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SELF: The word means different things to different people depending on their needs, knowledge, skills and experiences.

Implications for Organisations : Enterprises need an integrated model of the SELF which accommodates most of the viewpoints of its members.

The SXA model was developed after many years of research and testing. An integrated holistic approach to understanding the SELF required a multi-dimensional approach and measurement metrics of the attributes.

Self X Analysis (SXA) is a global innovation to help Human Evolution, a Multi-Dimensional System that Measures, Analyses and Diagnoses the SELF quantitatively and qualitatively on 34 attributes across 5 dimensions. It further helps Train, Fulfil and Evolve the person leading to clear measurable progress towards material, intellectual and spiritual fulfilment.  SXA is partnering companies and organizations across the world to reach millions of individuals and employees to help enterprises identify, engage and retain their best talents, a revolutionary talent management system.

The SXA System: Measures Analyses Diagnoses the individual on 34 attributes of success on a scale of Fulfillment & Functionality. SXA is a scientifically designed  system of measurement and training leading to clear measurable progress at all stages throughout the program. The 5 dimensions are : 5 Motivation Factors, 7 Behaviours of Effectiveness, 7 Natural Laws of Success, 8 Enterprising Profiles & 7 Steps of Successful Selling & Communication.

The SXA Test & Report: The individual answers the online SXA Questionnaire of 120 Q. The responses are used by the proprietary SXA algorithm to perform 2500 calculations to generate the 20 page detailed Complete Reflection Report which is emailed to the individual.  Sample SXA Complete Reflection Report.                     

Take the SXA Test to gain a first-hand experience and understand how it has been designed and receive your FREE SXA Summary Report.

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Detailed 20 page report with scores on 34 attributes, 5 Dimensions and scores on Spiritual & Material dimensions with charts, analysis and recommendations on enhancing effectiveness and success.

The SXA Training Programme is designed to motivate the individual to Know, Train and Fulfill their Dys- functional needs & skiLls to Evolve towards Fulfillment & Success.

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