Enjoy Whatever you do and do whatever you enjoy. Human life needs to be fulfilling. A basic principle of holistic education is the beief that our life needs to be meaningful.
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Just as being able to see your reflection in the mirror helps you to fix your own face and hair, feedback on your characteristics and behaviour helps you to develop your management skills and improve your judgment. Self-awareness or SXA method or knowing your personal characteristics and   how it helps to deal with   actions that affect other people, business results, etc.--is an essential first step toward maximizing   the management skills.  It is the antidote to CEO disease.
SXA is that path which helps you to know yourself which is extremely important for all individuals. It has its unique way of finding out the self in you.  It focuses on our strengths and weaknesses, our drives and personalities, our habits and values.    
 As human beings   we are complex and diverse.  To become more self-aware, we should develop an understanding of ourselves in many areas and SXA I believe can be the approach.
Bratati Bhattacharyya 
Sec Gen Shikshayatan Foundation ,Kolkata, India (Estd 1920)
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