The 3 Step SXA Training 


Stage 1 :
Foundation Training

# Your SXA Test T1 Report gave you a tremendous insight into WHO you are,
 # Revealed the attributes which are functional and dys-functional,
# Showed you your current motivational factors which are drawing so much of your energy and much more…
# The Foundation Training takes you through an in-depth analysis of all your 34 SXA attributes and 5 dimensions of success.
# The intense and impactful training delivered thru 350 slides, VDO’s, case studies.
# Spread over 20 hours and 2 days & lays the foundation for your success.
# You will learn about tools, techniques and methods on how to make your dys-functional attributes functional.
# You learn how the 34 SXA attributes interconnect with the 26 attributes of entrepreneur success.
# The goal of the SXA Training system is to make all your attributes highly functional so that you can operate at peak performance with least effort and achieve super success
# The SXA Lifebook tool is designed for your to capture your learnings and progress in real time and it becomes your manual for success.
# You take the second SXA Test T2 at the end of the Foundation Training.
# The T2 – T1 = Delta 1 scores reveals the actual and measured progress you made in the foundation program across attributes and dimensions

Stage 2:
Intermediate Training 

# After a gap of 15 days from the end of the Foundation Training, you undergo the Intermediate Training, over 20 hours and 2 days.
# A day before you take the SXA Test T3 (Y+4).
# The Delta 1 scores had shown which attributes remained dys-functional after the Foundation Training. These attributes become the focus for improvement in this phase.
# Change in consciousness and awareness is the root cause for permanent change In behavior, thinking and action. The scientific & systematic method of Y+4 is introduced.
# This 5000-year-old daily routine is designed for maintaining balance of your body, mind, and energy through 5 systematic daily steps.
# An effective person is a balanced person who enjoys life of success, fulfillment and steady evolution towards the purpose of their life.
# In depth understanding on your natural entrepreneurial profile and building your path to wealth creation naturally.
# Plus learning the techniques and tools of the 7 steps of Successful Selling and communication.
# SXA Test T4 and Delta 2 scores: At the end of the intermediate training you take the fourth SXA Test, T4. The Delta 2 scores are derived post this test which measures your progress so far precisely


Stage 3:
Advanced Training

# After a gap of 15 days from the end of the Intermediate Training, you enter the Advanced Training, over 20 hours and 2 days.
# The process begins with review of your progress and the action plans of improvement you have put in place to evolve towards full functionality and achieving your goals in life, career and business.
# Your Life Map : The advanced training teaches you how to build your life map of success. The life map becomes your blueprint for success and guide for life.
# Fortified by the intense and in depth SXA Training, Life Map. Tools, techniques and methods you are now fully equipped to deal with any challenges in life.
# This final phase of the training looks at your remaining dys-functional attributes and works with you to ensure they become functional
# The 7th dimension is YOU. SXA Systematic training took you thru 6 dimensions, 34 attributes, 3 Y+4 attributes, 26 factors of entrepreneur success. The common thread thru out is ONE , YOU.
# The 5th SXA Test. At the end of this final training phase you take Test T5 which leads to deriving Delta 3 scores (T5-T4) which is the outcome of the advanced training.
# The Delta scores (T5 – T1) reveals the total progress which you made in the entire SXA TTP Process.
# You are awarded the SXA 360 Degree Training certificate for successfully completing the SXA TTP Course.

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