It is our nature to emulate people who we look up to as role models. Our attachment to their ‘good qualities’ makes us blind to their faults and we become so much like them without realizing the effect on us and on our surroundings. A society’s values are reflected in its role models. When a Donald Trump, Barak Obama or anyone else becomes a President/Leader elected by majority of voters it is clear what that society values the most. Role models are the best specimens of that society at any given time for good or for worse which only time can tell when we look back in history and see what they really did for us. Their impact is long lasting and spawn millions of copies in varying degrees of reflection.
In the battle of Mahabharata 5200 years ago in which 4.5 million lives were lost, Draupadi (the Queen of the Pandavas) asks Lord Krishna why was the war necessary, she has lost all her sons, father, brother and so many millions lost their lives. Why did Krishna not use his magical powers to make man follow Dharma (Righteousness)
Lord Krishna:  “Free will of the Soul has no boundaries, Man has the Freedom of Choice, the paradox is he does not consider virtue or sin when he performs any action, he simply copies the powerful of the Land’, The Soul is part of Parmatma (The eternal). To follow Dharma or Adharma, is the Free Will choice of the soul. It cannot be influenced by any magical powers. People end up BLINDLY following the powerful of the land instead of using Vichar (reflection) and Viveka (the power of discrimination) to decide what is Right and Wrong. The son follows the father, the disciple his Guru and the subjects their King. When the King is evil, the people follow adharma (wrong) speedily. This was such a time when the King’s were greedy and lustful for their own riches and selfish gains. Bhog and Vasna (Consumption and Lust) became more important than Tapasya & Tyag (Austerities & Renunciation), In all the 16 large kingdoms across Bharat (India), there was not one King who set the example of Dharma. All of them were obsessed with power, greed and lust.

Draupadi: Yes, but why so much destruction was needed? Was there no other way?
Krishna: No, that is the sad and unfortunate reality. The tree which gives poisonous fruits, you have to uproot and plant anew if you want sweet fruits. The poisonous tree if you give it better fertilisers, or prune its branches will not start giving sweet fruits. That is the nature of creation and Nav Nirman (New Beginnings).
To make a pure beginning you have to break this vicious cycle of impurity. Before you plant the new crop, you burn the field, the heat may become unbearable but the ashes make for good fertilizer for the new crop to grow.



  1. Ajay on December 29, 2017 at 3:55 PM said:
    Yes, we follow the good qualities but ignore faults. Because we don't know of our-self. We don't know whom to follow. You have given a perfect example of Lord Krishna.
  2. Maglia Italia on December 7, 2019 at 9:01 AM said:
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