SXA Testing Program

Self X Analysis (SXA) is a global innovation in the field of Human Capital Management (HCM),a Multi-Dimensional System that Measures, Analyses and Diagnoses the individual quantitatively and qualitatively on 34 attributes across 5 dimensions. It further helps Train, Fulfil and Evolve the person leading to clear measurable progress towards material, intellectual and spiritual fulfilment.  SXA is partnering companies and organizations across the world to reach millions of individuals and employees to help enterprises identify, engage and retain their best talents, a revolutionary talent management system.

The SXA System:

Measures Analyses Diagnoses the individual on 34 attributes of success on a scale of Fulfillment & Functionality. SXA is a scientifically designed system of measurement and training leading to clear measurable progress at all stages throughout the program.

The SXA Test & Report:

The individual answers the online SXA Questionnaire of 120 Q. The responses are used by the proprietary SXA algorithm to perform 2500 calculations to generate the 20 page detailed Complete Reflection Report which is emailed to the individual.

Take the SXA Test to gain a first-hand experience and understand how it has been designed. You can use the system to identify, engage and retain your best talents, an additional enabler to your existing methods complementing them nicely


We are working with various educational institutions in Kolkata, India namely, Shri Shikshayatan Foundation  (Teachers & Students : Testing & Training),  Bhawanipur Gujrati Education Society, The JIS Education Group  and in talks with The Techno India Education Group, NSHM (National School of Hotel Management ), Heritage Group,  Haldia Institute of Technology, Camelia Institute of Technology, Bengal Institute of Business Studies: we are looking  at around 100,000  students to serve in the first phase. SXA has entered into partnerships in Delhi, Bangkok, Houston, Kolkata  with Quality Austria, Time International, Meritocracy Ventures, The Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Indo American Chamber of Commerce.  Plus large educational institutions have used the SXA System in their organizations.

The SXA system has been developed and tested rigorously and we have made sure that each question is easy to  understand and

 relevant for the purpose of understanding One Self. You need not have any doubts on the above.  People across 20 countries

 have experienced the SXA system and endorsed by CEO's, Professors, Teachers,  Students, Doctors, Mathematicians,

 Technology Experts, HR leaders, Think Tanks/Chambers of Commerce, Educational Institutions and many more.

Because the SXA Test pertains to the human condition it is very necessary that the ideal conditions be  maintained while taking the test as it has direct bearing on the results

Some of them are

1. Concentrate fully without any distractions or disturbance while marking responses to each question.

2. The test should not be taken if you are in a disturbed state of mind.

3. It is preferable and helpful to meditate with your eyes closed for a few minutes just prior to taking the test to focus your mind and be in a calm state.

4. This is an online test. Make sure you are able to see and read clearly on the device you are using to take the test.

5. Ensure you have a stable internet connection during the time you are taking the test.

6. The test should be taken in a calm and serene place and not in a noisy or crowded atmosphere.

7. Let us assure you every question applies to the human condition. Go ahead and take the test with an open mind as a seeker of knowing your true SELF.

Self X Analysis (SXA) Testing & Training Programme (TTP)
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