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Why Truth heals & Lies Weaken us Physically & Mentally 

Edition Seven 

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“...true answers always have the hallmark of simplicity.”
– Dr David Hawkins

So you have read six of the newsletters so far. Forty Six more to go. That’s quite a lot considering the Xact Truths you have received are nowhere presented in such a compact, user friendly and delivered into your inbox anywhere in the world.

Let us know your comments and feedback by writing to us at newsletter@sxattp.com . We read all emails and respond to as many as we can.
Here is a feedback from one of our readers, Xavier Delage.
On Sat, Jan 2, 2021 at 3:37 PM Swarup Roy :
---- You have received a response from Xavier (xavier.delage@xxxx.fr) for your campaign "Follow-up Message 1" on Jan 02,2021 at 19:04:58 Hrs GMT.

TRUTH OR LIES ➡️ HOLIER (more sacred) TRUST INTO A SXA NEWSLETTER ➡️ EXIST AS SENT IT RENEWAL / NEW REAL Thank you Brother SWARUP for who you are purposefully, persistently and consciously, what you do in your own enlightened uniqueness and how you express it daily in your open-minded and healthy path, passionately and sincerely...

On Sat, 6 Feb 2021 14:26 Xavier Delage, <xavier.delage@xxx.fr> wrote:
"I am the way, the truth and the life" (John 14:6)
WHAT : the result ➡  the right life
WHY : the purpose ➡ the right truth
"Just to stir things up seemed a great reward in itself."
HOW : the process ➡ the right way
My comments to "The Xact Truth - The Definition, Ed 6 Newsletter" 🙏
Here is another one.
16 Jan’21
Swarup Roy  9:41 PM
Hi @ilango d Ambassador and top person (India)
How is 'The Cause of Disputes' the Xact Truth Newsletter, Edition Two ?

ilango d Ambassador and top person (India)  9:48 PM
Dear @Swarup Roy, it's simply amazing. 'Agree to disagree' will be my way of responding to contradictions !

Swarup Roy  9:49 PM
Thank you. Great to hear your feedback, my friend.
Dear @John Lenhart , pls note

John Lenhart  10:00 PM
Agree to disagree is a good unconscious confrontation!
a Right WHAT 
with a Right WHY 
and a Right HOW


Why Truth heals & Lies Weaken us Physically & Mentally

Every time someone has proven me wrong, they’ve done it in three sentences or less. Basically, they have the Truth and they don’t need more than three sentences to express it.
When people have to use more than three sentences, they are in the realm of Principles (context) or Applications, which both need a lot of explanation.
However, the more a person talks, the more likely they will state a contradiction, which is proof they don’t have the Truth.

It turns out, Truth has an equation!

Every Truth is made up of freedom/benefit with one Limitation/punishment.
I call this equation a “Conjunctive”.
Dictionary definition of Conjunctive: a word or expression acting as a conjunction. 1 : connective. 2 : conjunct, conjoined. 3 : being or functioning like a conjunction.
The purpose of a 
conjunctive adverb is to connect two independent clauses or complete sentences. Conjunctive adverbs like to compare or contrast, list a sequence of events, or demonstrate cause and effect.

Some people call this a “Venn diagram” consisting of two overlapping circles.

The Truth is where the circles overlap.

Notice, this means there are four possible regions:

  • -IN the Conjunctive: Freedom and ONE Limitation (I tend to underline the limitation)
  • -Limitation Circle ONLY: More than one Limitation
  • -Freedom Circle ONLY: NO Limitations
  • -Outside the Circles: Destruction/Evil (People tend not to recognize this region.)

So, the area of overlap represents the Truth.

Remember, I'm an expert modeler (John Lenhart)
In fact, in the last installment, I shared my model for models with the four possible types of definitions (none, effects, contradictory causes, and Truth).

Conjunctives allow a person to become an expert modeler by identifying these four regions. To help you grow in modeling, here are the first two things you ought to know about models...

1. A non-contradictory model has one (and only one) Qualitative measure and one (and only one) Quantitative measure.

There are only four types of models and the non-contradictory type is the only one that doesn't ultimately fail.

We called the non-contradictory type Truth (and used Vitamin C as an example in the previous installment).

The ONLY way to have a non-contradictory model is to have ONE (and only one) Qualitative measure and ONE (and only one) Quantitative measure.

A Qualitative and Quantitative measure can't contradict! Having a second Qualitative/Quantitative measure either contradicts or limits the first Qualitative/Quantitative measure!

2. There are ALWAYS four (and only four) Contexts to every model.

Do you remember this model we covered previously?
Truth -> Principle -> Application -> Result

This corresponds to:
Conjunctive -> Four Contexts -> Limitless -> Four

The ONE Conjunctive is made up of two measures that result in four Contexts. Why? Because each measure has a "Yes/High" or "No/Low" setting resulting in four Contexts. If a person has less than four Contexts, they are forgetting or ignoring a Context. If they have more than four Contexts, they are expanding a Context and presenting it in more detail.

Okay, modeling class is over.

It's time to use the Conjunctive!

Let's look at a relatively simple and extremely important example:
Liberty (Freedom) and Justice (Limitation) for all.

We could all get along forever if everyone stayed IN the Conjunctive. It would be Generative. (In fact, we will eventually see that your brain CANNOT get used to being IN the Conjunctive!)

You could be happy forever.
However, everywhere else can be "habituated" to...like building a tolerance to a drug).

So why can't we all live IN the Conjunctive?
What happens?

Someone (usually the "king" or Boss or President/Prime Minister/Dictator) decides,

"I would be happier if I had NO Limitations!" and they move to the Freedom Half.

What does that do to everyone else?
Everyone else has TWO Limitations: Justice and NOT Justice for the Boss.

The Boss just prevented everyone from being IN the Conjunctive!
The Boss intentionally moves to a mental state that is ultimately unfulfilling, and his deception results in everyone else having to move to a mental state that is unfulfilling.
PS: One person decides he/she is above the law (no limitations, only liberty). By taking all the liberties for themselves, they put the burden of all limitations on others (employees/citizens/society), thus upsetting the balance, the natural law of just & right.
That is what happens in a dictatorship, undemocratic system of governance.
Anything that is not in balance is unstable. Anything unstable will collapse according to the natural laws so that balance is restored.
This is the Xact Truth.

Not to worry, understanding a Conjunctive gives you a way to defend your thought process from the Bosses we all have due to the Leadership gurus of the past forty years.

The CEO DISEASE: The last 40 years, all leadership gurus have taught managers to build their EGO. These Unfulfilled, dysfunctional people - how can they LISTEN to anyone Xcept their own - they are starving for money, name, fame, and all the tangible, material symbols of success without ever having developed into integral, Spiritually intelligent beings grounded in the intangible Cause - the Source of everything

Conjunctives measure Truth!

If the person states more than one Limitation, I look for the contradiction. There will always be a contradiction.

In fact, teenagers are brilliant at spotting (and complaining about) the contradiction when they are given more than one Limitation.

If the person states NO Limitations, I unconsciously confront the bully by flipping the pronouns:
"Would it be okay if I had NO Limitations?"

Worse, a Conjunctive shows you the real problem in the world!

First, you have the people saying, "Use your head. You are hurting yourself. I have the Truth and you would too if you did the following ten rules (Limitations) every day..."

The people they are arguing with respond with, "You have no heart. You don't have the Truth because you have contradictions, in fact, there is no Truth...and I may be hurting myself, but I'd rather do that than what you are doing. You are hurting other people."

What if a person would state the Truth?
What would happen if a person stated a Freedom with ONE Limitation?

The first people would see him as "one of those people" because they have a heart and they don't have a lot of Limitations.

However, the second people would see him as "one of those people" because he stated a Truth and he had a Limitation.

The first and second people would actually join forces to destroy the person who stated Truth!

Why is The Truth so dear to some people that they are willing to sacrifice everything, including their lives for it? They leave an enduring mark by #living in #truth.

Watch this short VDO trailer no.2, 16 Jul 2020 : Launch of the #Xact #Truth forum 

Problem with the World: 99% of people are wasting our time arguing over everything other than Truth and this same 99% join forces to destroy those who speak the Truth.

We have seen Dr. Hawkins found that our bodies are a Truth detector. The body responds to lies and deception with weakness and even illness.

The body responds to Truth with strength.

That is why the Truth is able to heal us.

Now we see the reality, the Xact Truth:
if you state anything other than a Conjunctive you are HURTING someone, either yourself or someone else.

Many of the 34 + 2 attributes of SXA form conjunctives when taken together or in itself. That is why the SXA System measures the Xact Truth of a person thru the SXA Test – an unmatched and unparalleled system compared with any other test in the world.

Here are some conjunctives from the SXA System.

Attribute X 15 : Choice and Consequence (Karma)
Choice is Freedom and Consequence is the Limitation

Attribute X 16 : Acceptance & Least Effort
Acceptance is Freedom and Effort is the Limitation

Attribute X 18: Detachment
Detachment means you can own and enjoy every tangible thing (effects) but no tangible effect has any power over you. You are firmly established in the intangible cause. So Attachment or Detachment is the Freedom of choice you have and the limitation is keeping your freedom or losing it to tangible effects.

Attribute X 4: Respect & Recognition.
An intangible attribute. You cannot buy respect and recognition from a shop. The more you crave for it from others, the more elusive it becomes.

So how do you get it?
By Being your Unique Self. Xpressing your Unique gifts and talents and using them to serve people fulfils your Purpose in Life (Attribute X19) which creates high Self Esteem in you. A person of high self esteem will always be respected and recognised by people. You don’t have to ask for it.

Freedom/Benefit is Attribute X 4- Respect & Recognition.
Limitation is the Purpose in Life (Attribute X19).
Here is a Test of Conjunctive for you.
SXA Attribute X 14: Giving & Receiving.
Which is the Freedom/Benefit and which is the Limitation.
Can you tell.

Write to me with your response at newsletter@sxattp.com
I read every email and respond to as many as I can.

Swarup Roy

Every self help book that has ever been written
only works in the context that was covered.
It is a fallacy to claim the principles presented
in these books apply to every context.
That would only be true if the book 
identified the Truth

The SXA LifeBook of XactTruths
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It will be published very soon.


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