Companies invest money in the name of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Well, on the surface, I suppose this should be seen as a ‘good’ thing that they realise their responsibility towards the society. However, I would like to ask them a simple question: Instead of looking for some mega projects for the so-called CSR, can they actually take a more responsible role in the society by doing less damage, if not more good?

No, I do not intend to get into any discussion regarding the wounds that Mother Nature has suffered due to the corporate greed - though this adds to the list, it is still more evident and concrete and, in some ways, already in discussion in some form or another.
I want to bring to our notice some other, more subtle and, therefore, more dangerous forms of harm. Have you ever given a careful ear to the advertisements that you watch, sitting in front of the television on your comfortable sofa, getting entertained apparently? Let me invite you to think critically of the content and ideals that are being sold to our kids and younger generation in Asia (and, of course, to us too) in the name of entertainment and marketing.
The ideals that the media sells to our children are, for instance: Misbehaving with adults for a little fun is acceptable; Talk time with friends on phone should be ‘unlimited’ and ‘uninterrupted’; Life is a constant pursuit of momentary pleasure; Seek comfort and luxury in life; Status and style are the most important goals in life; and so on and so forth. This is, in effect, becoming the curriculum for our children; this is what they learn and adopt as life pursuits and we, as a society, get surprised when we see the disintegration of the societal fabric and the prevailing shallowness in the society!
We, thus, need the corporate sector to focus on CSRA - Corporate’s Socially Responsible Acts (Advertisements)!       
Roshni Kumari, Co Founder, ELLTA
(Acknowledgment: The ideas presented above are an outcome of my collective work with Dr Muhammad Babur, Co Founder ELLTA)

ELLTA, which stands for Exploring Leadership and Learning Theories in Asia, came into being as a reaction against the pre-dominant assumptions and the tendency to treat most of the theories as if they are universal. It responds to the need to examine/ challenge generalizations related to learning and leadership across cultures and geographical boundaries, between East and West, but of course also between the Eastern contexts.
With an outreach in 70 countries, ELLTA is an academic organisation of credible domain experts drawn from diverse fields and disciplines across the globe (, with the core purpose is to explore, recognize, strengthen, and promote theories (and thereby policies and practices) in Asia in the broader domain of leadership and learning.
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