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The Xact Truth - The Definition

Edition Six 

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“This truth is not only truthfulness in word, but truthfulness in thought also, and not only the relative truth of our conception, but the Absolute Truth, the Eternal Principle…” - Gandhi
We are determining a non-contradictory definition for “Truth”.
The previous edition got us to “Truth is a principle that always applies, regardless of context”.
The problem is, this isn’t a definition!
There are four possible responses we can get when we ask someone for their definition of a word.
The first response is none.
Whether the person attacks us, rationalizes why they don’t need to answer, or simply walks away, we can completely dismiss the person because they worked to not answer the question.
The second response is to list the effects of a definition.
This is the definition we currently have.
The effect of having Truth is it applies regardless of the context.

Unfortunately, when people do attempt to give a definition, over 75% of the answers fit this category.

Again, this isn’t a definition and the person would never accept this answer in other areas of their life.
Imagine this person’s response when they asked their doctor how to cure their illness and the doctor responded, “Get well”.

Unfortunately, these effect-based answers are the enemy of Truth because they deceive us into thinking we are making progress on the path of XACT Truth when we aren’t.
The third response is to present a contradictory causal definition.

For example: Truth is reality.

First of all, this requires understanding the person’s definition of “reality”.
-Is it tangible?
-Is it intangible?
Second, the contradictions are readily apparent once the question of reality is answered:
-Does Truth only apply to the tangible?
-Is all reality Truth?
-What are lies?
-What is deception?
Notice, the way to avoid contradictions is to give the second response!
If you don’t give any causes, then you can’t have a contradiction.
However, that is the most dangerous answer.

It is good to give a definition with contradictions because when we remove the contradictions, we will make progress on the path of XACT Truth!
“Man’s dilemma - now and always - has been that he misidentifies his own intellectual artifacts as reality.”          - Dr. David Hawkins
It looks as if we need to come up with a series of definitions to understand the various forms of information.
Data: symbols representing characteristics
Information: processed data
Knowledge: fact...a Right WHAT
Understanding: explanation...a Right WHAT with a Right WHY

“Understanding does not proceed simply from examining data; it comes from examining data in a particular context.”
“Questioning always has to be narrowed down specifically.”

                                                                                     - Dr. Hawkins
Understanding is the same as a Principle and results from processing data in a specific context.

We stated that Truth is a Principle (Understanding) that applies to every context.
This means we need to add one more aspect to the definition to remove the reliance on the context.

a Right WHAT 
with a Right WHY 
and a Right HOW


The HOW is the non-contradictory explanation for
HOW it operates
The HOW exists regardless of the context.

The Right HOW instantly illuminates the
Right WHY and the Right WHAT.


For example, scurvy has been cured with horsemeat, sauerkraut, the needles of the white cedar, and unpasteurized milk. Most people think the solution to scurvy is citrus, however eskimos avoid scurvy without the benefit of citrus, and concentrated lime juice does not prevent scurvy.
Scurvy results from a lack of collagen, which is the main protein in the various connective tissues in the human body. Vitamin C is required as a cofactor with two enzymes that turn two amino acids into collagen.

The human body does not produce Vitamin C, so it must obtain it externally. Once this HOW is understood, we can instantly determine WHY various foods were efficacious and inefficacious.
In order to tie this all together, let’s look at a couple more definitions:

Lie: a Wrong WHAT
Deception: a Right WHAT with a
Wrong HOW

People who believe “Truth is reality” believe the enemy is a lie.
Their solution to defeating lies is to value Honesty.

What is Honesty?
Honest: only stating a Right WHAT

Notice, everyone who says they value Honesty needs to thank me and never avoid listening to my list of 100 Right WHAT’s concerning the person.
For example, “Most of the people you work with think you are an idiot”.
If I surveyed the people you worked with and this was the honest result, would you thank me for being Honest?

People value Honesty over lying, however,
NO ONE values Honesty in and of itself.

This means Honesty as a belief is Deception.

People aren’t deceived by lies.
They aren’t deceived by Wrong WHAT’s.

People are deceived because someone tells them a Right WHAT and sometimes even a Right WHY, but the person’s current context doesn’t apply.

The result is the deceived person now goes down a wrong path in their own strength.

People attempt to explain Deception by saying it is a “half-truth” because there was a Right WHAT.

There is no such thing as a “half-truth”.

 Truth is whole and self-evident.

Anyone who states the term “half-truth” is showing
they are deceived.

Dr. Hawkins found that our bodies are a Truth detector.
The body responds to lies and deception with weakness and even illness.
The body responds to Truth with strength.
That is why the Truth is able to heal us.

The main way the Truth heals us is it reduces
our thoughts by removing distractions.

Look again at this article and measure whether each aspect increased or decreased the number of thoughts.

For example, look at the four possible types of definitions.
-None: I said to completely dismiss this person so you avoid additional thoughts.
-Effects: “Get Well” causes us to have many more thoughts
-Contradictory Causes: This caused us to have many more questions!
-Truth: The HOW brings an epiphany which explains everything wiping away all of our questions and distracting thoughts.

Swarup Roy likes to say, “Inside of beLIEfs is a lie.” If anyone holds to their beLIEfs as if they are Truth, then they are deceived from following the path of
XACT Truth.

Every self help book that has ever been written
only works in the context that was covered.
It is a fallacy to claim the principles presented
in these books apply to every context.
That would only be true if the book 
identified the Truth

The SXA LifeBook of XactTruths
will be that book that has never been written before.
It will be published very soon.


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