of our behavior and how well we follow the nature’s laws.

I even spoke to the creator of the test. A compassionate and down to earth individual, I must say! He says every Human Being is built to succeed, only if we correct and align our personalities and behaviors to the fundamental success rules. That, definitely hit my mind! To tell everyone that they are built to succeed sets such a great potential! To companies, it helps ease the process of putting the right candidates to the right job, given the skillsets. For students, it helps them know themselves and act upon before facing the World. It is complete, in that, the team also trains you on how to align yourself to success! The statement, that you are born equal and to succeed is so uplifting!

This is very interesting people! I am giving the link to the test website here www.sxattp.com.


  1. Ajay Singh on December 29, 2017 at 1:25 AM said:
    Truly Said "every Human Being is built to succeed, only if we correct and align our personalities and behaviors to the fundamental success rules." Its same like when your car doesn't gives the mileage you have to change the settings of the components which are responsible for its better efficiency. And for that you need to test the car. Same way SXA test measures a human being across 34 attributes and gives the true picture of one's self. So that it is easy to improve and succeed in life.
  2. K Mohamed Shaffi on January 1, 2018 at 2:17 AM said:
    Sujit, nice write-up. Knowing oneself is half done towards the path of success in life. Human nature is, we always like to hear good things about us and are defensive when we hear critical views....A quite self assessment could be the solution!!
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