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Everyone is an Xpert on others in this principle

Edition Eight

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“Truth is of a different paradigm from logic and thus is not ‘provable’ as that which is provable calibrates only in the 400s.”

– Dr David Hawkins

So you have read seven of the newsletters so far. Forty five more to go. 

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Everyone's blindspot & clarity on others

Here are comments from some of our readers

Feb 12, 2021:

Subi Nanthivarman, Founder and CEO at Stridez Pty Ltd (Start-up Company)

Swarup Roy Good to see someone championing truth. It is going out of fashion currently and am helping some young people fed up with all the lies and cover up everywhere.

Feb 12, 2021 Brett Hildebrandt, Entrepreneur, Wisconsin, USA

Wow, that quote at the beginning of the post about the 99%, is eye-opening! I couldn't agree more. That is why I am so excited to a part of the Xact Truth Newsletter!

I have grown so much just from the first 6 editions than the countless books I've read and college courses I've taken cannot come close.

I feel like I am finally getting answers that not only make sense to me but that I can apply instantly in my life and I see the results!

Truth heals and Truth allows you to grow without crashing. 

Here is another one.

Feb 13, 2021

Jacob Roig San Francisco Bay Area 

In the end it is what we desire anyway. Those who fill the airways or social media with lies end up with nothing that ever satisfies them anyway.
We in this country see it in our politics especially in this moment.

Thank you Swarup Roy , truth seeker, speaker.


ilango d - AD Values - 11:55 AM, 14 FEB 2021
Hi @Swarup Roy 🙏 Just went through the edition seven of Xact Truth.

I believe in this statement "Detachment means you can own and enjoy every tangible thing (effects) but no tangible effect has any power over you"

Awesome edition that I enjoyed fully!

Thank you 🙏

Tom Erickson ACS  ,Leader | Software Engineering Fellow 17 FEB 2021

I have had the pleasure of knowing and/or working with Swarup Roy since 2009. He has an amazing intellect, grasping insightful concepts and ideas, then sharing them with others.
This is just a taste to whet the appetite. I highly encourage all to seek more truth.


Roselle Munsayac, VP-Banking
18 Feb 2021

Tom Erickson ACS I agree, I am one of the beneficiaries of his intellect, instinct and highest form intuition. What he taught me for short period could equate to a lifelong learning. Including his YouTube videos and written works. Thanks Master Swarup Roy ❤️



a Right WHAT 
with a Right WHY 
and a Right HOW


Everyone is an Xpert on others in this principle

We have seen Truth is unique from every other form of information.
Since Truth is the goal of our journey, having a method for determining Truth is a necessity, otherwise we end up deceived beLIEving lies in place of the Truth.
Dr. Hawkins created a Truth scale from 0-1000 and his quote above shows that logic can’t even take us to the midpoint of our journey!
Truth cannot be proven by logic.
This is where this XACT Truth series would have really helped Dr. Hawkins.

Truth is only proven when
four principles are used together.

We have already covered three of the principles:
Causality, Non-contradiction, and Growth-Mindset.


The fourth principle is
Contrastive Thinking.

All we know for sure is what isn’t Truth. If something has a contradiction, we know for sure it isn’t Truth.
Therefore, the only way to prove Truth is to first identify all of the possibilities and then eliminate everything that isn’t Truth. The only option left has to be the Truth! This is the process that will lead us to Truth.
This process is exhausting and the fact most people want to argue with this approach is proof the person does not have a Growth-Mindset; they are looking for a shortcut on the journey of Truth.
The reality is, a person has two choices:

  1. Spend the rest of their life looking for a shortcut and embrace lies
  2. Embrace Contrastive Thinking

Recently, a professor from Yale identified the equation for “genius”. He stated IQ, knowledge, and logic did not equate to genius. What equated to genius is what he called “contrarian thinking”, which is Contrastive Thinking!
Our brains naturally work from a comparative perspective. Without effort, our brains look at how information can be filled in to match what we know. For example, look at a wall that has a piece of furniture in front of it. Is the wall solid behind the furniture or is there a hole in the wall behind the furniture? Your brain automatically considers the wall to be solid even though it doesn’t know for sure.
Contrastive Thinking is similar to “humility”, in that the person is actively looking for how they might be wrong. They are actively trying to prove themselves wrong.
I’ve had people tell me this is extremely hard to do and they aren’t sure they will ever master it, which makes me laugh. Why?
Everyone in the world is a master at Contrastive Thinking because they automatically apply it perfectly on everyone else in the world.
However, everyone in the world actively avoids applying this genius ability on themselves. Think about that for a moment, then ask yourself how you would achieve world peace.
The answer?
Contrastive Thinking! If everyone in the world first looked at how they were wrong, we would never have another disagreement!
Explain that to people who say they will do anything to achieve world peace and then watch for their response to learn the real reason we don’t have world peace.
When people still struggle being contrastive on themselves, I tell them to write down whatever they believe and then pretend that I said it. Guess what? They have no problem being contrastive.
“Thus, to try to prove a point negates accuracy.” - Dr. Hawkins

 Comparative thinking is an attempt to make immediate progress towards proving your point and it ensures you won’t achieve the Truth.

Everything that makes immediate sense is not the Truth. Like we saw with Conjunctives,
Truth always begins in the opposite direction.
The sound of Truth is: “What? Oh!”
“Daddy, where did that tree come from?”
“Do you see this seed?”
“What? Oh!”
“Mommy, where did I come from?”
“Well, your daddy…”
“What? Oh!”
Governments realize this and prove it with their process for granting patents. The first question on a patent application is to state the nature of your invention.
The second question asks if someone skilled in the art would have naturally come up with your invention?

If the answer is “yes”, then you don’t get the patent because patentable ideas have to go in the opposite direction from what an expert would do.
Why do people look to experts for innovation?
Contrastive Thinking leads to the best way to argue!
How do you argue?
When I argue, I use a technique I call "weedkiller".
Do you know how modern weedkillers work? They aren't a herbicide...they do not poison the weed. They fertilize the weed. Actually, a weed has a handful of aspects that have to grow at the same rate in order to sustain the weed. Weedkillers fertilize two to three aspects of the weed. These aspects grow faster than the rest of the weed can support and the effect is the weed dies.

Likewise, I fertilize the arguments of others. Instead of trying to kill their argument in one step, I try to help them grow their argument.
First, I try to understand the other person and that lowers their defenses unless they don't want to be understood. Second, I try to repeat back to them their perspective to their satisfaction.

In fact, that is one of the goals I have:
Argue someone else's point to their satisfaction! This is Contrastive Thinking.

Years ago, a woman wanted to understand a confusing topic and asked to meet with me and a guy who held the opposite belief as me. He showed up late, so I explained my perspective and his perspective. When he arrived and found out what happened he was irate because "it wasn't fair". I asked the woman whose perspective she agreed with and she stated his! I had presented his point so well, she agreed with him! I then looked at my opponent and asked him if he's ever done what I just did.

Finally, there is a name for the process when all four principles are used together: Science.
Too many people believe science is a belief.

It is not. Science is a tool to determine Truth.

SXA is a scientific evaluation that determines your Truth 

The Model of Self X Analysis Test & Training

Write to me with your response at newsletter@sxattp.com
I read every email and respond to as many as I can.

Swarup Roy & John Lenhart

Every self help book that has ever been written
only works in the context that was covered.
It is a fallacy to claim the principles presented
in these books apply to every context.
That would only be true if the book 
identified the Truth

The SXA LifeBook of XactTruths
will be that book that has never been written before.
It will be published very soon.


The SXA Test views the person through 5 dimensions of Being.

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