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Do you know WHAT you mean? - An Xact Truth

Edition Five 

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“But for me, truth is the sovereign principle, which includes numerous other principles.” -Gandhi
The first four articles built a perfect foundation for how we will conduct this journey of XACT TRUTH.
These next four articles will apply our foundation towards our destination: Truth.
As we’ve seen the first step is to determine the definition, otherwise, we won’t be able to intentionally attain our objective.
What is the definition of Truth?
Gandhi correctly recognized Truth is the sovereign principle, that is, the principle that answers to no one.
It is the first cause.
So what is a principle?
Principle: a fundamental proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.
This would make Truth the principle that serves as a foundation for everything.
It’s time to begin creating a causal model:
Truth -> Principle -> Action -> Result
Truth is the cause of every principle and principles serve as a foundation for
every action which produces a result we can measure.
This means, the way people determine Truth looks like this:
Truth <- Principle <- Action <- Result
The results for a group of people or projects are measured. Usually they are broken into two groups: “Good” (Desirable) and “Bad” (Undesirable). Next, the actions taken by both groups are analyzed. All of the actions shared by one group and not shared by the other group are collected.
Some people stop here. Have you ever seen an article with a title along these lines, “Ten Characteristics of Successful People”? Basically, a group has determined ten actions shared by successful people and wants you to believe anyone who does these actions will be successful.
When people don’t stop at this second step (Action), they determine a principle that is shared by this collection of actions. Usually, it ends up being a set of principles. Most best selling self help books are written at this level. Whether it is Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” or Ray Dalio’s “Principles: Life and Work”, the author has identified principles that produce a list of actions a person can take to get the desirable result.
This Effect to Cause approach is known as Analysis. Another term for it is “Categorical Thinking” and it turns out our brains do this automatically. Every person is able to look at data and break it into categories (Desirable vs. Undesirable) and then continue to break it down into smaller categories.
In fact, the September-October 2019 issue of Harvard Business Review magazine did a cover story and three articles on our superhuman ability to think categorically and how this process damages companies! This is why companies have “silos”! Leaders think categorically.
According to the magazine, there are four main dangers that occur with categorical thinking:
-it compresses members of a category making them appear more alike than they actually are
-it amplifies differences between members of different categories
-it leads to discrimination by favoring certain categories over other
-it inhibits progress by seeing the category as static
It looks as if analysis introduces error and possibly contradiction into our pursuit of Truth.
Worse, this shows our brains automatically, without us realizing it,
steer us away from the Truth!
As it relates to our journey, this analysis approach was used by Dr. Hawkins in “Power vs. Force”. He identified a way to objectively measure a Truth by looking at the relative weakness exhibited by the body (Result) in response to statements (Actions). These statements were Actions determined by Principles.
Even Dr. Hawkins was aware of the limitations of this approach and he said the following:
“Cynical though it may at first sound, we must admit that for everyday operational purposes, truth is whatever is subjectively convincing at one’s current level of perception.”
“This design predicates that any statement will be true only within a given context, despite the fact that the definitions and derivations of that context are invisible and unstated.”
“One characteristic of truth, though, is that it needs no defense; it is self-evident.”
Dr. Hawkins was trying to identify Truth, however, it looks as if he was determining principles.
A principle is completely dependent on the context.
The Truth applies to every context.
Let’s look at another example: Ethics vs. Morals.
Ethics: behavior deemed acceptable by a specific culture at a specific time
Morals: behavior deemed acceptable regardless of place and time
The easiest example of Ethics concerns clothing. Today, it is against the law to wear certain clothing in certain countries. Furthermore, in the same country at a different time, it used to be against the law to wear certain clothing, which is now acceptable today.
With regards to our journey, while in South Africa, Gandhi stood against laws created to tax Indian businessmen. He did this because he valued the principle of justice over economic protectionism.
Furthermore, justice is concerned with morals.
Needless to say, we will find out Ethics is carried out with force, while Morals contain power.
One of the keys to dealing with arguing against principles is to change the context and therein lies the issue with analysis.

Every self help book that has ever been written
only works in the context that was covered.
It is a fallacy to claim the principles presented
in these books apply to every context.
That would only be true if the book 
identified the Truth

The SXA LifeBook of XactTruths
will be that book that has never been written before.
It will be published very soon.

 Dr. Hawkins also realized this limitation, which is why he said:
“Precision in wording is of paramount importance.”
He realized one must always be aware of the context when analyzing the information.
In order to be accurate, one must always qualify their principle-based conclusions.

Truth needs no qualifiers because it is self-evident and applies in every context.
Another way to say this:
Truth is a contextless principle!

What have we learned?
Truth is a principle that always applies.
That’s a good start, but we can get a better definition…

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