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Dissolving Killer K(c)ontradictions

Edition Three 

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“Cults proliferate because the general public has no objective criteria with which to distinguish truth from falsehood.” Dr. David Hawkins
In the previous article, we took the first step on the journey of XACT TRUTH. We saw while everyone’s first tangible step is definitions, those on the path of XACT TRUTH have a unique intangible first step: humility.
Everyone does everything through a thought process and that tangible thought process always begins with a definition. However, prior to the determination of the definition a person needs to choose humility or pride.
Humility: The ability to see the perspective of another person.
Pride: The refusal to see the perspective of another person.
Likewise, the second step on the journey of XACT TRUTH can be seen as a tangible one shared by everyone. The second step introduces the possibility of a contradiction. Our second step could contradict our first step. What is a contradiction?
One way to define “contradiction” is: Something that is at the same time and under the same conditions a member of a set and not a member of the same set.

In fact, Non-contradiction is a Law!

Contradictions don’t exist, conflicts do. I can be both happy and sad. This is a conflict. I can’t be both happy and not happy at all. That is a contradiction.
Actually, everyone agrees that contradictions don’t exist. They prove it every time they argue. Every time you say someone else is wrong, you are saying the wrong person has a contradiction and contradictions don’t exist. Everyone believes this without saying it.
Dr. Hawkins found that the level of contradiction correlated to the level of weakness exhibited by the body. Our bodies automatically recognize a contradiction and fittingly signal it to us through weakness.
In the previous article, I asked your definition for “humility” and said there were two general responses: answering or not answering.
I said not answering makes you controllable.
Now we see, not answering causes a maximum internal stress within your body because it knows the non-contradictory definition.
Answering would only cause a weakness in relation to how far away you are from the non-contradictory answer. This brings up the intangible second step.

How do you respond to a contradiction?

What is your strategy?
Notice, the “answering” option puts you on the path of XACT TRUTH and causes a slight tension.
In the previous article, we said a humble person would admit they were wrong.
However, the next step proves a person’s strategy: do they try to ignore or rationalize the discrepancy in their definition or do they focus on removing the contradictions?
This proves whether the person has a Growth Mindset!
Too many people think a Growth Mindset is proven by growth.
Everyone grows in one way or another, yet, very few are Growth Mindset.
It is a flawed and rationalized perspective that points to any growth as proof of a Growth Mindset.
The only way to prove a Growth Mindset is to watch how a person handles their contradictions.
What happens if a person ignores their contradictions?
Around the 2004 U.S. Presidential elections, a study was done with partisan Democrats and partisan Republicans. Each person was shown a set of contradictory statements by the 2004 Presidential candidates. The participants’ brains were scanned with fMRI. The results were very telling…
When the Democrats watched the contradictory statements by Bush and the Republicans watched the contradictory statements by Kerry, their brains worked correctly. The reasoning part of the brain that automatically detects contradictions was active and this caused activity in the parts of the brain associated with emotion. Basically, their amygdalae triggered and they got really upset when they detected a contradiction in the opposition.
However, a completely different pattern was observed when the participants watched contradictory statements by "THEIR" candidates. The reasoning part of the brain was not active at all. Worse, the area of the brain that reinforces reward was active. What?!?!
Essentially, their brain was now "wired" to avoid detecting the contradiction in their own candidate. Weren't they aware they hadn't even tried to detect the contradiction? No. The part of the brain that rewards them for checking for contradictions still worked. The brain lied to itself! The unconscious brain had been modified to give a good feeling for being objective when the brain in fact wasn't objective!
Think about this for a minute...the person literally believes (feels without guilt) that they have in fact checked for a contradiction in their candidate. Not only don't they think they saw one...they also felt good about checking for the contradiction!
Remember, inside of beLIEfs is the word LIE...
This is the definition of brain damage!
The person’s choice to ignore a contradiction teaches the unconscious to ignore this condition and continue to reward the person as if their brain was still working correctly.
Your second step on the path of XACT TRUTH establishes your strategy.
Dr. Hawkins worked diligently to remove all contradictions so he wouldn’t have to exhibit humility nor be Growth-Mindset.
Gandhi freely shared his thoughts and answered questions knowing he would state contradictions, but he relied on his humility and Growth Mindset to correct them.
Let’s conclude with one more example...
On average, each strand of DNA in your body is attacked or damaged once every nine seconds, which means each strand of DNA is attacked or damaged about ten thousand times a day. It is possible that one of these alterations could produce a cancer cell. However, the body has a process to remove cancer. This repair process is called “apostasis”.
What strategy would you prefer?
Working to never have a cancer cell or having the best process for repairing cancer cells?
What is your strategy for your life?
Are you consciously working to avoid showing or being made aware of your contradictions or are you openly sharing and focused on identifying and removing your contradictions.
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