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SXA Team members in various events. Also seen is Hon Chairwoman, Her Royal Excellency Mom Luang Rajadarasri Jayankura             

Helping Human Evolution

Our Belief
The people of ONE Earth is ONE Family
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Our Vision
Helping Human Evolution by serving humanity to gain awareness of SELF to fulfill their Life’s purpose through innovation and technology with complete devotion and dedication from our hearts, minds and spirits.

Our Mission
Promoting SXA worldwide to reach every human being in various languages, apps & methods is our mission: by building partnerships with like minded institutions, enterprises, individuals, leaders, gurus and students from across the world using cutting edge technologies and tools to scale up exponentially and rapidly. It is every human being’s right to KNOW FULFILL EVOLVE and DISCOVER THE STAR in Them.

Our Goals
The SXA system seeks to restore balance to people, systems, businesses, climate & environment, region and globe.

The SXA system is designed for progress and evolution of the SELF to fulfill the purpose of their LIFE. It empowers and enables a person to gain True Knowledge of Oneself: for in the SELF is the total knowledge of everything that Was, Is and Will be.

Self X Analysis
Self X Analysis is a technology based innovation in Measuring, Analysing & Diagnosing (M.A.D.) and developing human potential by Train, Fulfill & Evolve (T.F.E.) method for individuals. SXA Applications are working for students, companies, entrepreneurs and governments.

SXA is a complete integrated solution. It measures the whole human being as he/she is on material, intellectual and spiritual levels across 34 attributes and 5 dimensions and provides a clear measurable path for lasting progress and evolution through the 3 step SXA Training System.

People across 20 countries have experienced the SXA Method. Some of the oldest educational institutions, entrepreneurs and large corporates have benefitted from enhanced effectiveness & empowerment of their people by using the SXA System of Testing & Training.

SXA was developed to identify, engage and retain talent among organizations. The SXA application verticals are:

    S4S SXA for Students prepares them on 34 ATTRIBUTES of EMPLOYABILITY to confidently face the world
S4C SXA for Companies helps Identify, Engage and Retain their Best Talents. An application is STI: SXA Talent Identifier which helps companies to precisely recruit the talents they need.
S4E SXA for Entrepreneurs: The SXA EIQ (Entrepreneurial Intelligence Quotient) helps to assess the readiness and natural talent for Entrepreneurship & guiding to business success.
S4G for Governments and its agencies measures the level of administrative accountability and transparency.

       The SXA Story
The SXA system was envisioned by its Founder about 15 years ago when he was President & CEO of a large media company in Thailand. Hundreds of employees from 17 countries were working together side by side with each other and it had its advantages and challenges. Recruiting the right person in the right job was not easy and the conventional methods of selection through the aptitude tests and interviews was not producing the desired results.

 The SXA concept:  Instead of just looking at secondary attributes such as education, experience and skills, the process should begin by measuring WHO THE PERSON (Human Being) is as a whole INDIVIDUAL (one which cannot be divided any further) as a material, intellectual and spiritual (S.I.M.) being. Years of research took us into ancient scriptures to modern day theories of behavioural science for the answers to determine what attributes make up all the 3 levels of a person.

We arrived at 34 attributes and 5 dimensions (a sixth is added during the SXA Training) which would be holistic enough to fairly determine the complete person in terms of his/her motivations and level of fulfillment and four other dimensional skills which would show the person’s state of evolution and pin point the functional (which were working well) and dys-functional (not evolved sufficiently) attributes which would enable them to enter a training program to increase their effectiveness and success in life.

 The SXA Mathematical Model: We believe without measurement we cannot understand, understanding leads to control and improvement. The SXA team of mathematicians and behavioural experts created the SXA System of measurement, the Questionnaire, the algorithm, the DOA (Distribution of Attributes) charts & reports, the Delta reports for measurement of Training effectiveness.

We tested the system with hundreds of people across 20 plus countries and received overwhelming feedback on the accuracy of the results.

 The SXA Dream Team: Walks the Talk: To convert a vision into reality is one herculean task. We are blessed with team members who are people with golden hearts, minds and spirits along with high qualifications and decades of experience in their fields with PhD’s in Nuclear physics & mathematics, masters in management and behavioural sciences, degrees in engineering and information technology and hard earned executive and entrepreneurial experience. Their combined faith and passion in the Vision and Mission of SXA surpasses that of the Founder and that is the true engine of success that has brought SXA this far and will take it to greater heights in the years ahead.

Human Capital & Value Creation

  • Measurement of Success linked only to the Bank Account! But never Creative Expressions!

  • Social data shows Stress, Unhappiness, Imbalance, Disease as the outcomes of our high profile job doers and even otherwise.

  • 90% of HR Directors are either on Executive Committee and/or report to the CEO! Is this reporting structure simply the best way that senior management has found to make financial and commercial adjustment? Or is it that the HR Function has really ascended?

  • Employees are Head-count! Calculated as Salary on P&L.

  • Eventually, even the companies are struggling, obviously because the People are struggling.

  • If everything is Perfect, why are People still so UNHAPPY with almost Everything! Are we making some of the most basic mistakes?

  • YES, INDEED!!! We’re NOT treating them as Fellow Human Beings.

  •                             Data from SXA TEST TAKERS ACROSS THE WORLD.

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