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Test your coaching potential

What are the key attributes for a coach? 
Start a coaching career earning steady income and respect.

  • Empathy, involved detachment, Foresight, Being Able to Recognize Talents are some of essential coaching skills. They are part of the 34 SXA attributes.

  • Take the Test and find out if you are cut out to be a coach.

  • Prepare to take your professional experience and shape it into a marketable skill.

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The 360 Coach

All you need to be a great coach is to be a great human being.
Your Life Experience combined with the SXA System is a phenomenal combination

  • The top attributes of a successful coach are revealed in your SXA Test and you can see how you compare- on the scale of functionality and fulfillment.

  • You are taken thru an amazing system of measurements pre and post trainings to evolve you towards optimum functionality across 6 dimensions and almost 65 attributes of success.

  • A complete 360 degree training and evolution into the great human being you are.

  • Some of the attributes of a good coach are; Empathy, involved detachment, Foresight, Being Able To Recognize Talents, Being Able To Pick Up On And Give Subtle Communication and more all part of the 360 SXA Test & Training systems.

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