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The Cause of Disputes -The Xact Truth 

Edition Two 

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Recently, one of my connections in Brazil who is a dispute resolution expert for over 30 years, a legal eagle took the SXA test. This was her feedback : SXA is an outstanding system for dispute and conflict resolutions, because the test report brings objectivity, clarity and definitions to complex human behaviour and issues. Congratulations on building such a phenomenal tool and system.’

It takes two to tango! I have never ever seen a person not return a smile whenever I praised them sincerely, the pleasure writ large on their faces. In my media career, I have interviewed Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, leaders, common people across the world. Human beings are all suckers for praise and recognition.

It takes a person of great character of balance and equanimity to be untouched by praise or criticism. Therefore one simple age old way to avoid any dispute is - SILENCE.

A saying goes, the 'the mute has no enemies'.

“Every detail of the belief system that we hold has consequences for better or for worse.”
“Precision in wording is of paramount importance.”
-Dr. David Hawkins

We are ready to take our first step with you on our journey of XACT Truth!

Everyone does everything through a thought process. So, what is the first step in every thought process?

In 1972, "The Man with a Shattered World: The History of a Brain Wound" was published. A.R. Luria told the story of a young Russian soldier's heroic struggle after a bullet entered his brain during WWII.

The book looks at the 1000 pages this soldier wrote over twenty-five years as the journey of a unique being making its way through a damaged organ.

The most critical revelation is the importance of definitions.

The first step in every thought is the determination of your definition for the word you hear or think. This makes definitions the key to all your thinking!

Our physical brain is made up of dendrites...which is the Greek word for "tree". It makes sense because these dendrites look like trees. Each trunk stands for a specific word and the branches are the connected facts that physiologically attach to the dendrites of the connected facts.

Each connected fact has an associated emotion. (If I say "vanilla ice cream" and I say "dog crap", hopefully you experience two different emotions.) Notice, a dendrite in your brain stands for an idea and your ability to make progress in your thoughts depends on your definitions.

This means, in reality everyone has a definition for a word they use! It is physiologically impossible for a person to use a word without there being a definition in the dendrites of their tangible brain.

Are you conscious of your definitions?

When I ask a person their definition for a word they use, over 90% of people don’t answer. They attack, distract, or ignore my question! These people aren’t ready to begin the journey of XACT Truth, which means the real first step on our journey is intangible!

“The seeker after truth should be humbler than the dust.” -Gandhi

Humility: The ability to see the perspective of another person.
Pride: The refusal to see the perspective of another person.
Notice, if a person’s definition for humility involved being wrong, the person who was wrong the most would be the humblest.
“The displacement of the false by the true is the essence of the healing of all things visible and invisible.” -Dr. David Hawkins
The first step in “displacement of the false” is to be able to consider another perspective. Afterall, if you can’t consider another perspective, you won’t have anything to put in place of the false.
Prideful people don’t share their definitions because they don’t want to appear wrong, which means they want to retain the false and force it on others. Their focus is tangible.
Power is shown with the ability to understand both sides, which Gandhi demonstrated. Gandhi was humble enough to state his definitions weren’t perfect and he knew they weren’t perfect because he felt it. Why was he able to feel it?
Dr. Hawkins proved our bodies know the perfect definition for each word, however, he wasn’t humble enough to consider other explanations for consciousness.
While “mental health” begins with definitions, this is only a hurdle.

Having perfect definitions without humility doesn’t result in Power.


The act of stating your definition can dissolve 90% of disputes!

Most disputes begin because

two people have different definitions for the same word
 two people are using different words for the same definition.

On the other hand, I have two questions I use to determine if someone is humble.

  1. Is it possible you are wrong?

If the person says “no”, they are in pride and there is no reason to continue the discussion. I usually have to explain that I didn’t ask them to admit or agree they were wrong, just be able to consider it was possible. Most people hear this and change their answer to “yes”, which leads to my second question…

  1. What would it take to prove you wrong?

If a person can’t answer this, the answer to the first question is actually “no” and they are in pride.

What is the ultimate level of humility?

Being able to explain another person’s perspective
to their satisfaction.

A couple of decades ago, I (John Lenhart) was the leader over an entire organization and I worked closely with the owner. His method of management was Force, which was why I was brought in as a buffer between him and the rest of the organization. He began every exchange by stating his perspective and continually stating it in hopes he would “win” by overwhelming me.
My focus during his barrage was to understand him well enough to repeat back to him his perspective to his satisfaction. If he disagreed with my explanation, I would listen closely as he clarified his point and then repeat back to him his entire perspective.
When he agreed, I would confirm by asking, “So, I understand you, right?” When he said, “Yes”, I would ask him, “What is my perspective?” He couldn’t answer because I hadn’t shared it.
One time, I said, “Right now, not only am I the only person who understands both perspectives, I can alter my original perspective to take advantage of what I learned from yours, and you will never know it. Why would anyone be in a rush to share their perspective first?”

A person who is focused on Force is
going to share their perspective first

A person who is focused on Power is going to first focus on understanding the other person.

Watch this VDO: I and my SXA Student, Dorina Catrina from Calgary, Canada (now SXA Xcel Coach) discussing on 7 July 2020, how she ovecame a sudden pain attack. Watch me listening in near silence with full compassion and empathy concentrating on UNDERSTANDING her, the first step towards HEALING.

Gandhi was humble and didn’t have definitions.

Hawkins had definitions and he wasn’t humble.

Do you want to be both?
Do you know the adjustment YOU need to make?
Are you a Gandhi or a Hawkins?

SXA Attribute – Mutually Minded (Dimension: Effective Behaviour)
The major drawback of human race today is that they have become self centred which means thinking on progressing about oneself only. The hard fact is that one who thinks narrowly about fulfilling his/her needs only all the time often ends up with limited success, even failure and struggle. Mutually minded means looking out for other’s interests as well as our own in whatever task we do. We should reach to maximum agreements and minimum arguments.

Consider an entrepreneur who wants to sell a product. If he will focus only on profits without focusing on the profits that the end user will get from the product, he will never grow his business. So, he needs to be mutually minded  to grow his business and the customer will also benefit from the product.

 It is defined as  WIN WIN approach.

If you are interested to find out your score on 'Mutually Minded' as well as how humble/understanding you are of other people's perspectives, all you have to do is take the SXA Test and receive your Complete Reflection Report of 20 pages with scores, analysis and recommendation on 34 attributes and 5 dimensions of success.

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