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The SXA Entrepreneur Test: 26 attributes of success/failure & 8 profiles. 

Each of us has a path of least resistance/effort that is based on our natural habits and talents– the ones we were born with. If we are not on our path, life can be a struggle. When we follow our path – and begin to play the game that we most naturally play, we begin to Xcel. We also find we are doing what we love. These are the eight SXA Enterprising profiles. Go thru them and see which one feels like you and then take the SET test to know exactly which one of these eight is your natural profile

Which of these 8 enterprising talents are you?

  • A team LEADER or a DEALER develops people and changes processes. They became wealthy by the force of their personalities.
  • A COMPLETER develops processes and changes people. They don’t invent new things, instead they make existing tings better and create their wealth.
  • An INVENTOR… such as Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs… has a CREATIVE nature found their path to wealth thru innovation.
  • A project MANAGER turns a plan into a process. They are reliable and steady.
  • A PROMOTER magnifies his / her brand thru the power of their persona.
  • An ANALYST brings a process to the idea by studying in detail the numbers and finding the patterns others miss.
  • A SALES(WO)MAN has a good sense of timing through his / her REACTIVE and insightful nature and that’s how they make their wealth.
  • Entrepreneurs don’t have to be great at everything. In fact, they only have to be great at one thing. Do you have that ONE thing?

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you can see yourself - your true self - for what you really are. What’s been holding you back from being who you want to be? When you go deep into SXA CRR, you get to the answers that you may have been avoiding for quite some time.

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SXA Entrepreneur Test (SET) reveals your true enterprising profile. 
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