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The Law of Non- Contradiction - An Xact Truth

Edition Four 

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Society constantly expends its efforts to correct effects instead of causes, which is one reason why the evolution of human consciousness proceeds so slowly.” Dr. David Hawkins

In the previous article, we took the second step on the journey of XACT TRUTH. More importantly, we saw your second step on the path of XACT TRUTH establishes your strategy because it introduces the possibility of having a contradiction.

We concluded by asking what is your strategy for life?
Are you consciously working to avoid showing or being made aware of your contradictions or are you openly sharing and focused on identifying and removing your contradictions?

Today’s topic goes hand-in-hand with the Law of Non-contradiction.
The Law of Causality states:
Every cause result in a specific set of effects.

In the same way people prove their belief in Non-contradiction every time they argue, people prove their belief in Causality every time they use the words “for”, “because”, and “why”.

Worse, when someone tells me they don’t believe in Causality, I tell them I’m going to give them one more opportunity to state their belief and then I explain that if they say they don’t believe in Causality, I’m going to slap them upside of their head as hard as I can. The problem is when they ask, “Why did you do that?” I’m going to say, “It was causeless” and they have to accept it.

I have never had a person state they don’t believe in Causality after that offer. Besides, anyone who says they don’t believe in Causality is proving they are the least logical person. Furthermore, they’ve essentially lost their ability to formulate an argument.

The problem is people define Causality backwards: “every effect comes from a specific cause”, which becomes “there is only one possible cause for each effect”. This is known as Determinism.

Basically, everything is simply an effect of previous causes and the future has already been determined by these causes. This is simple to disprove.

If I close my eyes and drive my car on a highway for 60 seconds at 100 mile per hour, the result will be a crash. However, the cause of every crash is not a person closing their eyes for 60 seconds and driving 100 miles per hour.

This is the exchange I had on 24 Dec 2020 on LinkedIn with one of the commentators on my article -How to tell Truth from Lies

Guess what she did next ?
How did she respond?
She sent me a direct message instead of commenting in the post.
You get the idea of how deeply entrenched we are into our CONTRADICTIONS.

Reversing the law of Causality results in abuse.
If I see you drinking alcohol, I will declare you an alcoholic.
Because alcoholics drink alcohol!
The problem is people who see all causes as tangible have to believe everything has been predetermined!
There are only two options,
either declare life as meaningless or begin a convoluted explanation for Causality.
Unfortunately, both of these options are embraced by modern science.

For example, look at how science explains how everything began:
The Big Bang.
They say the first cause was a huge explosion.

However, the first question someone can ask is,
“What caused the Big Bang?”
Or worse,
“Where did all the stuff come from that exploded?”

Even Dr. Hawkins embraced chaos theory and suggested Causality doesn’t exist in order to try and resolve this issue with “tangible” Causality.

Worse, famous scientists have used this “tangible” Causality theory to say,
“Since we can’t explain this, God must not exist.”

Gandhi understood the intangible is the cause of the tangible.
Here is what he said about God:

“He alone is real and all else is unreal.”

Your journey of XACT TRUTH will only continue if you see the ultimate cause of everything as intangible.

Again, this is easy to prove. Look at a building and ask yourself, “What was the first cause?” It was an intangible idea.

Here are some ways you can measure whether your focus and the focus of others is on the tangible or intangible as a cause. The first three are reminders...

1. Can you define the word you are using?

Definitions are intangible, which is part of the reason people struggle with explaining themselves.

2. Are you humble?

Again, we saw the first step for people on the journey of XACT TRUTH is a humble perspective, which is intangible.

3. How do you respond to your contradictions?

In the last installment, we saw the Law of Non-contradiction is a cause and it is intangible.

4. How do you get what you want?

Most people want tangible things and there is nothing wrong with that. However, what do you believe is the cause of getting these intangible things? If you think it is to directly seize or obtain them, then you are proving you believe the cause is tangible.

People who are mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy look for the intangible causes that will lead to the tangible effects and then they ONLY focus on the intangible causes and allow the tangible effects to materialize.

5. How do you deal with giving up things?

Gandhi said: “Renunciation of objects, without renunciation of desires, is short-lived, however hard you may try.”

The solution isn’t to give the things away. An enlightened person would begin on the inside looking at their desire for the thing and focus on giving that up.

6. How do you evaluate others?

Gandhi said: “Great men never look at a person’s exterior. They think of his heart.”

When you describe another person, do you list tangible or intangible attributes? When you think of a person, what comes to mind first?

Finally, I have taught the following for over twenty years.

First question: If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for?

I write down everything the person says. After they list two or three things, I say, “Are you done? Are you going to throw the magic wand in the trash?”

It’s usually at that point the person begins sharing what they really want.

Second question: How many of these things are a cause and how many are an effect?

Another way of asking this second question is, “Which of these are you in control of directly?”

I have found that 90% of peoples’ issues are removed when they recognize the intangible causes they can control and ignore the tangible effects.
What do you think is the real cause:
intangible or tangible?


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