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Thanks for signing up for your SXA Tool Kits for organisations! We have compiled the very best material on how to Xcelerate your business by Identifying, Engaging and Retaining Star Performers in your organisation.

Recruit with least effort & cost, stress free

Engage your employees Xactly

Retain your talents so well that they don't want to leave

Below, you’ll find the XACT systems you can use in order to achieve your three biggest goals when it comes to Xpanding & Xcelerating your business.

  • Identifying Talent thru the HR Tech way
  • Engaging & Empowering Employees & Employers
  • Getting 2X , 10X performanc from your teams

There are NO shortcuts. You need to be open to new ways to Xcelerate your business — but when you do, you’ll reap disproportionate benefits.

The SXA Talent Identifier for Companies

50% of recruitment efforts go to waste becasue after a few months of the honeymoon the employee and company discover their incompatibility. The resume, the interviews did not match the expectations of the employer and the empoyee finds out that the new job has expectations he/she will find difficult to fulfill. This is lose-lose for both. Would it not be better if both had discovered this mis-match prior to signing on the dotted line? The SXA Talent Identifier is the solution to this pain for both. Find out how our holistic system of measurement, analysis and diagnosis (M.A.D.) can be such a boon for you.

Customised Tool for Effective Recruitment

How to use the SXA Test results to use during interview and confirm each others guess about each other plus much more. Download to find out.

The SXA Corporate Guide to IER

The 360 degree system of test & training takes out all the guess work, stress at reduced cost and efforts to help you build the winning workplace. The power of HR technology supports you and your people management systems to double (2X) or even quadruple (4X)  your people management performance thereby Xpanding your business.

360 degree Customised Tool for Effective Recruitment & Retention of employees

Build a winning workplace systematically by Measuring, Analysisng and Diagnosing what Xact interventions are needed. The 3 Step SXA Training system delivers on those interventions like no other- complete measured progress from end to end. Download to find out.

The SXA Delta Reports

The complete SXA Test & Training system consists of 4 Tests, 3 Trainings, 4 SXA Reports, 4 Delta Reports. The Delta Report gives the pre and post training data on each of the 34 attributes performance, thereby precisely targetting interventions at each employee to enhance their effectiveness and performance - adding to the overall performance and effecctiveness of the organisation.

SXA Trainings : Empowering Employers & Employees alike

Contains complete information of dimensional & attribute levels pre and post training for individuals and group. It summarises individual in a group on the basis of Dimension & attributes helpful for group heads to decide on further training and development.

Download to see a real case study of a $Billion company how they have used SXA to enhance their company performance.

The SXA Delta report is designed for the individual to know precisely how much they gained from the Training, the areas of improvement and areas for further improvement.

Delta is the difference between two tests results, prior and after each training module. The final delta shows the improvement for the individual after completing the full SXA Training program (T1-T4).
SXA Report Delta 1 = T2-T1 , post SXA Foundation Training. The Delta scores are depicted on three color codes: Green (Improved), White (remained same) and Orange (needs further training).

The SXA Enterprise Solutions

The working of the complete SXA Test & Training system enhancing the performance and effecctiveness of the employees and organisation.

The SXA Enterprise Solutions

Complete presentation designed to walk you thru the whole SXA System and how it works for you every step of the way right from recruiting your employees to engaging/developing and retaining your people.

Empowering Employees : Find your 3P

There’s a limit when it comes to mow much you can work hard to achieve your dream jobs, income and life, but you have the potential to achieve success in smart ways with least effort if you utilize the systems below.

The Ultimate Guide to Success

Our team of experts have spent years in developing the SXA System of Success, and we have distilled our knowledge & expertise into this Ultimate Guide. In it, you’ll find info on secrets to success, learn the 36 attributes & 5 Dimensions that can be your Xpressway to Success, and how you can unlock the your full potential by knowing Xactly your passion, purpose and path.

Xpand your Xpertise

Success in your job is a function of your expertise not only in your domain but in attributes that you were born with, in fact all of us. Successful people have discovered those attributes after years of trial and error but you can discover , expand and utilise your natural attributes for success faster & smarter.

The Ultimate Guide to Xpanding your Xpertise

In this guide, you’ll find out how to effectively use your hidden attributes of success to Xpand your Xpertise for salary negotiation to building your self confidence to earning more money in the smartest ways possible.

Empowering Entrepreneurial Employees

There’s NO limit to your creative potential if you know how to turn it into a greater good for your organisation. Using the tools below, you’ll be able to Discover your Xact entrepreneurial talent profile and the factors of success/failure behind entreprebeurship

The Ultimate Guide to Enterpreneurship

Each of us has a path of least resistance/effort that is based on our natural habits and talents– the ones we were born with. If we are not on our path, life can be a struggle. When we follow our path – and begin to play the game that we most naturally play, we begin to Xcel. We also find we are doing what we love. These are the eight SXA Enterprising profiles. Go thru them and see which one feels like you and then take the SET test to know exactly which one of these eight is your natural profile

The new employee's Guide to Starting a Career

Starting a career is an exciting time till reality hits home. That what you learnt at school is way not enough or adequate in the real world of jobs. Learn how you can avoid the mistakes that so many employees did and open your eyes to the real attributes of success.